and then we hit a manhole and broke our car.

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we were on our way home from a fun sushi dinner with friends on saturday night, minding our own business, when we hit a dug up manhole (is that what it’s called? someone please tell me the lingo) in the middle of the our lane. it damaged the bottom of our car and oil started spewing everywhere. we started running out of oil so fast, we had to pull over and call a tow truck to take it over to the repair shop.
poor beetle. at least safeway the grocery store was on the corner and we were able to enjoy some ice cream while we waited for the tow truck to arrive.

unexpected adventures are always fun. and having our friends around made it more eventful. hopefully the beetle will be fixed soon and we’ll be on the road again in no time.
  1. That sucks. I hope it's not too expensive to fix.
    I love how positive you are about it. Ice cream definitely makes it better.

  2. Lehua

    oh no! hopefully mr. beetle is not too damaged. & cheers to ice cream making it all better!

  3. Glad you made it into a half-full kind of situation. Hope you're back on the road soon.

  4. Caitlin

    A pothole maybe? I did that when I was 16. On the bright side I learned how to replace the cracked oil pan! Silver lining eh?

  5. Hope the bug feels better soon!

  6. Crystal

    I love this post because of the silver lining that your group was able to put on the situation. I can only hope that if this happened to me I would handle it in such a fun manner rather than breaking down crying and then getting angry. I have been around so many angry people lately at my job that your attitude immediately jumped out at me as the only way to go! Kudos and keep up the happiness!

  7. I hate when stuff like that happens but I am amazed at how well you dealt with it! I don't know many people that would just stand around eating ice cream instead of getting mad about the car breaking. That is a great example!

  8. oh no! Thats awful! Glad you made it fun with ice cream though!
    btw.. you have my dream car! jealous!!

  9. Erin

    What a fun and uplifting attitude after such a tragedy with the Beetle. Hope everything is better now. :) Cute pics.

  10. nicole

    yikes! at least you had good company!!

  11. Well at least you're being positive about it! Hope your car is fixed soon!

  12. Pothole, right? Lol manholes are those things with the huge round metal lids that are flush with the ground. Yikes. Hope your car got fixed!

  13. Yep, it was definitely a man hole. I had Josh look it up. It's supposed to be flush with the road but this road was about to be repaved so this man hole had been dug out w no signs it cones for warning. We drove straight over it.

    And positive, yes. How else do you handle? But still frusrated and upset the car is in the shop and will most likely be there all week. You know how getting parts for VW's go.

    But it could have been worse.

  14. Jacob

    sorry that happened to you! Hope the repairs come easy and cheap! and yay for friends!

  15. Poor lil car! x

  16. things like that would irritate me so fast!! glad you made it fun :))


  17. Kez*

    :) what a great attitude! wooooohoo icecream, love the stuff xx

  18. Keira

    I was just looking through your old posts yesterday and admiring your beetle! This stinks, but if it isn't a lemons-to-lemonade story, I don't know what is! Your positive attitude is inspirational :)

  19. Rasha

    bummer for the car, but great about the whole ice cream happiness.

  20. Whoa, if that happened to my car I'd be so pissed.

    But then again, Ice Cream does a lot to heal many, many wounds.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  21. Manhole's are the worst! It seems like none of them here in Utah are even with the road and I often fear for my car while I'm driving. Good thing you had ice cream and friends around!

  22. way to make a fun situation out of a crappy one!

  23. At least you kept your smiles on!

  24. 2busy

    You just turned lemons into lemonade. Good job!

  25. Alexia

    pothole? glad to see ya'll are smiling, though! you guys always seem to turn bad situations into fun ice cream-related ones!! :)

  26. Alexis

    Love how you turned it around into a fun time, I need to adopt your attitude…What Would Naomi Do?

  27. Chelsea

    oh no! i hate car problems, but ice cream is the best problem fixer! <3

  28. aaww no, poor little beetle! but hey, thank goodness for ice cream – it always makes things better. :)

  29. That SO sucks! My father wrecked his car in the same way back when he was a youngster. His didn't make it, but I'm sure your little Beetle will fare much better (cars are much more durable nowadays)!

  30. Poor beetle! Maybe he heard you were eyeing the Cube and wanted some TLC :)

  31. that is one beaut of a car!
    hope it gets better soon,
    PD xxx

  32. Thanks for sharing this. I'll remember it the next time life throws a curve ball.

  33. So, really weird but I know your friends. Not personally, but I dated Julie's cousin Dalton a couple years ago and I was definitely at there wedding. Small world.

  34. *their, now I feel dumb!

  35. love that you are so positive about such a bummer thing that happened! I would've gone to buy ice cream too :-)

  36. I love love love that you ate ice cream while you waited, there really is no point in freaking out (which I would have surely done) so why not make the best of it!? I hope your car is ok, car problems can be so stressful!


  37. haha! awwww!! I absolutely love how you guys made the best of the situation though!!

  38. Amanda

    I hit a water cover in on a street that was being repaved with my Beetle back in '05 and ripped the oil pan right off.

    My uncle hit a pot hole in the middle of winter in North Dakota and his ripped off too.

    They ride so low I guess it's one of the hazards of having the cutest car ever.

    I miss my beetle, I hope yours is fixed soon, seeing the pictures of it makes me happy!

  39. Amanda

    that stinks!! but at least you got ice cream!!! :) someday i would love to have my very own beetle!! hopefully robins egg blue or yellow…only because i don't think they come in pink! :)

  40. Laura

    I, too, drive a beetle & this has happened to me twice now. It's no fun…& replacing the oil pan is expensive. : (
    I'm so sorry for you!

  41. Kelsey

    lol one of those "why meeee" moments

  42. Angie

    pothole. hehe

    at least you weren't alone!

  43. J

    How bad was the oil spill (in barrels per day, please)?

  44. Okay Naomi, who is your cute little friend. I think she is my long lost twin. Well, we have the same hair at least!
    You are fabulous!

  45. Erin

    HAHA always make the best of every situation … and of course ice cream makes anything better.

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  47. I have a VW Beetle and did the same thing on a speed bump! They said I cracked my oil pan but it was inexpensive to fix.

    Good luck, love your blog.

    Bug Luv ;)