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here’s the thing. i LOVE food.
but i really don’t like cooking.
i pretend i do sometimes…. because i feel like i’m supposed to.
but honestly, if it doesn’t have less than 5 ingredients
or i can’t throw it all in the crock pot, i don’t cook it.
also, i like a lot of crappy food and i eat a lot of crappy food too.
i used to be embarrassed by this, but i just don’t care anymore.
i like pop tarts and oreos a whole lot…
and i’ve stopped hiding them shamefully under the vegetables
in my grocery cart.
so yes, i guess i have a crush on processed foods.
however, i’ve taken on a new love for food blogs.
like, the good kind of food blogs.
with real recipes and healthy meals and all of it…
they have inspired me.
and i want to eat better. and cook more. and not let things go bad in my fridge.
also, it’s about time i actually use that kitchen-aid
for something other than baking chocolate chip cookies.
i guess falling in love with a few food blogs is a start…right?
the food and recipe blogs that have changed me….
do you have any favorites? what about favorite recipes? wanna share?
image via seven spoons.
  1. thank you everyone for sharing all these awesome links! i know what will take up most of my weekend morning now…. going through them! hooray!


  2. Sarah

    I love the Zupas blog, Pioneer Woman, Smitten Kitchen, and David Lebovitz's blog. They've all got a different approach and style, and I like it because it keeps me supplied with fresh ideas from different perspectives.

  3. Rachel

    I like this one because they have picture tutorials on every recipe. This way, from step to step, I don't have to wonder if I'm doing it right!

  4. Sarah

    Oh, and one of my favorite recipes is Truffled Orzo with Aspragus from a recent InStyle magazine (totally unexpected, but I tore it out because it sounded good–and it was diviiiiine.)
    I just looked on their website and couldn't find it posted, but you can find the recipe here:

    Also, I really love this Moroccan Chicken Stew recipe–I had a dinner party and every single person who came loved this:,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,2/Itemid,26/


    i am obsessed with both of these. foodgawker is a giant collection of recipes from food blogs, and honestfare has a bunch of really great and organic recipes.

  6. Angela

    I'm sure it's been mentioned already, but check out Smitten Kitchen's blog!! Such amazing recipes…

  7. good for you!

    i love food too, and not in a healthy way…


  8. liz

    you should check out it centralizes all the food blogs into one blog! They crop and frame the pictures where everything looks delicious.

  9. man! i mean i am in shape and all but i definitely can't eat like you do and still look decent! haha. kudos to you. maybe i should be a dancer!

  10. Juliana

    Hi! You should check out our blog!! Its a combinations blog with my two sisters. We have dedicated ourselves to cooking every recipe in a book purchased by the other sister within the year. So there a lot of yummy food conversations going on. Also we have made a vow to purchase nothing new in 2010. So we talk about all of our thrifting finds…check us out!!

  11. J&J

    Speaking of food, if you only had one night in NYC with 7 of your closest girlfriends, where would you go to dinner?

  12. Bridget

    shutterbean is pretty great.

  13. Jacob

    yum! I love processed foods too! :( I need to eat healthier… way healthier b/c I need to lose some MAJOR weight

  14. i just told my husband the other day that within a month i want to cook him a brand-new-never-would-have-thunk-i-could-make-it 4 course meal. he gave me a huge hug & lit up like a Christmas tree. that's what is making me become a better cook. well, and my nugget (son)

    best of luck to you! xx

  15. AmyK

    Most of my faves have already been listed, but I looove Homesick Texan. Her foods make me drool. I can't make most of it, but geeze it looks amazing.

  16. I know heaps of others have mentioned this but Smitten Kitchen rocks big time. Go there now!

  17. This post made me laugh – I still hide my processed food purchases in my grocery basket. And also do not share with my coworkers what I have for dinner most nights. But your post has given me courage :) To not care, and to learn to love to cook! I now love 'mrs. harding cooks'. Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. I could eat that picture.

