naomi’s guide to making a bad day good!

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i don’t like offering advice or words of wisdom to others because i sure don’t have a lot of things in life figured out. but i did discover one great method for turning a not so great day around that i’d like to share if you are interested…
if you’re ever having a particularly bad day (i’ve had quite a few this past week), here is my simple solution to making everything better:
1. stop everything you are doing and go find your favorite person in the world and 2. together, find yourselves a street vendor lunch truck (for best results, make sure it’s DC’s Fojol Brothers) and sit yourself down on one of their blankets from merlindia and have yourself a curry lunch (and mango lassipop for dessert.)

i mean, if lunch at a street truck with your favorite person doesn’t turn your frown upside down, at least the mustaches the fojol brothers sport will. right? (we love these guys. and plan to stalk their food truck all summer long.)

the end.

p.s. also, in my opinion, wearing bright colors can turn your day around too. (see yellow pants in photo as example). maybe this explains why i am always trying to find a new bright color of lipstick to wear.
p.p.s. my favorite person in the world is unfortunately not photographed in this post. but i’m pretty sure his name starts with an H and ends in usband.
  1. Thanks for sharing Naomi! This post made my day brighter actually :)

  2. Joy

    ha, love this!!

  3. carissa

    you two are good at finding fun places in dc.

  4. kodi_jo

    Aw. Aw aw aw!

  5. your posts turn my bad moments into happy ones. so thank youu. =]

  6. that mustard yellow shade is my favourite – instant happiness. :)

  7. this is brilliant!
    i like the bright colour suggestion.
    oooh! lassipops sound delish!!!

  8. You are just lovely and cuuute! Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. megan

    i love this post! and there is nothing better than curry and a mango lassipop. YUM.

    so glad you are feeling happier. :)

  10. MoonRox

    That it too cute! looks like a perfect outing. I wish we had a truck like that here in Toronto. Need to have the blankets too though!

  11. Great advice ~ and you should share it more often!

  12. Haha, we do that in Hawaii too! Street food is the besssst!

  13. Aww, this is sweet. I wish we had things like that in the UK! x

  14. Rhianne

    I wish I could have done this yesterday – weirdly I was just telling my boyfriend that he needs to move his work closer to me so we could go one lunch dates :)

  15. Amanda

    awesome mustaches always get me giddy…what IS that??!!??!! :P

  16. Maddy

    This is the absolute perfect thing to do. I wish I could today, my favorite person is leaving for the weekend in a few hours and I am stuck at jury duty :(

  17. When I have a bad day I come over to your blog for a smile … you never fail me! Adorable post!!

  18. It's funny but good food always turns my frown upside down… and of course being around laughter.

    Here's a tip on the bright lipstick: I found a great bright pink from MAC-Speak Louder and a pretty berry that pops- Rebel.

    I hope you have a great weekend! That seems to make everything better.

  19. this post is lovely! we have a food truck here in cambridge, ma that i'm dying to try and now i know to check it out to turn a bad day better :)

    i have a lipstick suggestion…revlon now makes these Color Burst lipsticks and their Fushia is amazing. Bonus is it's on the cheap. happy weekend!

  20. Barbara

    Naomi this advice is great!!!! I agree with you about bright colors! Some of my favs of MAC are speak louder (as someone has already mention), trimming talk and impassioned! they sure make your day :)

  21. have you looked at lime crime's lipsticks? they're great!

  22. p.p.p.s If all else fails, find your favorite bulldog puppy and give him (or her) lots of hugs.

  23. Cortney

    Sorry to hear you're having a rough week :( Whenever I'm having bad/off days, I make gratitude lists. It's something my Dad taught me to do. He journals almost every day, and part of that is making a list of everything he is grateful for.

    Of course, this post was kind of a gratitude list in itself :) Glad things are looking up!

  24. so cute. being with your favorite person can make anything fun!

  25. great recipe for making a great day!! what fun!

  26. lindsey

    I've always had red as my go-to lipcolor, but to lighten it up for spring/summer, I find that a bright orange/coral color is a definite way to go. Try it!

  27. Definitely spending time with loved once is always the best thing to do!!!♥

    I knew it was Josh he is like the best photographer right? well Naomi have a wonderful weekend it’s Friday and I love Fridays!!!♥

    Take care and don’t forget to snap snap snap!!!

  28. Amy

    You pull off those yellow pants!

  29. Angela

    Totally agree with everything in this post!!

    Well… Since we don't have street vendors, it's Thai eXpress at the park <3

  30. I love that you love food and find so much pleasure in it … I do too! Lucky that you can stay so skinny after eating SO much food – great "skinny genes" huh???

  31. love your yellow pants so cute. so are you from utah?

  32. Cathi

    Very good advice indeed!

  33. Cathi

    Especially the husband part!!

  34. Jacob

    ha ha true that :)

  35. brynley

    this is wonderful
    you are adorable:)

  36. CUTE!!!
    That would make my day better too :)
    I can't believe your dog did that…Hmmm i would say crate why you are not home….Our baby stays in it when we are not home….XOXO

  37. Meg

    I wish I could do that with my husband. He's such a food snob he wouldn't go near food on the street. Ugh.

  38. Thanks girl– I needed this. A lot. My turn-around today? Meeting my sisters for lunch at Paradise Bakery (sounds heavenly…is heavenly…) and running into a former Study Abroad friend while there. Suddenly the sun was shining again– even though it was actually really dark and cloudy outside. Cheers!

  39. Maria

    adorable post and such yummy sounding food….i love indian and your yellow pants!

  40. Angie

    Awe! I LOVE this idea!

  41. that sounds like a fabulous way to turn a day around! my fave is taking a long walk with my special someone and the pooch! that always makes me forget my worries! :)

  42. sarah

    you are way too beautiful and sweet for bad days to happen to you. (:

  43. Becca

    This is way too adorable!

  44. you are just too TOO adorable!

  45. On a bad day, I will always try to drink a fanta because the bright yellow colour (yeah, very natural, that one) will brighten me up at least a tiny little bit. So funny, it looks exactly like your pants or other yello clothing ;)…