kingsley road.

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true story.

on our way to another bulldog party on saturday, we passed kingsley road out in vienna virginia. kingsley didn’t really know what to think of the fact that people are already naming roads after him, but he asked that we take a picture for his doggy journal while we were playing on the grass, so we did.
the end.
  1. adorable! Kingsley is a handsome little fella!

  2. TeriLyn

    where did you get those fabulous shoes you are wearing??

  3. He's really turned into such a studly little man! ;)

  4. heehee, I lived by there when i was growing up!

  5. JenRem

    Adorable! Both the fact about the sign, Kingsley and you. Just fabulous!

  6. Ash Att

    that is so fun!! he is such a cute little dog!

  7. aw yes! they'll name a city after him soon.

    we <3 kingsley

    PD x

  8. whimsy

    fabulous. and you look darling of course. you kinda look like your sister in this shot. as if i know her…but just from the pics youve shown…

  9. Jay

    I can't believe how big he's gotten :p And his mommy is looking ever so fab next to him!!

  10. hello from "the real" vienna, austria :)

  11. So funny…there is a Kingsley Rd. here in Los Angeles too!

    p.s. I love your shoes…I've been looking for a cute pair of wedges. Mind if I ask where from??

  12. Perfect outfit! <3

  13. Indeed your outfit is, as usual, perfect! He looks excited for his play date! : )

  14. thank you, the shoes are from Aldo. and Flutter, you gotta snap a picture of the Kingsley Rd in LA for me! dying to see it!


  15. Riley

    Awww I love how you found a road with his name on it. Plus your outfit is so cute! :D

  16. I get the biggest kick out of meaningful street signs too!

    LOvE this picture of you two!

  17. Rudi

    I'm just glad to see you off the pulled-hamstring couch and back into two inch wedges!!
    Me and my boyfriend have been talking about Kingsley nonstop. We've got Dog Envy.

    love, rudi

  18. you are the hottest rockstar around! your outfit is stylishly simple and so chic. i LOVE.

    and your little puppy is no longer a puppy, he has grown so much!

  19. i'm from vienna, va and i know exactly where that street is!

  20. Are you wearing skinny jeans? Cotton leggings? I can't tell, but I really want to know.

  21. I love this, I always get excited when I see road names of people I know lol. And you look gorgeous!

    I love the photos of Kingsley in the car as well, I cant believe how fast he has grown.

    have a lovely week!

  22. sarah boo, they are black skinny jeans.


  23. i don't normally like bulldogs, but kingsley has certainly changed my mind! He is adorable and you are the best puppy parents ever. I just thought you should know. =]

  24. Emma

    i am so envious of your style!!! you look fabulous.

  25. I absolutely LOVE your outfit! wish that I knew how to dress cute!!!

  26. so cute! there is a Hazel Street in Santa Clarita, Calif. (on the way to my boyfriend's sister's house) but we haven't ever gotten out to take a picture with our pup, Hazel! but we should! :)

    p.s. it was my Hazel's 2nd birthday yesterday. I was one proud mama, telling pretty much everyone who oohed and ahhed at her that it was her birthday. you can see pics on my blog if you so desire… :)

  27. Jacob

    awww! kingsley is lookin' good :D love this pic. you have great style

  28. there's a kingsley dr. by santa monica blvd near hollywood, and i totally thought of you guys when i saw it! :) i should snap a picture sometime.

    p.s. you are rockin' that outfit!

  29. i passed by kingsley road in springfield, mo the other day and thought of your puppy!

  30. pen.ny

    Everyday on my way to work I pass a "Kingsley street" and always think of your little guy:)

  31. ooooh great shoes!

  32. I love this doggy journal.

    Very entertaining!