  19. Ooh yummy! I love my tarlette too! As well as following and hope you will too!

    Also Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazines and cookbooks are seriously amazlingly tastey and have very few ingredients!

    Thanks for posting this topic since I'm getting so many different ideas from everyone :)

  20. bell

    I love The Pioneer Woman. She has great pics. sooo mouthwatering.
    I also love Donna Hay. She doesn't have a blog, but she has some of her recipes on her web page. Her magazine is awesome.

  21. I love food, and I love food blogs where I get to see all the pretty pictures. I actually manage a post about my cooking/baking from time to time, in addition to my fashion stuff.

    I used to hate cooking, and was quite honestly awful at it, but I got better over time and now don't even use recipes all that often. You may grow to love it – or maybe not, which is totally fine, too!

  22. Karen

    These all look like amazing blogs!! Thanks for sharing- can't wait to get my chef on :)

  23. i hope you'll come to sometime. i think you'd love it. simple recipes, but so delish.

    much love.

  24. Monika

    I didn't read all the comments before I wrote this one, but my favorite is Tastespotting. Just a collection of food recipes from various websites.

  25. Angie

    I LOVE food blogs! I moved out recently with my boyfriend so I now cook practically every night. I live finding recipes that use everyday food items where I don't have to spend a ton of money on one thing and then never use it again. I'm posting recipes that I find and try on my blog. You should too!

    Here's my favorite website/blog:

    If you look through their entries they offer tons of great tips too!

    Good luck in your cooking adventure!

  26. Ferni

    I fell in love with food blogs as well. I even started my own but then quit because its a looooot of work and its so time consuming. And then I kinda realized I didn't like cooking as much as I thought I did. lol Here are some AWESOME ones tho…
    -she is making her own desserts book because she is so awesomely creative. She even got to go on Martha Stewarts show! is run by two mommies and its a great blog for simple, easy to make but delicious food.
    -she's a photographer and her pictures are awesome. Everything looks mouthwatering and I want to eat it! Even though I've never even had most of the stuff she features. is very good too. He posts like every day I don't know how he does it!

    I hope you check those out I don't think they'll disappoint!

  27. Sini

    I love cooking and eating too! Cookng blogs are such an inspiration, for me mostly for taking photographs. I have tricky question, how you can look sooo amazing if you eat much fast food? :P Feels like if I eat one hamburger, it goes immediately to my hips ;) and I love burgers <3

  28. Renée

    I also hate cooking, but I love to eat delicious food…
    Thanks for sharing those blogs, may be they give me some inspiration and change my mind about cooking!

  29. Lydia

    my favorite place to get recipes is

    i can spend lots of time just browsing through all the delicious dishes.

  30. Ivy

    I am the same way Naomi! I like to pretend that I like to cook because I feel like I'm supposed to. When really, I don't like it all that much.
    But, I do love a good food blog! I work for a magazine and Helene from My Tartlette shoots for us – she's amazing!
    Other food blogs that I like are:

    Sweet Paul
    101 Cookbooks
    Bake or Break

    Happy Thursday!

  31. Jessica

    I love Smitten Kitchen!

  32. I like to keep a food section in my blog because I am obsessed with all things food. It's been a little lacking lately but hopefully I can get it together soon :)


  33. Caty

    Taza, do you have a button I can put on my blog?

  34. I love food too. good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, fast, slow, medium. I love it all. :)

  35. Oh man, I love food. I'm one of those people that will go to a meeting, function or celebration just for the food. It's awful!!! But I love to cook too and I always find some delicous dish on The Pioneer Woman's blog. She is AWESOME!!!

  36. Aly

    you just summed me up exactly! weird.

    only cook in a crock pot
    nothing more then 5 ingredients
    and only use my kitchen aid to bake cookies!

