pinwheel love.

late last night, josh helped me make what felt like a gazillion pinwheels for one of the dance classes i teach. i am particularly grateful because i know he very well could have just watched that movie he wanted to watch, or have gone to the gym like he usually does, or read his book on the bed beside me as i made the pinwheels. but no, he stepped in on his own to help, sawing and cutting and glueing and pinning for many hours. it was something so simple (and to be honest, not out of character for him at all) but still, it meant a lot and i am thankful.
next time he wants to drive with the convertible top down on the highway, or asks me to go with him to an alumni bbq, or needs a shirt ironed with extra extra starch, i am his girl.
  1. emily

    love this. i've been feeling this with ben a lot lately too. he spoils me. glad josh spoils you too :)

  2. aww I remember when I used to dance. Pinwheels are awesome. How nice of your husband to help u!! I hope the dance class loves them! =)

  3. so good to have a partner!

  4. So cute! I adore sweet little moments like that.

    The pinwheels are beautiful, too!

  5. what a good wife :)

    what a good husband :)

  6. Shannon

    Very sweet…what a great hubs!

  7. k

    adorable!! that what you two are!

  8. you are so creative and crafty–cute pinwheel! your husband is so kind and he loves you so much!

  9. I didn't know you taught dance! You should write more posts about that :)

  10. Isn't it funny that the smallest things mean the most? Thank you for the reminder :)

  11. Helen

    aww i love it when my boyfriend does little things like that for me too :) it really is the little things that count

  12. no surprise about husband…he seems to be so sweet to you!!

    i LOVE the pinwheels!!! Did you use a stencil for the outlines? how did you do those?

  13. you two are precious.
    the "i'm his girl" part? so dang cute!

  14. the pinwheels are so cute :] and that's so sweet of Josh.

  15. You two are so sweet x

  16. Cortney

    I agree with a previous poster- I didn't know you taught classes, glad to see you can keep up the dance life even being done with school :)

  17. Amanda

    how precious! your pinwheels turned out adorable! :)

  18. That pinwheel is beautiful!

    What a sweetheart, it's wonderful to have a guy in your life like that.

  19. You know how to starch a shirt?!? We must discuss this sometime. Ha ha.

  20. pinwheels! i love pinwheels! ;D

  21. They turned out great! So cute!

  22. almalu

    you both are so sweet!

  23. Cute. I'm making pin wheels my favor at my wedding which means that we need about 300 of them. My Fiance's mom has stepped in and made them all. It's so lovely what people are willing to do for us.

  24. He always seemed sweet, but now he gets sweetheart of the year award. What a beautiful thing you two got going on. Lucky people.

  25. Jacob

    awww! how sweet of him!

  26. Meg Fee

    this here, naomi, this is why people love your blog so much. the simple things. so beautifully described. love to you both.

  27. Bri

    it's always the little things that people do that always make people feel special & this is sweet =)

  28. Bri

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  29. Jenn

    This is sweet, Naomi. Love this post. I felt similar when my hubby skipped dessert for me last night.

  30. Josh sounds lovely. You both are very blessed!

    I'm blessed too with a kind husband.

  31. How do you make a pinwheel? I want to make some for my garden …

  32. jones

    I love a good man and yours seems like he's the best! the pinwheels look smashing!

  33. So darling!

  34. Wonderful pinwheels… wonderful hubby. What a great day!

  35. Renée

    Aaahh lovely husband, that are the moments you remember how special he is to you!
    And wauw, I like these pinwheels!

  36. Cathi

    I love pin wheels. We like to keep one with our daughter at the cemetery.

  37. Awwww Josh he’s such a sweetheart you 2 deserve each other♥….have a wonderful weekend hun……..♥

  38. Beso

    What a sweet post. Hope your class went well.
    The Beso Team

  39. awwww, he's so sweet! and that pinwheel is so cute, love the stripes. :)

  40. Love your blog! Just found it. Also love how you always thank your husband! Good stuff.

  41. LOVE your blog!! my cousin told me about it. she told me i would love it and she is right!! i love those pinwheels and i may be featuring you on my blog in the near future!!


  42. That is so sweet!

    LOVE your blog!

  43. As my momma says~nothing like the blessing of a good husband:) Love your blog!

  44. Aui-yee

    so sweet! ♥

  45. Becs

    What a nice guy! Love the pinwheel… and your floors!

  46. Jen

    Pinwheels are adorable!

    (It sounds like your husband is too)

  47. This post is incredibly heart warming. It's the little things that really say "I love you." Anyway, just found your blog– absolutely love it. I'm a follower now!

  48. That is so sweet :)

  49. I LOVE your floors!

  50. what a good husband!

  51. Anna

    these are so pretty! I would never have the patience. As my momma says "patience is a virtue… of which Anna has none."