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hahahahaha. meg informed me that my face was on the cover of the new york post today. i have absolutely nothing to do with the story for the post, but the photo is from a shoot josh and i did with nicole a few years ago for rubberball. i thought it was a funny sighting. how random.
thank you, carolyn, for snapping this picture.
it made me laugh.
  1. Oh my gosh! You're famous! :)

  2. leigh, it's a stock photo from nicole for rubberball, so i think they paid for the picture. i have absolutely nothing to do with the article. it's on thrifty living for girls in nyc.

  3. Celeste

    hahaha this is hilarious and so random! sweet

  4. Lynnae

    The fact that it's so random makes it even cooler I think.

  5. {jane}

    THAT is awesome!

    you're a thrifty gal now too, thanks to rubberball! hehe…

  6. abby

    how random and fun {and maybe a little freaky??}!

  7. Dip-tea

    Now I know a celebrity! :D

  8. Haha randomly wonderful!

  9. That's a great sighting. Love it! Love good friends who take pictures too!

  10. Ali

    Whaaaat? How do these things happen to you?! Amazing.

  11. Ashley

    haha!! yes! This is awesome! Super random and really funny to see your head in a hundred dollar bill!

  12. Carrie

    Hahaha. Very nice. That would have completely made my morning too. ;)

  13. Mandi

    Ahahaha! How weird! :)

  14. whimsy

    `ha how awesome. you are such a superstar!

  15. Elise

    ha!! so awesome! :)

  16. No superstar. It's just a funny random coincidence. Made us laugh.

  17. What a sweet surprise! So cool. :)

  18. awesome. good laugh indeed!

  19. Glimmer

    I couldn't put a comment on your "date night" post, but I wanted to suggest Elevation Burger.

    There are two in VA (north Arlington and Falls Church) and locations are coming to D.C. I love their fire-roasted veggie burger and my teenage son goes for their regular beef burgers. All organic, grass-fed. And best of all, everything tastes fantastic!

    I am not affilated with them in any way, we just love their food!

  20. rachel

    I actually saw this today, a woman came into my store and put her copy on the counter and I had to ask her to rummage through it the second i saw! too funny!

  21. haha that's hilarious and so cool at the same time!

  22. haha, this is so random and yet totally awesome. ;)

  23. Kelsi

    ahaha! at least it's a cute picture. ;)

  24. So now the question is, "Why do young gals resist the urge to spend?"

  25. That's hilarious! too cool! xo

  26. Sadie

    Oh my god that is so crazy!! I read that everyday and didn't get it today. Crazy!!

    Sadie at heyMamas

  27. amanda

    not only is your face on the cover of the new york post, but your face is on a hundred dollar bill, nonetheless.

    you're a total rockstar. no pun intended!

  28. Angela

    How amazing is that!! You're even more famous now :)

  29. Hahahaha! Funny!

  30. what in the world!? as a journalism student i have no idea how that is even legal.

  31. hahaha!!!!

    Whaaaat the what! That's so random! haha congrats


  32. That is so neat! You better frame that!

  33. how funny = i don't think many people in this world get their name on the face of a dollar bill on the ny post!!


  34. Amanda

    That is SO weird b/c I was sitting on the subway reading over the girl next to me's shoulder and I saw that and thought, is that Naomi? I wanted to be a bigger creep to look further, but I didn't. I knew it was you! So cool!! It was an article about thrifty young women, big ups girl!


  35. L.

    how funny/random! but hey, any publicity is good publicity, right?

    Betty Noir

  36. 2busy

    What a fun surprise for you!

  37. Joan

    shouldn't you get royalties or something for this?! it's pretty cool, though.

  38. haha! How random and awesome.