1. mmm those look yummy!

    I love the tribute to Chinatown cupcake

  2. the last one is so cool! I bet it would feel funny biting into a bowl of noodles and finding it tastes as sweet as … well, a cupcake. hehe..

  3. those are amazing! how you get a cupcake to look like a bowl of noodles is beyond me! i wish i was that creative!! :)

  4. Astonishing.

  5. The Tribute to Chinatown cupcake is awesome!! What an adorable idea!!!

  6. p.s. You should join in next year… do a burger cupcake ;)

  7. Rhianne

    that last one is amazing, how fun!

  8. How absolutely fantastic! I wonder if we could put a contest together in Utah??? Hmmm…something to think about.

  9. emily

    what?!! how did we not know about this?! ben would kill for that little ben's chili bowl cupcake…

  10. These are awesome. I'm sending this to my DC friends. So cool.

  11. ah wow! these are fantastic…so intricate!

  12. Whoa! That Chinatown cupcake is awesome. I wonder what those noodles are really made of. I hope not real noodles because that would kind of be yucky on a cupcake!

    You should've competed and made a hamburger cupcake!

  13. 2busy

    Someone is VERY creative…

  14. That NOM cupcake made me giggle. :)

    Thanks for sharing these! I wish I would've been there too!

  15. R.

    Wow, that's really neat! What an awesome way to discover what DC means to different people! xo

  16. These are amazing! (:

  17. Vanessa

    I just saw these over at Huffington Post – so cool. The Metro one is my fave as well, but the Chinatown one is loaded with frosting, so I would rather eat that one, haha.

  18. OMG! How cool! Hard to believe these people are called "amateurs."

  19. Cole

    These are so great. I wouldn't want to eat them they are so cute.

  20. OH MY GOSH!!! The FOOD ones!!!! Now YOU had to LoVe those, c'mon … you know you did!!!! :)

  21. I didn't know that either! That's so awesome. My favorite is the Ben's Chili Bowl cupcake. The metro cupcake reminds me of the metro shower curtain I saw the other day at Bed, Bath and Beyond. If we didn't have shower doors I totally would have bought it.

  22. Cat

    That "Tribute to Chinatown" cupcake really weirds me out. Actually, all desserts made to look like savory entrees weird me out. I just wanna yell, "Stop messing with my senses!"

  23. Krissy

    great cupcake ideas. i'm not familiar with the DC area so i would never have know that the first cupcake was a metro map =) but i'm kinda diggin on the tribute to chinatown cupcake. i would like to find out how those cupcakes actually ended up tasting.

  24. Annie

    the chinatwon one is amazing.

  25. This has got to be the coolest thing ever! It makes me want to do a cupcake contest with my friends. Although I already know who would win it would be a great excuse to stuff myself on cupcakes no?

  26. Mmm. Cupcakes. Nom-nom-nom.

    That China Town one is kind of trippy. Looks like real chinese food…kinda.

  27. Brittan

    these are SO cool. makes me want to experiment with fondant.

  28. Rasha

    these are awesome!

  29. Angela

    I simply adore the tribute to Chinatown cupcake!! Now that took some work.

  30. Amanda

    the chinatown one to soooo adorable!

  31. wow, that is so rad! there are so many creative people in this world!

  32. Maddy

    that last one is awesome. now all i want is a delicious & cute cupcake!

  33. Kelsey

    the chinatown cupcake is brilliant

  34. those look so cool! that is some talent..

    thanks for sharing!


  35. so cute! wish san francisco would have a contest like that!

  36. Johanna

    i love these. they are all made so creatively & beautifully. i'm from d.c. (living in UT) so it's nice to see the metro map.

  37. Gwen

    I love the metro cupcake. So fun!

  38. Cortney

    I'm a total nerd for public transportation, and love when my city opens up new lines, so the Metro one has my heart for sure.

  39. Sum

    I love the China Town one! I think you have mentioned The Sweet Tooth Fairy Shop on your blog. I drove to Provo the other day and had some. Love them. And now they've brought them closer to home in SLC, which has made me happy!

  40. wow, those cupcakes are the coolest!!!!

  41. these are SO cool!!!

  42. Jacob

    wow! that is truly a fine art. I love all of them, but my favorite would be the tribute to chinatown!

  43. Angie

    the china town cupcake is my fav!

  44. Natalie

    I have this problem..and I get minor anxiety attacks when I buy cute cupcakes..it breaks my heart to eat them.


  45. Natalie

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  46. Luna

    wow, those all look good. the chili bowl and chinatown ones are great work. my fav is the chilibowl one.

  47. Ben's chilli bowl is my fav. those must take FOREVER to decorate!

  48. Riley

    I wish I could make those! The Tribute to Chinatown is my favorite. :D

  49. Connie

    Oh my! These are awesome!

  50. Alexia

    Oh, my goodness, that's the coolest thing I've ever seen!

  51. Jamie

    The Metro one is awesome. I just visited D.C. this week for the first time. I'm from Oklahoma and the Metro FREAKED ME OUT but it was also fun. :)

  52. Ali

    Thanks for the Metro cupcake shoutout :)

    I'm digging your blog, btw. Definitely helping to make my Monday afternoon more tolerable…

  53. I totally love those cupcakes! How awesome!

  54. Nicole*

    that tribute to chinatown cupcake is crazy cool!

  55. Karen

    The tribute to chinatown looks amazing!