food makes everything better.

i know all i do is blog about food, but after a particularly disappointing and difficult day yesterday, i am confident that food really does make everything better. we stopped by 2amy’s for some of our favorite rice balls (and succumbed to some pizza and olives, too) late yesterday afternoon. and for a little while, everything was better.... Read more

ted’s bulletin on capitol hill.

^^^^^ they show old black and white movies in the dining room!

this record breaking heat in d.c. has been killing my soul just a little. just kidding. it’s not that dramatic. but it has caused me to lose my appetite. so last night we took a break from all the car and house hunting so we wouldn’t kill each other and grabbed some much needed food at the newly opened ted’s bulletin on capitol hill.... Read more


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the last few days have been really stressful.

we’re currently car shopping and apartment shopping without a car. gotta love zipcar, right? and getting used to the metro. and walking in 100 degree heat. did i mention i can’t sleep anymore either? icing on the cake, really. hope your thursday is going much better than my thursday!... Read more

our blue tongue bully.

this dog has discovered and fully embraced his mischievous side. on friday, he got into a tote bag of groceries that hadn’t been put in the fridge yet (this was my fault, for leaving the tote bag on the sofa.) he consumed 1 large red pepper (including the stem and seeds), 1 carton of blueberries, 1 carton of raspberries and 1 peach.... Read more