oreo ice cream.

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i’m not sure how we first happened upon sweet things ice cream shoppe in downtown lexington virginia last fall, but we have been back many times since. they have the most incredible homemade oreo ice cream we have ever tasted…. among other awesome flavors. last weekend i tried the butter pecan and it was also amazing.
if you are ever in lexington virginia, you should grab yourself a scoop.
  1. Brit

    I love your skirt!! Where did you get it?

  2. There is one drop of ice cream back there, and he is after it. The first picture..

    I like the skirt with the tights, black and blue or just black?

  3. I love that place! We went there probably 7 years ago.. And it's still my favorite memory of going to DC. We sat out front on a late August afternoon and people watched as we ate our yummy ice cream. Thanks for reminding me of that fond memory.

  4. 2busy

    Now I'm hungry!

  5. Kingsley is so adorable!

  6. You have the cutest family. And oreo ice cream, yuummmm!

  7. brit, the skirt was thrifted a few years ago in brooklyn.


  8. Fawn

    That ice cream looks delicious! good grief! I need some now!

  9. Oh my gosh, you have such a sweet tooth! I'll have to try this next time I'm down in the area!

  10. Celeste

    your family is adorable- i love how you all have your dad's eyes :)

  11. Love your sisters sock tan line :)
    haha &big; fan of oreo ice cream.

  12. Your whole family closes their eyes when they laugh!
    Awesome genetics!

  13. The laughing pictures of your sisters and dad or so happy and candid! I love a good scoop of ice cream. mmmmmmmmm.

  14. Chaucee

    I love the ones of your sisters and your dad. It seems like there is a lot of love in your family!

  15. Angie

    Yum! I just had some delicious ice cream the other day myself!

  16. KC

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  17. Ah man.. I love oreo ice cream. I don't think they have any good ice cream places her in Jackson Hole. Bummer.

  18. Wow ice cream is totally my weakness lately and this sounds SOO good!

  19. jamin


  20. jamin

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  21. I love your LOVE.
    How cute is your Dad.
    How cute is your WHOLE family, including the King! You are a fountain of happiness and an inspiration to all. xx Mariko

  22. your sisters are so cute. and that outfit is tres chic.


  23. I went to SVU and Sweet Things was my favorite too!! Great memories!! Leah

  24. Amanda

    ice cream, bulldogs, and sisters?? This post is GGRRAANNDD!!

  25. Kingsley looks like he's sulking in some of these pictures! Is it because he didn't get any ice cream?


  26. I love homemade ice cream! Delicious! :)

  27. I love Oreos in very form– ice cream, cheesecake, a whole sleeve of them right out of the box.

    If you are ever on Cape Cod, there is a place, adorably named Sundae School, with amazing homemade Oreo ice cream.

  28. Lainey

    Oreo ice cream is like my favorite ice cream flavor in the world. Theirs sounds delicious!

  29. Ebony

    I ate 8 oreos the other day. I really must try Oreo icecream. You always have the best photos. All the smiles in them make me smile :)

  30. you have the most adorable family! :)

  31. i'm loving the faces your dad and sisters are making in the bottom pictures! i think each of them is making the same face in one of the photos:) i love family time, i'm glad you got to have a little of it:)

  32. Beso

    Sounds incredible!

  33. Ferni

    your sisters are mini me's of you! What a gorgeous family. You guys all have the same beautiful smile. Found your blog recently I really love it. : )

  34. haha, your dad's face in the first photo is awesome! and your sisters are too darling for WORDS. :)

  35. Kristyn

    Seeing you with your family makes me homesick for my own. It's so lovely to see how happy you all look. You are blessed.

  36. Ruth

    You all laugh the same way. It's great!

  37. Cathi

    I might have to go to Lexington ust to try a scoop!

  38. lydabob

    oreo ice cream is so delightful.
    if you're ever in Charleston, West Virginia, you should check out Ellen's Homemade Ice Cream! she makes SUCH delicious stuff; mint oreo and raspberry chocolate chip are two of my favorites. :]

  39. Jacob


  40. Sarah

    Sundae School rocks! I've just started making home made ice cream with a White Mountain hand crank machine and the kids think it's awesome.

    If you don't make your own ice cream you should give it a try. Here's an interesting article I found that might be helpful to folks thinking about making their own.

  41. Are those your little twin sisters? They are adorable! So pretty!

  42. I went to W&L;, and we all practically lived there on the oreo ice cream. Good choice. Who do you know in Lexington!? Isn't it wonderful!?

  43. you family are so stunning! Bet your kids are going to be supermodels! :) xoxo

  44. Luna

    gotta love ice cream. :P

  45. Hey, next time you are in town you will have to let me know {I can give you a free Ghost Tour…all of the tour guides including me are LDS!} I live right down the road from Sweet Things! Their pumpkin ice cream is REALLY good as well and Chris-the owner is a SUPER nice guy!