1. Jay

    He is so adorable :)

  2. Shona

    too cute !!

  3. I cant even pick a favourite, he has such a handsome face :)

  4. Niki

    what a cutie pie!!

  5. I love the second picture…so funny!!

  6. Bree

    I was just blowing bubbles for my dog yesterday; she had no interest haha

  7. He's definitely a star :)

  8. He's so cute. Where did you get him? I'm seriously considering a bulldog, and I know for a fact that my sister wants one.

    Melanie @Unravelled Threads
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  9. I am not a huge fan of dogs but I have to say Kingsley is slowly winning me over. I love the tongue bubble.

  10. Maddy

    hahah we found out the other day that our baby loves bubbles too!

  11. could he be any cuter?! i am getting my first puppy! he was born 2 weeks ago.. weeee!

  12. Helen

    ahhh that last photo is amazing! he has such a long tongue

  13. Every time you post photos of Kingsley it totally makes me want a little guy for my family! He is so cute!

  14. Amanda

    kingsley is soooo cute! those pics melt my heart!

  15. you know what? i've been having a kind of down in the dumps wednesday, and these photos just brightened my day! isn't it lovely how blogs (and dogs) can do that?

  16. i would really love to know how you guys function?! if i had a dog like kingsley i wouldnt ever get anything done! i would just cuddle and play with him all the time! he is just so precious

  17. second picture has to be THE best.

  18. haha oh my gosh is he eating the bubble! too cute!

  19. I'm not big on dogs, but I've always wanted an Old English bulldog, so keep the pictures coming! i can live through your family!

  20. I want a doggy like him! Is he really stubborn? I've heard bull dogs can be incredibly stubborn.

  21. Alison

    i would be lying if i said i wasn't having puppy envy ;D

  22. ugh he kills me! i was about to announce how that first photo was my favorite of him yet, but i changed my mind. that tongue is too cute.

  23. Awwwww … bubbles and puppies are too much fun!

    Kingsley might be the most photogenic dog on the planet … just like his mama! :)

  24. Sheesh, I'm pretty sure Kingsley could not be cuter if he tried! He is soooo adorable! And his tongue in the second pic is totally cracking me up!

  25. Oh, I don't want him to grow anymore! He's ripe with cuteness.

    I've noticed from your photos that you sometimes walk Kingsley with a harness and sometimes without. Which do you prefer? I can't get my own black lab mix under control during walks, so I'm considering buying a harness.

  26. annie marie,

    we have found the harness to be easiest over the collar when we walk him. it doesn't allow for accidental choking if he tugs or starts to run too far. also, it doesn't leave a mark on his neck.


  27. laura

    kingsley is simply the cutest dog. in the world!

  28. Nikki

    He may be the cutest thing ever!

  29. I loooooove him! It makes my day to see Kingsley updates….the sneezing picture was super cute also.

  30. love these! he is so freaking cute! <3


  31. Awwwww little Kingsley is toooo cute!

    Talia Christine

  32. He's sooo cute, I cant stand it!! I have always wanted a bulldog

  33. such a lovely dogie!
    I cant get enough of him :3

  34. haha I love that you put the bubble blower in his mouth!!!

    I totally need to get a bulldog when I am older, they are stinkin' adorable!

  35. He is too cute!!!

  36. Ashley

    Today has been a little rough and I was feeling somewhat down…and your adorable Kingsley made me smile – thank you. I don't think I've ever left a comment, but I love love love your blog and it always makes me smile. I look forward to reading it every day :)

  37. Jacob

    he is a doll

  38. Hey girl! You and Josh are awesome!

    And Kingsley has such a cute little tongue…. cute. :)


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  42. Wow, he's gotten so big! He gets more adorable every day. :-)

  43. Have you been to the Big Bad Woof in DC (Tacoma Park) yet? I used to go all the time when I lived there. They have everything and are really helpful.
    Kingsley is looking like quite the little gentleman today!


  44. I love it when pups tilt their head to the side like that. It melts my heart!

  45. i love his tongue! his dark eyes! and darling little nose! and those ears! oh my!

  46. Angela

    OMG, so cute!! I wish my little furbaby would play with bubbles… They scare her to death! lol

  47. loooooove your new banner!!! :)

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  49. Gwen

    Cute blog :) Just found ya.

  50. Dot

    gosh, Leo is so talented and your dog is so cute.

  51. jones

    hope that tuesday's appointment went well!!!

  52. Sum

    Your boys are so adorable together.

  53. Awww. He's still so cute! Has he grown any, though?

  54. Luna

    he is so cute. i love when you post about him.

  55. heather

    hahaha, that second picture is so classic. look at that tongue! he is very handsome. :)