1. Love the photos from your new fuji camera!
    Kingsley is so handsome!

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  4. i know! i feel the same way about mine. she was 6lbs when i got her and now she's over 40. they grow up so fast!

  5. Cute.
    I like how my dog doesn't grow and always looks like a puppy. :)

  6. Eeee! Kingsley has gotten SO BIG so fast!!! He was so tiny and wrinkley! So cute! I think your favorite people are good people to favor! Have a good weekend!

  7. Never had a pet cat or dog before. Kingsley is so cute, I kinda want one.

    Does he shed a lot?

  8. Awww dogs are the best kind of people. Husbands are good too.

  9. My hubby and I were watching the dog whisperer with our two dog-boys last night, and they were training a puppy Kingsley.. Husband almost fell in love ;) So cute!

  10. Awww, they grow so fast. And luckily men mature very fast too after certain age… I got 3 favorites in my life; my hubby and our kitty children Miina and Moses. And OMG has Moses gotten big in 2 years… He's like a dog now. Size and behavior wise…

  11. he IS getting big!! maybe you should do a kingsley recap post so we can all enjoy his adorable puppy face one last time!! :) cause god knows he was ONE CUTE PUP!!

  12. Ebony

    Love this photo! Yes yes! I seconed the Kingsley recap… maybe from first sight to now… :)

  13. i wanted to leave a suggestion for you for a bright lipstick. try Vegas Volt by MAC. its AMAZING. its great by itself, but layered on top of any red lipstick/lipliner and, voila! you have the most coveted lips in all the land.

  14. Renée

    I think the same way about my bf and little kitten. Kingsley is getting big, but still stays cute and funny!

  15. Angela

    Aw, I totally know what you mean! I feel the same way about my husband and our little furbaby <3

  16. Rhianne

    I forgot he was so tiny. if I had a dog it would be one of my favourite people too – possibly even beating my boyfriend… :)

  17. so precious. and seriously, kingsley is huge! where did the time go?!

  18. My pets are in "my favorite people" category too.

    PS – your photos are great.

  19. My bully was one of my favorite "people" I ever knew. So gentle and loving, yet so full of gas. My husband is allergic and I can't have another – so I am so glad you share here so I can get my fix.

  20. That picture of Kingsley as a puppy made me gasp so loudly that my fiancee thought I just found out the US bombed North Korea…or something serious like that.

    Nope, Kingsley is just seriously cute.

  21. Helen

    How old is Kingsley now? He is so cute. One of my dogs pretty much stopped growing when she was 6 months old so she's tiny now, I still think of her as a puppy! My other dog grew up so fast, it's crazy to think how small he was when we first got him. Ahh I love puppies and dogs!

  22. oh my god, the christmas card with kingsley couldn't be ANY cuter!! i absolutely love the card. and kingsley.

  23. Awww – they're good favorite people to have! I know what you mean – they do grow sooo fast! On a different scale, but still relatable, my Chloe was 1.5lbs when we brought her home. She's 6 1/2 now and just had surgery and on meds and now a whopping 5.1lbs (was 4.5 before). They grow way too fast! Now can you imagine how we'll feel when we actually have human babies?! Have a great weekend!

  24. diamondsandtulle- i know exactly what you mean!

    and donna vitan- unfortunately, kingsley sheds A LOT! at least he has as the weather has been getting warmer. hopefully it won't be like this forever.

    ann and james- thanks for the lipstick tip!

    and helen- kingsley will be 7 months at the end of may! crazy!!!!!

    thanks for the nice words everyone! i sure do love these two.

  25. i just to squeeze kingsley every time you post a shot of him!!!

  26. gotta be honest, I wish Kingsley had stayed that small pile of wrinkles…I love puppies. That 7lb pile of wrinkles was pretty irresistible.

  27. Awww, wow. Kingsley got soo truly big. I only just saw the photo when you guys got him at christmas. He was and still truly is a cute pile of wrinkles… that only makes me wish a I had a doggy . =D

  28. Argh I wanna squeeze him! The dog, that is!

  29. Luna

    dogs are great. you think of them as people and sometimes they are even better.

  30. Barbara

    Ohhh ! he's a big boy now!

  31. Barbara

    Ohhh ! he's a big boy now!

  32. hi naomi i love all the photos you take with your instax and was wondering if you could post a little bit about it maybe or comment me back about why you chose it, if you like it, what the bad features might be, etc. xo

  33. I am so loving all your photos taken with this little Fiji camera!! I'm thinking about getting one for an upcoming trip to San Francisco!

  34. Jacob

    he is adorable; and he has gotten bigger!

  35. Two handsomes! Kingsley's getting big! I wish the puppy phase lasted longer…sniff.

  36. I just clicked on that old post, and seriously . . . there might not be anything cuter than a baby bulldog. omg! He was the cutest little thing in the world! I can barely stand it.

  37. Angie

    cutest dog ever! love this photo.

  38. hi.
    did i tell you i think you're lovely today?
    cause i do.
    happy sunday.

  39. cras4

    I have to say, for one, I've always loved your blog, but now it has special meaning to me. Ever since you moved to DC, and you moved right about when I left DC for LA. It makes me homesick, but in a good way as you discover the things I left behind. It helps though, I'm glad someone else gets to enjoy it now :) Thanks!

  40. Kait

    I just found your blog yesterday and am already hooked! I love it and have gone back and read a bunch of your older entries too. I love how I can relate to your posts as I am in the DC area, newly married, and with a fur baby too! :)

  41. Marie

    i just found your blog. kingsley is too cute.