little bulldog monster.

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while we like to think kingsley is the most amazing dog in the entire world and can do no wrong, we know that like most things in life, he does have his moments.
today i came home to a new sofa arrangement. i like to think he was just trying to surprise me by rearranging the sofa cushions and i got home before he had finished. you know, an interior designer dog by heart.
oh kingsley, you are a little monster. but a cute one, for sure.
  1. aw :) its a good thing he's so cute!

  2. Hahahaha!
    I wish my dog were this badass.
    My dog is scared of plastic bags, or anything that makes sound. Lol.

  3. Maddy

    Oh no! Hopefully it's easily hidden. It's funny that you seem to have caught him right in the act. His face just says "What Mom, you don't like it?!"

  4. D&D

    OH MY GOD!!!

    that is classic…

  5. leigh ashley, an INK CARTRIDGE? hysterical. did he have a black mouth or a few weeks after? hope it didn't hurt him. they have such silly personalities. such curious little monsters.


  6. Oh no!! That's the worst! I've had Lua for 2 years and I still have to crate her when I leave because she would do that every single time I left. They can be real terrors, but you're right, at least they're cute.

  7. Logan

    Ugh, I lost MANY pairs of shoes when my dog was at this stage. Watch out!

  8. t.

    oh no! i haven't been brave enough to let my dog have free reign of the house while i'm away. he has an exercise pen that he stays in, just in case.

    but kingsley sure is adorable! i love the expression on his face in that picture. like he really showed that couch who was boss! haha

  9. oh my goodness. that is too funny. what a cutie!

  10. got to love it! my boston terriers rearrange the pillows and blankets on the sofas all the time ! imagine a little dog interior design business….hehehe

  11. Kristen

    haha my dog, penny lane, has already eaten an entire living room of furniture (our couch, chair, books, dvds..) and a tupperware drawer..yeah, she got in. so i fully understand but they are just SO CUTE! (look at that face!)

  12. look at him, all innocent…

  13. He really did that? That's hilarious! He created quite a mess for such a little dog! :)

  14. oOh.. my goodness.. LOL. He's the Cutest, naughtiest dog ever.. ~!

  15. oh no!!!
    haha he is too cute though!

  16. leigh

    The nutter did this around 6 months old… but his destruction was slightly more epic… only one cushion survived… but it got peed on.

    It's really good they are both so cute ;)

  17. What an adorably guilty face!!

  18. It's so hard to be mad at them after you see that face! Gus (my pup) was left in the bathroom to prevent destruction all over the house when we were gone and we came home to unrolled toilet paper and shredded to little pieces everywhere!

    And when we came home he just looked at us with his tail wagging… I couldn't be mad. That was when he was teeny too. He's much more behaved now ;)

  19. *Why we've limited ourselves to cheap Ikea furniture…

    And I wouldn't have it any other way.


  20. D*mac

    Oh no! It's hard to stay mad at them isn't it? We have a big apple tree in our yard so we throw apples for my dog all summer. It is nearly impossible to keep apples in the house for us though. She thinks they are a bowl of toys on the counter for her!!!

  21. Emie

    How funny! :) Our pup Tucker who we sometimes lovingly call Monster Tuck loves "couch diving" as well.

  22. He's sorry, he's really really sorry. Just too cute I am sorry to say, it would be hard to be mad at the face. You do know how much doggy fun this was for him right?

  23. 2busy

    There's the little culprit. Hope he didn't tear it up too much.

  24. Bridget

    i think that would take serious talent for a little guy like him to move all those cushions. you go kingsley.

    naomi, i hope you left them off after all his hard work? hahaha.

  25. That face is so pricelss, he's just like What?? hahaha

  26. must be a bulldog thing. My bulldog will chew on anything he can get his paws on. and he's pulled the cushions out of my couch before too.

    Then they give you the sad face and melt your heart all over again.

  27. Oh my gosh! Turtle did the EXACT same thing back when he was a puppy. He has since made peace with the couch. And we are thankful that we shop at IKEA :)

  28. It's almost as if he's looking up at you and saying, "what?" I wouldn't be able to be mad at him either.

  29. Barbara

    It is a fact! this little baby is super cute!

  30. aww, I bet you couldn't even punish him. How could you with a face like that?

  31. i wish i could say my old dog did something cool or crazy or completely bad. growing up, if we were ever getting toilet papered my dad would bring our rottweiler out and scare the people by getting her all riled up and crazy because she was a watch dog. haha, it was funny. the boys put their shirts over their heads so we wouldn't know who they were and my dad chased them into the culdesac. they were so scared they peed their pants. eek.

