from 7 weeks to 7 months.

in a few short days, kingsley will be 7 months old.
HOW does he already look like a cranky old man?
and he’s not even full grown!
i thought you might like to reminisce with me for a minute
and look back on when he was just 7 weeks old….
this video was taken the day after we drove
all the way to ohio to pick him up.
{kingsley, 7 weeks old, playing with a pigs ear from the pet store}
he was pretty cute back then, huh.
we’re still smitten today.
we’ve never met an animal
with so much personality.
seriously. we laugh all day long at him.
he certainly does NOT live up to the
“bulldogs are lazy and just sleep all day” myth.
nope. i think our friends the eyre’s put it best
when they said “is he on crack?”
he is one crazy fun pup.
can’t wait to see what he’ll do next!
  1. CBJ

    that was the most adorable thing i've ever seen! i almost called everyone in my office over to my desk to watch it…but they're boring…and doing work, haha.

  2. aww what a cutie!

  3. almalu

    he's just so sweet!

  4. He is just the cutest puppy and most handsome young man!! Too bad we live so far apart, or I could introduce him to my Beula Belle.

  5. Bree

    omgosh that was too cute, I had a smile on my face the whole time haha

  6. Hi Naomi, thanks for sharing such a cute video of Kingsley. Absolutely adorable!

  7. Absolutely adorable. I love how the door keeps throwing him off.

  8. Laura

    Oh my word… I think you've just made me "baby" hungry… !?

  9. everytime I see a post with your sweet dog-It makes me want one of my own.

    I can't even imagine what this blog is going to look like once you guys have a baby! I feel like that's all i ever talk about- my baby!


  10. Oh, he is so precious. I know you love him! I have learned that it's pretty much impossible to become one the dreaded "dog people" when you have an adorable dog. They really do become a part of your family!

  11. OK, just watched the video at work and sat here trying to silent giggle the entire time. not an easy task i might add.

  12. Rhianne

    its gone so fast :) such an adorable video.

  13. awww. I love puppies. Why do they have to grow up?

  14. cuteness overload! that video was adorable!

  15. absolutely darling! he is so funny!

  16. Kate

    Can't say it enough…he is so adorable! :0)

  17. Tara

    That video is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen! He is adorable!

  18. junebug

    Seriously the cutest video ever. Happy almost-7-month anniversary, Kingsley!

  19. carly

    my favorite "puppy stage" is when they don't walk, they hop!

  20. lynette

    what a doll!!!

  21. B

    I can't believe he's only 7 months old. He's pretty big already.

    Must say, I have never seen a bulldog puppy but he is so adorable in that video! A little ball of wrinkles :)

    B from A plus B

  22. lryn03

    Adorable!!! He could probably swallow a pig's ear whole now lol. Do you mind me asking if you got him from a breeder in Ohio and if so what's the name?? We've been on the hunt for an English or a French but its tough in the city… we're willing to drive wherever. Thanks for the help! And kiss that nugget for me please!

  23. Rachel

    seriously. your dog makes me way too happy :)

  24. That was absolutely adorable!

  25. Beau

    aww!!! hahah, i love the beginning when he runs away, slightly resembling a seal :D

  26. that video is darling!!!

  27. i love that video so much!! i want to snuggle him so bad. you're so lucky!

  28. Katie

    HILARIOUS video! he is so cute and so new to the world. love it!

  29. that video made my day! what a cute little guy (and a handsome young man)!

  30. haha he's all trying to lug around all those rolls, he's a crack up! how fun :)


  31. gosh, if you say your smitten with him i don't know what i am. he is way too cute!

  32. Brooke

    We have a bulldog too, and it is so true what you said, they keep you laughing all day long! That video is exactly like ours too haha. They are such weird, hilarious dogs. You gotta love em!

  33. t.

    that is the cutest video i've seen in a while! now i wish i'd taken more videos of my dog when he was a new puppy.

  34. Beso

    Oh…so cute and precious! Enjoy and perhaps he's a bulldog on "crack" because he loves his owners to death. Just a thought. Thanks for the post.

    Dana @ The Beso Team

  35. Becky

    He is adorable, love the video!

  36. Tori

    that video made me squeal! i can't believe how little and floppy and wrinkly he was!!

  37. Ohh my god! Lofl! He was too cute! The part at the beginning, when goes to inspect the foot, then half runs, half hops out the door…I died.

    Moon Face

  38. Helen

    ahh that video is the cutest! his big paws!! awww

  39. awww, that video makes me beyond happy. so cute!

