weekend recap.

this past weekend was quite lovely.
a few things we enjoyed (in no particular order)…
walks around capitol hill.
scout camp-out for josh.
iron man 2 with friends.
eastern market.
puppy play dates in the park.
sushi take-out.
bright yellow tights.
homemade pierogi from mom.
saturday afternoon naps.
a few things we could have done without…
getting pulled over and getting a ticket.
birthday dinner plans with friends cancelled last minute.
kingsley’s sudden decision to forget he’s potty trained.
running out of mom’s homemade pierogi.
all the tears that were had in my primary class sunday. (fail.)
but still, i like to dwell on the positive.
it could have been much worse.
how was your weekend?
hope it was awesome.
  1. That stinks about getting a ticket. I went to see Iron Man 2 as well and it was a fantastic movie.

  2. This is such a sweet post. You even made the negative sound nice….now that takes talent.

    I had a great weekend hanging out with with my favourite person (my husband) and some wonderful friends; however, I had a headache that lasted for most of the weekend.


  3. cute photo naomi… i love the red dress with yellow tights! adorable. and of course, adorable kingsley too! :)

    sounds like you had a pretty good weekend… i'm craving sushi now. sorry about the ticket! we went on a mini roadtrip to kansas. only 6 hours, but at least we got out and about for a while! :)

  4. Waking up early to watch the sun come up.

    Enjoying Sunday morning breakfast.

    Walks with our puppy Silas.

    Buying flowers…and planting them in our garden.

    Having my husband come home after he was away on a business trip!

    It was a lovely weekend!

  5. My weekend was terrible, but it was a three-day weekend. That makes up for it.

  6. the boob nazi…. yes, a three-day weekend sounds nice! glad it made up for the bad. sorry to hear that!


  7. benson

    :) wonderful and amazing…met my first beautiful grandchild Ruby…so sweet and perfect.

  8. Sorry to hear about all the tears in your primary class.

    I had a great weekend. I went roller skating with friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. More of a workout than I anticipated…

  9. Ruth

    We had a four day weekend! I went on a trip, which was a lot of fun, but I had to work and study too :(

    I love the way how you just always stay positive, even though you had a ticket and the tears in your primary class. With the dissappointment of those bad things, a lot of people would just forget the good things. You mention the bad things as like they are just a little filthy spot on your sun of happiness (haha, I'm such a poet!)

  10. sushi for dinner sounds like a good idea and i love your tights! Glad you had happy weekend.

  11. I had a great weekend tooooo!
    I liked Iron Man 2, what did u think?

  12. Nikki

    Sounds like a perfect weekend!
    We got got ready for our upcoming San Francisco trip. So excited!


  13. Maddy

    At least you have a lot more positive experiences than bad! i had a rough weekend, boyfriend was out of town as were all of my roommates so I was by myself a lot :/ but I did manage to make some NY style bagels and they came out so well!

    p.s. sorry you guys got a ticket :(

  14. Those yellow tights rule!! I always love your outfits! My weekend started out suckie but ended up good!! I hope Iron Man 2 rocked!

  15. Me and my boyfriend went flea market shopping and I got the most amazing vanity case ( you can see it here if you like http://www.tigerlillyquinn.blogspot.com ) then he surprised me with VIP fashion show tickets with all proceeds going to the meningitis trust ( I once had meningitis so this is extra special to me ) was pretty much the best weekend ever! xoxo Tigerlilly

  16. I've never had perogi?! Gotta try that. Sucks on the ticket :( sorry bout that. Our weekend was house-hunting, eating by the beach, yoga and farmers market, + a girls night out.

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

    P.S. Be sure to visit and enter my first Giveaway!

  17. R.

    My dog forgets that he's potty trained often. Oh, and he's almost 5. xox

  18. JKreids

    I love weekend recaps and enjoyed reading yours!

    My weekend was nothing short of WONDERFUL!

    Stay in the positive parts of yours. Makes for a much sunnier start to this week!

  19. carissa

    wonderful dress.

  20. Brit

    Kingsley is so adorable! It looks like he's smiling! :) After Mr. George (boxer) we'll be going for a bulldog!

  21. Sounds like a lovely weekend, overall! So sorry about the ticket. :-/

  22. that polaroid is so cute!! i LOVE your outfit, wonderful colors!

  23. Kingsley's smile never ceases to melt my heart. What a cutie!

  24. Barbara

    Sounds like a lovely weekend :) Here in Madrid was bank day because of San Isidro ( the patron saint of the city) and everybody was out celebrating with the typicall chulapo dress :)

  25. Vanessa

    Oh wow, your pup has gotten so big!

  26. Helen

    urgh my dogs did that too, just went back to being a 4 month old puppy when he was fully toilet trained! they get back into it pretty quick though. love your yellow tights.

  27. Meghan

    I love your dress! My weekend was exciting…I met my boyfriend's parents for the first time. It was so much fun to get out of the city for a bit, and of course, to meet them!

  28. My dog is 3 and she has been forgetting lately. Not cool! x

  29. one of my favorite parts of your blog is seeing all your adorable outfits. *sigh* you dress wonderfully.