  32. Angie

    Oh no! Looks like someone had a crazy night last night. :P

  33. Haha! How funny, we got exactly the same sofa, but we live in Munich Germany and got children. sometimes they do the same…

  34. That's pretty impressive, and he looks quite proud of himself! I guess I would be too. Our pup is lately into pulling trash out of the garbage can. Not so cute, but when she looks so content with her mess, I have a hard time punishing her. :)

  35. My cats are the ones who do the furniture rearranging around my house. The dog is probably telling them to stop because he doesn't want me to be mad :)

  36. Aww… he's just trying to build a fort– that's all!

  37. Hi Taza! After about a year and a whole house worth of furniture destroyed…(i know you are going to cringe but it worked)….i bought a cage for my dog and afer a year she was fine…I have a bulldog/pittbull mix and although super lovable…she earned the name Dr. Destructo….she still has random moments of destruction but usually it's just a paper or something…but it worked…just like a baby, they need to be in their crib sometimes not to get into trouble…the cage/crate training is great..when you get home you are both really happy to see each other :)

  38. LOL my boston did the same thing to my new sofa!! Get him a good Bone from the butcher. It'll keep him busy while you're away. I recommend Marrow bones. Dogs go APE over them!

  39. My Frank did this all the time too! We ended up wrapping sheets around the couch to stop the attacks. He finally got over it about two weeks ago – once he turned two! Good luck!!

  40. its a good thing he is so cute! what a bundle of cuteness and messness!

  41. Beau

    ahhhhhhh!! i think i would freak out if i came home and my dog had done this.. somehow kingsley can pull it off. i'm a new follower and i ADORE your blog :)

  42. Aww.. a Mini Turner & Hooch! :)

  43. It looks like he was trying to get the covers off so he could wash them for you! Good kingsley!

  44. Angela

    Aw no! One of the many joys of raising a puppy :)

  45. He is a little monster! A cute one :)

  46. I just want to squish his face. He's a doll!

  47. that is the cutest picture :)

  48. maryp

    this is so unbelievably adorable! i hope he didn't get too upset when you cleaned up :o)

  49. oh my gosh, your poor couch! at least kingsley looks super adorable!

  50. Cathi

    Oh Taza! I'm so sorry but that is hysterical!
    He has that "Who me?" look!!

  51. My dogs just ate our front room carpet last week. I like to look at is as a Mother's Day present to me, because now I get a new front room.

  52. Oh my goodness, what I would do for a little monster like Kingsley! I love, love bulldogs, and Kingsley is one of the cutest I have ever seen!

  53. Ohhhhh… as frustrating as that would be, it makes me want a puppy all the more… sigh.

    Kingsley, Kingsley, Kingsley.

  54. OH! Perhaps you should send his creation in for a design*sponge DIY! Hahaha. :P

  55. haha, oh my goodness! that FACE! cutest troublemaker ever.

  56. Oh no!! What a troublemaker!!!

  57. Wow! He even got the chair as well. Have fun with the terrible twos.

    What a cute little guy.

  58. Kelsi

    this happened to me once! only my dog opened the front door, let himself in, tore up both couches and the beds, and scattered the remnants on the front lawn. : silly little guys.

  59. Rasha

    uh oh. bad doggy!

  60. Rhianne

    my parents dog pulls exactly the same face when he knows he's done something wrong – as if he's challenging you to punish him. I hope your sofa did loose out to Kingsley too badly…

  61. Hi!
    You have a cool blog!
    And a cool dog! Kingsley is amazing…
    I also have a dog -Lukas- and I also think he's the best dog in the world…
    I'll sure come back here!

  62. OMG this was SO us with Paco, our Pit mix. He tore apart a bunch of down pillows, too, and we came home to feathers EVERYWHERE. Good thing they're so cute.

  63. hahah oh my! when i come home to presents like that from my dog, sometime its hard me me not to laugh even though i am sooo mad!!

  64. Holy cow! What destruction for such a little man – Thankfully he only rearranged them for you and didn't eat them! He's got the "What? You don't like it?" face.

  65. love-v

    I love how forgiving you are. Our bully, Odin, gets time out for his destructive tendencies and we've been lucky so far. Hopefully this looked worse than it actually was. The guilty face is priceless.

  66. Oh no, our Boxer, Coco (r.i.p. baby girl) destroyed countless couches till I researched crate and alpha dog training. Not only did it save our furniture but it quite possibly saved her in the end, who knows what type of things she may have got a hold of…
    Best of luck to you with you adorable Kingsley, just make sure he stays safe. : )

  67. awww Kingsley…its such a good thing he is so cute :)

  68. Luna

    lol. he's lucky he's cute or he'd be in big trouble.