rockstar giveaway!

today we have a giveaway for you by our sponsor gaby burger designs!
gaby is offering a pair of handmade earrings which are made of a gold plated leaf that hangs from a gold plated teardrop wrapped in sterling silver beads.

to enter, please visit gaby burger designs and leave a comment below! the winner will be picked randomly friday, may 21st!
gaby is also offering a 15% off discount to all rockstar diaries readers through may 25th. just mention “rockstars” at checkout!
good luck!
  1. Oh wow I absolutely love them, these are GORGEOUS!

  2. Laura

    oh, i would love to have these. other jewelry on the site is gorgeous too!

  3. gorgeous jewelry! Love it!

  4. Kelly


  5. those. are. gorgeous.
    i've contemplated taking jewelry making classes…
    but i don't think i'll ever be that talented.

  6. Can you say breathtaking?! I love the shop too, it is so full of eye candy. Love it!

  7. These are so cute! Love them!

  8. Oh I just love these!

  9. Fanny

    so pretty! i would love to have those!

  10. tvmom

    so cool!

  11. Ashley

    SO cute!! I would love to adorn these!

  12. Ashley

    SO cute!! I would love to adorn these!

  13. Thank you for introducing us to another gorgeous shop!!

  14. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.
    please enter me!

  15. ahlin

    love love love these!!!

  16. ok, these are fabulous! i'm a sucker for gold leaves. ;)

  17. Lindsay

    Stunning! I love the gold/silver mix right now. I'm making that transition from a preferance of silver to gold these days.

  18. Carrie

    These are simply too pretty. Thanks again for another great giveaway!

  19. Izzy

    I want to wear these on my trip to Paris in two weeks! I hope I win! Fingers crossed!

  20. those are amazing! i love that you could dress them up or wear them casual

  21. Nikki

    so gorgeous. i'm loving the gold/silver combo right now!

  22. Kerry

    all of her work is so beautiful! i would love to win these.

  23. love them!
    love gold!

    i'm already picturing the outfits i could pair them with!!!

  24. Mara

    i'd love to win! totally gorgeous earrings :D

  25. These would look perfect on me! :)

  26. So awesome! I'm loving these :)

  27. joanna

    (a) those leaf earrings are STUNNING.
    (b) thanks for showing me yet another amazing etsy designer!
    (c) the April in orange earrings are my next jewelry purchase!

  28. Diane

    So pretty!!

  29. Those are so adorable. I really need some gold jewelry!

  30. wiley

    wow these are gorgeous!!
    fingers crossed!

  31. so lovely! :)

  32. Ashley

    absolutely lovely!

  33. can i keep it?

  34. pretty earrings!!!!!!!!!

  35. Birdie

    OH pick me! These earrings are ABORABLE!

  36. wow, these are beautiful! They would be a great complement to my summer wardrobe! :)

  37. oooo, I LOVE these! I love all her stuff!

  38. allison

    wow! these are absolutely gorgeous!

  39. so cute! i am the maid of honor at my cousins upcoming wedding and they would look great with my gold dress!

  40. Kamila

    So cute! I hope I win :-) All her stuff is gorgeous. Very organic and lovely.

  41. these are beautiful!

  42. Furrla

    Wow! I love her April in turquoise and orange! Gorg!!

  43. Ezel

    Gorgeous! I've been going through an earring phase lately and these look perfect :)

  44. Cool! And slightly out of my comfort zone, which is great.

  45. Kami

    Love leaves, love gold, love these earrings!

  46. Beautiful…I'd love to win!

  47. heather

    pretties! i would love these. :)

  48. heather

    pretties! i would love these. :)

  49. Love the daisy in pastels!! I need to stock up!

  50. E-Train

    Those are so pretty!!

  51. hooray!! these are so cute.

  52. everything in her etsy shop is just gorgeous! these earrings are lovely! :)

  53. Emily

    all of her earrings are BEAUTIFUL!

  54. Naysel

    so cute, I love the leaf that dangles and the teardrop shape LOOOOOVVEEEE

  55. Jamie

    so so lovely. these would look great with the french bun my hair now fits into…

  56. Lauren

    LOVE love love these.

  57. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! they are so delicate and beautiful, perfect with a floral summer dress :)

  58. bryn

    Very cool!

  59. Whitney

    The style is so natural and organic. I'd love to wear these at my garden wedding in October!

  60. so amazing ! hope that i'll win :">

  61. oh my goodness! i have the biggest obsession with leaves. these are perfecttttt! :D

  62. I love the leaf design, pretty neat.

  63. Sara

    I just gasped when I saw these earrings. They're gorgeous. I hope I win, but even if I don't, I might *need* these! ;)

  64. Laura

    Love love love her designs! Thanks for the chance! :)

  65. Love the earings!

  66. Angie

    Oh! I would love these! All her jewelry is so pretty and nature-ey!

  67. my best friend would love those! omg!

  68. I love them!! I should definitely get chosen.. the twenty first is my birthay :)

  69. Lauren

    I'm so glad you introduced me to Gaby's work- her jewelry is lovely and so is your blog!

  70. Beautiful earrings. I want them!

  71. Dawnica

    Those are beautiful! I would love a pair!!

  72. these earrings!
    ….and your etsy shop!
    thanks for the good find whether or not i'm picked!

  73. Allison

    Ohhh so pretty!

  74. miriam

    Those are to die for!

  75. These are awesome! Great giveaway!

  76. Kristyn


  77. Crystal

    love love love

  78. Mollie

    Pretty! Please :)

  79. Meg

    i love her leafy designs. these are beautiful.

  80. ooooh love these!! So adorable. Pick me!! :D

  81. kez

    Oh those are LOVEly! All her earrings are really sweet.

  82. jill

    ooooh, i LOVE these earrings! i've been looking all over online for some pretty leaf earrings for spring and these are beautiful! i would be ecstatic to win!

  83. Rae

    Oo how pretty! I've just recently started falling in love with gold jewelry too!

  84. Amber

    These earings are gorgeous! I would be stoked to win them! :)

  85. malori


    -Malori :)

  86. pick, pick, pick me! LOVE those earrings!

  87. Stacey

    I love the mix of gold and silver tones.

  88. emilia.

    enter me in pleasey! :) sooo dang cute.

  89. beautiful! I'd love to win these.

  90. Nicole*

    what a beauty! i'm impressed!

  91. Jacquie

    Those earrings are so lovely! What a way to end the week with a win! *fingers crossed*