frozen yogurt at bedtime.

it’s been cold and rainy in d.c. the past few days. not much has been happening around here. i kind of prefer it this way. we’ve been spending lots of time at home together which i love. i also love an early bedtime. so life is good.
oddly enough, regardless of less stress and more sleep, the bags under my eyes have doubled in size. there is no hiding them. also, kingsley got electrocuted this morning by chewing on a plugged in cord. (he is fine. it wasn’t serious. although we’re still trying to figure out how he moved a 40lb vintage suitcase we’d strategically placed to block the outlet to prevent this kind of thing from happening. i guess he’s smart in some ways.)
we’ve been popping lots of popcorn over the stove at night and catching up on all our favorite TV shows as we fall asleep. (we’re fans of castle, 30 rock, and lost at our house. i am also a fan of V but josh doesn’t like that show very much).
last night we decided we should go do something before bed regardless of the rain, so we hurried over to fro.zen.yo. for a quick treat before bedtime. i like that it’s self serve so you can pile on the toppings instead of being served 3 raspberries or 4 tiny gummy bears on top of your frozen yogurt. self serve. my kind of place!

and i love josh’s face in this photo. it is classic.

the end.
  1. I have never heard of frozenyo.
    I do like Yogen Fruz though.

  2. Rasha

    Love this! Love frozen yogurt!

  3. Yay for early bedtimes.

    In Cali we have Yogurtland which is the same way. And it makes going to Pinkberry and getting 5 berries a total disappointment. I love layering froyo-berry-froyo-berry. Oh, now I'm hungry!

    Glad Kingsley is OK!

  4. Too cute! Frozen yogurt on a rainy day sounds like such a good idea. And Frozen-yo is pretty close to me too…

  5. openid

    You guys are too cute! Enjoy the rain.


  6. Bree

    I just had frozen yogurt with the delicious chopped up fruit toppings a few hours ago! It was so good, and my first time trying it at a new place here in Toronto; I'll definitely be back.

  7. Bridget

    i went to boyo once (boston yogurt) and paid 99 cents for a topping. the topping consisted of exactly 4 raspberries.

  8. wish there was a self-serve here in baltimore. all those gummie bears looks yummus!

  9. Maddy

    hahaha that face is hilarious! glad little King is okay. I work at Gap/Gap Kids and saw a bulldog onesie today, I thought of you :)

    we're getting a place like that here in town too! i hope it's good :)

  10. it's all about the little things in life like frozen yogurt dates (we went on one last night). i love the rain too and find myself to be really productive in terms of nesting…i cook more, make our place nice, light candles. i hope you continue to enjoy the dreary weather! x

  11. Lemon

    somehow you still manage to be pretty as ever though! mmm..frozen yogurt!!

  12. Katie

    Yums! I am also a fan of V, although I was a skeptic at first. It's gotten pretty good!

    Also I like your new banner!

  13. Carolyn

    absolutely love 30 rock. and self serve froyo. pile it on!

  14. Love V – in no small part because I covet all of Anna's dresses. So far my husband's on board, grateful that for once I'm watching a show full of aliens without complaint.

  15. Kara

    Mmmm, froyo! I love your husband's face in this pic…so epic. And I love that you look so comfy, cute, and tousled and that your lipstick is STILL perfect!

  16. I wish there were froyo places in england!

  17. Appropriate frozen yogurt time = anytime.

  18. yay! lost is one of my favorite shows too! we really like v too…

  19. this has inspired me to build my own fro yo after work today!

  20. Ann

    i enjoy reading your blog! went to nyc this weekend and hit brgr. it was good!

    take care of yourself. i took a nap yesterday and went to bed early. does a body good.

  21. self-serve yogurt sounds amazing! i always want more toppings. and bags? what bags?

  22. This post reminded me of my teenage days with my sister in the summer. We rolled around in a 1986 toyota corolla and would grab frozen yogurt at 10 pm and rent a movie. Oh those were the carefree days. We are also Lost and V fans at our house. Did you see the V miniseries in the 80s? Loved it. My favorite part is when Anna's character eats a live bird!

