1. what a great vid! so creative and i loove the song.


  2. Ashley

    Wow! What a gorgeous video! I think I'm in love.

  3. wow!! i wonder how long that diamond paint took her to wash off!! great song though! :D

    right now i'm a HUGE fan of one republic… can't get enough! (if you want to listen, a few of their songs are on my blog: http://www.myleighashley.com).

    also have been hearing a lot of feist around the blogosphere… loving that too!!

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  5. ...

    this album is stellar!

    The first time I saw this video I didn't have volume on the computer that I was using but it was still love at first sight!



  6. Leigh

    This is such a good song! I had to look her up on iTunes & I am definitely pre-ordering her CD! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Yes – wonderful song/video!! Thanks for posting! x

  8. rebecca

    i have long been obsessed with this song and have heard many remixes but the best one by far is the clock opera remix. you should definitely check it out.

  9. Oh, I love Marina! I saw her live last year in London. She was supporting Paolo Nutini, whom I love. She was great!

  10. Katie

    Marina is Greek and I really love her and I'm proud to see a Greek girl being such a fantastic artist!!

  11. {jane}

    love. those eye-rhinestones are just awesome! i think i want some…

  12. delaney

    oooo i love this. what a cool idea

  13. Angie

    Thanks for sharing! Love the video too!

  14. Fee

    Have you seen the other version of it on there Youtube Channel.. I think I love it just as much.

    Really love Marina & The Diamonds actually going to see them next Sunday :))

    Fee x

  15. Maddy

    Ahhh I love the beginning.. how neat! She has a great voice! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. oh wow!
    this is seriously awesome!!
    going on itunes right now to buy it!
    i love finding about new music. thanks for sharing!!

  17. Sal

    marina and the diamonds are awesome! you should listen to Florence and the Machine – Blinding is my favourite.

  18. Theresa

    Love Marina and the Diamonds, you and julie have good taste :)

  19. That video was spectacular!! I actually have this album in my itunes library but I forgot about it until right now! I am going to have to go and listen to this obsessively now!

  20. Oh how I love Marina & the Diamonds – check out 'Mowgli's Road' – that was a massive hit in Australia on TRIPLEJ!

  21. Mandy

    gorgeous isn't she! my fav would have to be the song and ESPECIALLY the film clip for Mowgli's Road.

  22. dani


  23. Thank you so much for sharing! I love this song.

  24. Kathah

    Been rocking out to this song so much already. We've got a great station here in LA called KCRW. Look it up! It's a great way to stay current on all the cool groups and bands out there like Marina here.
    you rock

  25. I like her a lot, she reminds me a bit of Regina Spektor. Thanks for the recommendation! :D

  26. Lulu

    I'm a huge huge fan, posted this video to my facebook page! xx

  27. free on iTunes this week :) too bad i bought it last week haha