  40. Kez*

    he's so cute xx

  41. Bridget

    that video is so cute i can't even watch it. but i did. once.

  42. Amanda

    i can't wait until I get my bully pup.
    i love your Kingsley posts.

  43. AWWWWWWWW. He's a little cutie! <3 I wanna cuddle him and smoosh his belly :) x

  44. Too cute!!

  45. So cute! I've loved watching him grow up on your blog. Makes me want a dog so so bad!

    P.S.) I do believe Kingsley is winking at us in that first picture. ;)

  46. logan

    Puppy Kingsly is such a funny guy. He's grown up so fast!

  47. Jacob

    where does the time go!
    Kingsley is absolutely adorable!

  48. He's so sweet!! What an adorable little bullpuppy. All my predispositions of french bulldogs have flown out the window since you've begun posting Kingsley's little stories. <3 Love him!

  49. Shelley

    that is just about one of the cutest puppy videos i have ever seen!!!

  50. Angela

    what a little cutie!! It's amazing how fast they grow…

  51. I am dead. Killed by cuteness.

  52. cutest. thing. ever!

  53. oh my gosh, cutest video EVER!

  54. hahaha he is so adorable! My puppy will be a year old next month! Time goes by so fast and I wish he was still a little pup sometimes (although, I do like the fact that he is potty trained now…)

  55. This lil' video kills me!

  56. I've got a 7-year-old Shiba Inu we call Kosmo and he still is like a puppy in so many ways! Oh, he loves his naps, don't get me wrong, but when he's ready to spazz out you gotta be ready to give him the stage.

  57. It's hard to imagine life BEFORE the dog, isn't it? Soooooo much better with puppy paws around:)

  58. Kristyn

    LOVE your bulldog! Thanks for sharing! That definitely brought a huge smile to my face!!

  59. Colleen

    Such an adorable video! Thank for sharing.

  60. Ah! he is so freaking cute. What a little thing he was, he makes me want a bulldog!

  61. I used to think bull dogs were the ugliest, most slobbery pets and my boyfriend loves them, but after seeing so many pictures of Kingsley I notice bull dogs everywhere! I'm becoming very enamored with them!

    xo, kristin

  62. Nikki

    Omg he is the cutest! Love him


  63. Emily

    That's exactly how my in-law's bulldog is…a nut! He's I think 3 years old and he won't settle down. But aren't they cute? It looks like Kingsley goes on many more walks than their Gus, so I'm sure he'll settle down some more.

    Thanks for sharing!

  64. He is just too cute! Our Bailey used to play like that when she was a puppy. Puppies are so fun.

  65. that video is beyond cute!! xxx

  66. jasmine

    that video is precious. i love how silent he is while he's playing. it's hilarious!

  67. What a little snuffle pup Kingsley was! He's a little bigger now, but I'm sure just as much fun!

  68. your blog has made me want to start my future family with an english bull dog!

  69. Oh I love the little puppy gallup/hop. He was so teeny!

  70. eek…that video is so adorable. he seems like an awesome pup :)

  71. omgosh! love him. He is the cutest ever!!

  72. Luna

    aww. how cute. i love puppies. gotta love kingsley too.

  73. Alexia

    We are thinking about getting a puppy around 7 weeks! How did you deal with the chewing and the teething? Did Kingsley chew up a bunch of stuff? I'm trying to figure out what to expect!
    I love him, he's so cute!

  74. alexia,

    yes, kingsley went through a chewing stage while teething. we used that "bitter apple" spray on our furniture but to be honest, it didn't work so well. luckily, he's stopped chewing most of our nice stuff since he's done teething. the best thing i'd say to do is offer him a chew toy whenever he begins to chew on something he shouldn't. we always had plenty of chew toys around…. it helped a bit.

    good luck!

  75. Marie

    i heart kingsley! omg, he's the best. my heart just melted. that's the cutest video ever

  76. Brit

    Cuteness! :)

  77. How sweet!!
    This reminds me of how our dog used to play with a grape as if it was alive! Pups are great! :)

  78. Amy

    I should really have left a comment way sooner than now about Kingsley. My husband and I got an english bulldog at exactly the same time that you got Kingsley and I always show my husband your blog and we love to follow what's going on with Kingsley!
    Our pup, Ralphie, will be 7 months in a few days too. I look forward to reading more blog posts, especially about Kingsley, so we can compare his progress to our little pup!! :)