kingsley’s napping plan.

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“i’m so tired. if i sneak over here to nap,
maybe no one will see me or bother me.”

“i like sleeping sitting up.
but holding my heavy bulldog head up is so hard…”

“…maybe if i rest it right here….”

“ugh. that didn’t work.”

“alright. i’ll just lay down like the humans do. good night.”
  1. Dip-tea

    Ha ha ha! So adorable!

  2. Katie

    hahaha cutest thing ever!

  3. ahh this actually made me laugh out loud. hope Kingsley had a good nap!

  4. Ahhh too too cute!!!

  5. Suzie

    wow, kingsley has soo much personality.

  6. jenbern

    so unbelievably cute!!!

  7. D&D

    this made me laugh out loud. that dog should have his own sitcom.

  8. Shann


  9. hahahha he's so awesome!!!

  10. Ah man, that made me laugh so hard. I love your dog :)

  11. That dog seriously must have been a person in another life because its got character!! These photos are too cute!!!

  12. CBJ

    he is precious! a little over a month ago i got a new roommate who has a bulldog. i never realized how adorable they are!! kind of stubborn, but adorable still!

  13. I adore your baby.. so so much… You so need Kingsley the Rockstar T-shirts…. He really does rock ;)

  14. the head resting on the rear view mirror is classic!! lol so ADORABLE!


  15. aaahahhaha that is the cutest thing i've ever seen!!

  16. emily

    he just gets cuter, right?

  17. how adorable! kingsley is the cutest.

  18. Lehua

    awww..super adorable.

  19. Cortney

    His "seriously?" face with the tilted rearview mirror is awesome.

  20. TeriLyn

    baaahahahahahahhaa! i love that dog.

  21. Colleen

    Hahaha hilarious post.

  22. Caty

    Too cute!

  23. Maddy

    I'm laughing out loud at these! they are hilarious!

  24. Alex

    Kingsley needs to be on tv/movies/advertisements. I'm quite positive he is the most adorable dog in the entire world. So much so that I can't help but comment on every post about him!

  25. That is the cutest ever!!! I can appreciate his love of the wide dashboard being a beetle owner myself! ;)

  26. super cute. xx

  27. Hahaha!!

    I love it! I love Kingsley!

    Talia Christine

  28. haha! are you moving?? riley has been known to do the exact same thing!

  29. Oh Boy!!! is he the cutes thing ever!!!!!!♥

    Am glad you had a nice nap♥

    Talk to you soon kingsley♥

  30. these photos are HILARIOUS.

    Dogs have so much personality!

  31. ~M^2

    Seriously so cute!!!I cant get enough of that pup!!! Ur a lucky mommy!!

  32. Ahhh! He is so cute!

  33. oh ain't easy being the cutiest pup in the whole wide world. you deserve a nap!

    too cute naomi.

  34. Naomi,
    Do you hear me squealing? Love Kingsley, and his little bulldog mug.

  35. Haha! I love the photo with the mirror all tilted! His face was just like, "really?"

    (Moon Face)

  36. Whitney

    He's soooooo cute!

    Goodness. Growin' like a wildflower too!

  37. I love how human he looks! You can totally tell how he's feeling! What a cute little man!

  38. Vanessa

    Best post ever! I'm a sucker for sleepy pooches :o) Cute!

  39. Cathi

    Kingsley is the happiest and most content dog I have ever seen!!

  40. Beli

    That made me laugh! I used to have the same car and the only think I didn't like about it was that exact part of the car ( forgot how you call it haha) good that someone found some use for it!!! thank u for posting this!

  41. Barbara

    Hahahahaha kingsley is soooooooooooooooooooo cute!! makes me wanna kiss him!!!! hahaha how cute is that he's trying to have a nap there???

  42. Just when I thought he couldn't possibly get any cuter… I saw this!

  43. insanely adorable. i need one. stat.

  44. Ha ha! Hilarious!

    LOVED this post. Thank you for making my even brighter than it was!

  45. Theresa

    Haha, I love it! Kingsley has completely ignited my love for bulldogs. Every time I see one I just have to laugh, they bring a smile to my face :)

  46. Riley

    Awwwwww :)

  47. Zohar


  48. Nikki

    OMG i love him

  49. amanda

    he is such a cutie! i hope you snuggle him every night!

  50. This post seals the deal – I must get a bulldog – he is so stinking cute!!!

  51. Lainey

    Hahahaha! Oh my goodness, this post was so adorable. My favorite is the one where he's resting his head on the mirror. He looks so content and frustrated at the same time.

  52. Shelley

    Haha. Cute post! :)

  53. can't even handle his cuteness!

  54. ahaha he has the BEST facial expressions ever!!!

  55. heather

    hahahaha this is an adorable little series! i love it!

  56. Lidia

    omg!!! he's adorable!! and your captions hilarious!

  57. Rasha

    so funny that he sleeps on the dash!

  58. delaney

    hahahah i burst out laughing at the broken mirror pic. i think he has to be the cutest dog ever. (if my dog asks, i never said that)

  59. Rachel

    this had me laughing out loud

    how cute!

  60. Neri

    too cute i fainted!

  61. Joan

    that made me laugh so hard. he is adorable!!

  62. Shandey

    this is so funny! from his pictures, it looks like he has the cutest personality!

  63. This little guy may need a car seat soon…

  64. CAPow!

    aww kingsley. so sweet!

  65. He does exactly what my french bulldog does! How funny :)


  66. Becca

    I think this is my favorite post ever. ha ha! Kingsley is the man.

  67. Becca

    I think this is my favorite post ever. ha ha! Kingsley is the man.

  68. Luna

    lol he is too cute.

  69. monica

    Ha ha, I love this!