  30. one of my favorite parts of your blog is seeing all your adorable outfits. *sigh* you dress wonderfully.

  31. Pierogi is so good. I bet homemade it is even better. I tried it for the first time in Seattle and LOVED it. Cheers to your fab. weekend :)

  32. Ahhhh sucks about the ticket! :[ But hey, seems you had a lot of positives going on in your weekend as well!

    My weekend was relaxing, as we got to celebrate birthday's and have a BBQ

  33. Jamie

    Oklahoma had an awesome weekend full of tornados and baseball size hail! Never a dull moment here!

    When bad things happen I try to find a way to laugh at them. Like a ticket. There has to be something funny behind that story. And I know there's something funny behind Kingsley's potty mishap. You should write a post about your funny fails.

    I counted and it seems the good outweighed the bad. And I'm so glad. (:

  34. aww sorry you got a ticket!!we havent posted for so long on your blog i still check it all the time!!Love all your outfits!and kingsley is adorable!

    take care!
    Lou & Una
    x x

  35. at the dog park i met a little 5month old english bulldog. her name was margarita and went by rita. she looks just like kingsely and they would probably be girlfriend and boyfriend :)

  36. yikes.. speeding tickets are no bueno.. i've got two {one for him and one for me }that are due today!

    glad the good outweighed the bad though!

    pus… yellow tights! hello! you can't go wrong there! ;)

  37. Puppy Play dates were certainly fun – even if Berkeley is a bit wussy. :)

    Sadly, I found out that the adorable pug I had my eye on has already been adopted. So I may need to get the puppy fix from Kingsley – and Kingsley can charm Nick into adopting a dog! :)

  38. Ugh – I've been pulled over for talking on my cell phone in DC – no fun at all! Love the positive attitude. "It could have been worse" has been my motto for life for a while now :)

  39. Amanda

    not ONLY do i admire the content of your posts, but i love the FORMAT as well…hipHIPhorray-zies!

  40. Kathah

    This weekend? hmm..Kingsley and my kitty Foxy should get together.

    Foxy forgot all about her litter box and decided to go potty all over Hubby and my bed. not once..but three times.

    Can anyone say new pillows?

  41. delaney

    i always love your bright colored tights!

  42. Karen

    I just love reading your blog-updated so regularly to put a little bit of sunshine into my work days, and thought I would let you know!
    I also love your yellow wardrobe-it inspires me to want more color in my days-hopefully I can remember that when I go shopping next :)

  43. that photo is so cute! kingsley looks so content! ;)

  44. whimsy

    ummm did your friends seriously cancel on bdAY dinner plans? so sad! and ummm happy bday? when is it!
    loves britt

  45. kwistin

    my weekend was fantastic! i cut off 20 inches of my hair to donate to locks of love (soon to be blogged about), saw a niece's gymnastics performance, hosted a bbq with friends, amazing time at church, and prepared to move to new york for 6 weeks!

    one of my favorite parts was that my bishop said something i've adapted as another life motto i'm going to implement: "guys, today is a beautiful day! make this day the BEST day of your LIFE so far." i'm gonna try to say that every day when i get up.

    thanks for reminding me how awesome my weekend was and thanks for sharing yours. :) (ps, boo tickets. yay traffic school!)

  46. I totally agree about the bright clothes statement! which I dont think was is in this post haha but your dress and leggings are cute.
    It changes everything!

  47. Renée

    Oh that's a really cute picture!

  48. kathryn

    What a darling photo. I like to believe the positives usually outweigh the negatives.

    P.S. – I actually tried homemade pierogi for the first time this weekend. WOW.

  49. Shann

    Sounds amazing!

  50. Cortney

    So, this weekend I decided to look back through the archives of Nie's blog. I began reading when I heard about her accident, so I didn't really know her "before". Two things struck me- one, she makes motherhood look beautiful, special, and wonderful :) Two, wow, it was kind of eery to see her, with her dark hair, freckles, red lipstick, vintage style, gorgeous photographs of her daily life, and not think of how much you look like her! I had only seen a picture or two prior to the accident, but looking back through the past posts really brought home how similar you look to one another.

  51. cortney, i take that as a huge compliment because i think nie is beautiful! i only heard of her blog after her accident as well and it really touched me to look over her archives and see the love and life she brought to motherhood. she is a huge inspiration.


  52. Cortney

    She is pretty amazing, for sure! You two seem like kindred spirits.

  53. Alexia

    Love your bun!

  54. Aw my lovely girl. There are always some negatives on our daily list. But it's okay, right?

    And I agree with Cortney. I think You look like Nie. Pretty and lovable. We all need to have her strength in life.

    Life is beautiful. xo

  55. Nicole*

    i laughed out loud when i read this:
    "running out of mom's homemade pierogi."

    i bet it was delicious!

  56. Beso

    Great poem. Love that you had a positive attitude. And always look forward to reading your daily posts.

  57. s a r a

    Could you please tell me where you got your dress??!! It's amazing!

  58. hi sara, the dress was from half calf vintage on etsy.