1. Dunkin Donuts runs are always a good idea. Taking a cute dog too is even better!

  2. so much fun! my dogs love car rides too. and dunkin donuts? yes please.

    p.s. if you're ever interested in sharing some of your photos of Kingsley, I might be open to using them for the National Geographic DOGS blog that I write for… Just let me know! :) He's a cutie!


  3. JenRem

    How is it possible that you ALWAYS look so adorable?!
    And that last picture of Kingsley is a favorite of mine. So sweet.

  4. AWWWWWWWWW! Your little dog is so cute. And you look amazing as always. I always get hair and outfit envy when I see you! xx

  5. Mary

    Kingsley doesn't look like he's sneezing in that last picture — he just looks like he's incredibly happy! You have an adorable dog.


  6. hi naomi, have a happy may for you and your little family!!

    i sent you an email, hope you see it!

    kiss from brazil.

  7. He's adorable! I'm afraid he might jump out when you're driving!!

  8. Bree

    haha he's adorable. The one and only time I've had dunkin donuts, it was delicious..I wish we had it here in Toronto :(

  9. awww he's still as cute as anything!! Love your car too!!

  10. I'm dying. Kingsley might be the most charming pup I've ever seen. He needs his own comic strip. Sir Kingsley of the District. :-)

  11. I'm dying. Kingsley might be the most charming pup I've ever seen. He needs his own comic strip. Sir Kingsley of the District. :-)

  12. suzy

    i've never had dunkin doughnuts…they just don't make them here.
    alas and alack.

  13. Fawn

    he's enormous! they grow so fast ;)

  14. Amanda

    he's getting so big!
    love him!

  15. R.

    Ahh, that last picture is SO cute!! xox

  16. Seyma

    oh you guys.. you are totally awesome..



  18. Colleen

    I can't believe how grown up he is!

  19. Awe! What a cutie!

    Oh and Dunkin Donuts sounds amazing right about now!

  20. hahaha that first picture is killing me!! he looks so cute.

  21. emily

    i bet that sneeze in real life is beyond adorable.

  22. What happened to the little pup that loves to sleep next to the fireplace?!? Kingsley is sooo big these days, but still ridiculously cute!


  24. cayce.e

    hands down the cutest bulldog ever!! i always want to get a bulldog of my own when i see pictures of him!!

  25. I love dog sneezes. They're right up there with dog yawns.

  26. Oh my goodness!! His smile makes my heart melt!

  27. Kari

    loves this. don't you love when those little paws get all spread out? darling. looks like it was fun!

  28. TeriLyn

    If I ever make it to the DC area, I might just pup-nap Kingsley. You've been warned. ;)

  29. Maddy

    Ahh that first photo!

    p.s. love the sunglasses!

  30. Amanda*

    Every stinkin' photo of Kinsley that you post is adorable!

  31. Christy

    Haha. Kingsley is such a ham!!!

  32. These are so fun! I can just hear his little inner doggie voice hollering "HEY BABY" to the cute dogs that walk by! ox

  33. whimsy

    love it. especially the third one. he totally looks like he is winking!

  34. that is the happiest dog i have ever seen!!

    i bet he loves you so much.

    i hope that when i'm older i will live as happily as you do – with the love of my life and with a happy family.

    PD x<3

  35. Kingsley kills me with his cuteness. I love him and I don't even know him! You look gorgeous btw!

  36. i love a good donut run. donuts are the key to my heart. yum. i love it when dogs [or any animal] and babies sneeze. so cute!

  37. holli

    I miss dunkin donuts! That pup is so cute, how can you resist squeezing him all the time??

  38. cannot STAND how cute he is hanging out of your car like that! it's ridiculous.

  39. Kelly

    he's so stinkin adorable!

  40. Becky

    The last picture is too wonderful!!!

  41. Angela

    Kingsly is too cute!!

  42. Kate

    Is it just me or is Kingsley getting cuter with each post? ;0)

  43. omg!! the last picture is the cutest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Jacob

    this is so cute :) kingsley is a doll

  45. carla

    Kingsley is awesome!!!!

  46. love it. he never fails to be totally adorable! :)

  47. those photos are insanely adorable! he is hilarious! he's like a wrinkly little human!

  48. god i feel like a stalker. im just obsessed with him from 3000 miles away.

  49. Mara

    aw that last picture is adorable! And he looks like he's smiling. I can't believe how big he's gotten! (I'm sure you can't either!)

  50. pen.ny

    He probably hates sneezing but man it is so cute for us to look at. Best photo ever:)

  51. I LOVE KINGSLEY!! The pic of him sneezing is close to my fav so far….. i love when my dog sneezes!

  52. Nikki

    All these pics of Kingsley make me want a bulldog so badly! Love him!


  53. hehehe kingsley wants a donut!

  54. CAPow!

    kingsley looks so happy!
    ps- i LOVE your new header!

  55. Cutest Picture of the Day Award
    goes to a Kingsley sneeze!

  56. you know Kingsley is the cutest dog in the world right?

    I get so tickled looking at his photos.

  57. That photo of Kingsley is so presh!