  23. I can't think of a better dinner than frozen yogurt. My favorite is Yogurtland . . . same deal: self serve, self serve toppings, a little bit dangerous cause I get out of control. Delish, though!

  24. Becca

    This is tooo cute! I love this happy, yummy little post!

  25. Poor Kingsley! Yum to the yogurt! Think I'm going to make some cheddar popcorn now!

  26. Great. Now I want 'spoon me' more than ever. It's the best place around these Northern Utah parts.

  27. emily

    adorable. thanks for telling me about this place. mmmmm.

  28. Angie

    Mmm! That looks delish!

  29. amanda

    fro yo rocks! especially when you get to load the toppings on yourself. what a perfect bedtime treat!

  30. tina fey is my home girl! ;) haha, love 30 rock. and i ADORE castle – i'm so into it. nathan fillion has to be one of my favourite actors, his comedic timing is stellar.

    self serve froyo is the very best kind of froyo! mmm mmm mmm.

  31. Erin

    Such a cute picture. Love his facial expression. :)

  32. Love this pic too. Sounds yummy. Where's Kingsley's yogurt?

  33. Ria

    this really applies to your weekend recap things you could have gone with out…

    at least you didn't get two tickets within 15 min of each other!

    it happened to me!

  34. i LOVE self serve fro.yo. the only problem is.. I always pile on way too much and it always costs more than I originally planned.. haha oh well! I'll eat it anyway!


  35. You both look so cute!

  36. I love that self-serve kind of frozen yogurt too! We have a place out here called Yo(gurt) Mama. I LOVE IT. unfortunately, both Yo Mama's reside on the complete opposite end of the island. When we go it is definitely a special special treat.

  37. Shann

    Your life sounds amazing! Self-serve Fro-Yo at bedtime…. YUM!

  38. Love your blog (and your dog and LOST) :)

  39. You look really cute and you make me excited for married life :)

  40. Ooh, frozen yogurt sounds like a must right about now, possibly even with chocolate covered gummy bears?

  41. Ebony

    Aw you guys! So cute! Now I want frozen yoghurt :p

  42. Helen

    i wish we had places like that to get frozzen yoghurt, it's less guilt inducing than ice cream but just as tasty haha

  43. Love the foodie pics!

    p.s. Kingsley is one smart dog!

  44. Rileigh

    my husband and I passed this the other day and I made a mental note to try it the next time we are in the city. Very excited!

  45. Britti

    Oh I really wanna have a day where nothing is happening and i go to bed early. That sounds awesome! And your frozen yogurt looks just delicious!

  46. I love frozen yogurt! Yum :) Cute picture!

  47. lady, your skin looks amazing!!

  48. LOVE frozen yogurt!!

  49. Nichole

    naomi, dogs are so sneaky & smart! our beagle opened our pantry last week & ate a bag of chocolate chips! she's okay, but they're just naughty sometimes!

  50. Amanda

    oh i wish there was a frozen yogurt place in my town! all we had was a tcby…and that closed! sad!

  51. I wish I looked as good as you last thing at night! x

  52. Annie

    wish we had more frozen yogurt places in the uk, its so much nicer than ice cream! there is one place, snog, where you can get epic toppings and a £4 mega smoothie but there's like two in the whole country :(

  53. I love those shows, especially Lost. Also, my husband thinks that V is lame, but I always watch it every week right after Lost. I know the writing isn't as good as Lost, but I still like it.

  54. you guys are hilarious.

    your scarf is superb.

  55. Jacob

    i like just relaxing too;
    lovely photo;
    and josh's face is epic in this.
    I love frozen yogurt :)

  56. Barbara

    Glad to read Kinglsey it's ok!!

    You two are way too cute!!! That yogurt looks super yummy, wish we had something like that around!!!

  57. you've made me want to finally try frozen yoghurt!
    josh looks great in that picture!
    PD x

  58. i also put gummy bears on my ice cream. and marshmallows, can't forget those. :)

  59. Luna

    that looked good. its nice to have nighttime treats once in a while. i'm glad kingsley is ok. maybe you should put away a hidden camera and see if you can catch him in the act of doing some of these things.

  60. Ahhh, I love it. Make the most of it. Those awesome little outings become rare as the babies come!