1. these are beautiful snaps! so colourful, therefore so mexico!
    you guys make me want to see the world, and drag my love along for the ride :)
    PD x

  2. mina

    looks lovely! what are chilakos?!

  3. So pretty! I never think of going to Mexico for vacation since I'm already down here in Alabama, but you're making me rethink that!

  4. So cool. Me and my hubberz LOVE Cabo. We would live there. yup yup!

  5. Gorgeous, dry beauty ~ Mexico at its best!

  6. Aaaggghhh it looks gorgeous! The colours are so vibrant xx

  7. LOVE these. :) so vibrant!

  8. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. i am so in love with mexico…trying to plan a big family-get-away to some humble huts on the coast down there…surfing, markets, fresh salsa and fruits, flowers, desert hikes, guitar music…here we come!

  9. felish

    Wow! Such gorgeous colors. :)

  10. Maddie

    Todos Santos is an absolutely beautiful art community in Baja Sur! I loved it there so much. My younger sister, parents and I even had the opportunity to release baby sea turtles, it really was an amazing experience. Anyone who has the opportunity should visit this amazing town and what it has to offer. Not to mention the vibrance of the buildings and art! And I definitely would recommend to not stay in some fancy luxury hotel, try out a small cute motel! I stayed here: http://www.elencantoinn.com/Index.html in San Jose Del Cabo, which is a drive away from Todos Santos. It is in the heart of the historical art community and absolutely gorgeous. All you have to do is look :)

  11. so gorgeous! I want to go there so bad right now. Hope you're having a lovely week!! x

  12. Nikki

    Seriously Beautiful

  13. Beautiful!
    I especially love the bottom left photo.

    Talia Christine

  14. i never get tired of these!

  15. Barbara

    I love the colors in this!! :)

  16. fun! these little mexican villages have so much history and little stories. i love the colors too.

  17. The colors… the textures… the flowers… Pretty.