  37. you might enjoy mine :)

    i absolutely love cooking and eating + I love poptarts and slurpees too! You can have it at all and it's perfectly ok to only use the kitchen-aid for chocolate chip cookies :)

  38. Michela

    Smitten Kitchen is a must. Deb is witty, honest, and brave in the kitchen! She has a recipe for everything imaginable and her archive is wonderfully organized. She will definitely be your new favorite.

  39. again, thanks everyone! hope all these links come in handy for the rest of you as well. can't wait to start checking them out this weekend.

    and caty, i actually do not have a button for my blog.


  40. i'm with you on the not being a natural at cooking and hating recipes with more than 5 ingredients. i'm learning to love one-pan meals with pasta, veggies or quinoa.

    i make a batch of quinoa, throw in whatever i have in the fridge (bell pepper, black beans, canned corn, spinach, cheese, pine nuts, etc) and eat it like a scramble. or i make pasta salads with whatever is laying around. easy, peasey!

  41. Tiffany

    I just wanted to say that I can totally relate to everything you were saying about cooking and processed food, lol. My hubby is a vegetarian but I'm not and he's always on me to eat healthy and cook more. But alas, I am what I am!

  42. Is it lame to plug my own? I was inspired by all the amazing blogs out there, and loved your quest for the best burgers and fries out there… and started my own San Francisco food blog. You can check it out here:

    hope you like!

  43. Luna

    good for you. cooking your own meal is always so much better than buying crap and eating it. we all like junk food but too much of it isnt good. i also like food blogs too. i love food also and cooking.

  44. I have a food blog! Check me out if you want :) I also write about fashion/clothes…and my dogs of course!

    xox Jen

  45. Kayla

    I'm helping my mom start one now!! She's been a caterer for a long time and is now sharing her tips and tricks with the blog world. Check it out.

  46. Midori!!! close up pictures of yummy goodness!

  47. – her name is luisa and she just moved from new york to berlin.

  48. Aron

    I'm sure you've seen it, but I think Smitten Kitchen and Sunday Suppers are exceptional. My weekend post on Friday was inspired by their style.

  49. Peabody

    Well, I run a food blog (baking) and you can click on my links section to see all the food blogs that I love.
    One that I absolutely adore that hasn't been mentioned is Use Real Butter.

  50. Alicia

    I have a food blog (, and I get a lot of my inspiration from (AMAZING) and from Deborah Madison's cookbook, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (and I actually just did a spotlight on her on my blog!

    If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know!

  51. Alicia

    I also just checked out the links you have posted to other sites on this post and I love them! Thanks for expanding my blogging recipe book. =)

  52. Big Girls, Small Kitchen has the cutest stories behind all their recipes, and I've made a ton of stuff from them. They cook on a budget and in, well, small kitchens, so it's usually really accessible.

  53. Inbal

    hi, try this blog:
    although it's in Hebrew the pictures are just beautiful!!!
    i know you will appreciate it.

  54. I'm the same way — let food spoil in my fridge, just because I don't know what to do with it.

    We're doing a series over at right now where every Friday, we post something really simple about food. I mean, who knew there were so many varieties of butter? No wonder I bought the same kind week after week. I didn't know what was the difference with the 29895 choices on the shelf. Or, admission, I had never had Brussel Sprouts before, because I didn't know how to prepare them. So as we learn, we're posting.

    Here are a few so far:

    Butter –

    Sweet Potatoes –

    Dandelion Salad (I just LOVE that they are edible!) –

    Crab –

    Pecan Cake –

    Meatloaf –

    Lentil Soup –

    Brussels Sprouts –

  55. I'm the same way — let food spoil in my fridge, just because I don't know what to do with it.

    We're doing a series over at right now where every Friday, we post something really simple about food. I mean, who knew there were so many varieties of butter? No wonder I bought the same kind week after week. I didn't know what was the difference with the 29895 choices on the shelf. Or, admission, I had never had Brussel Sprouts before, because I didn't know how to prepare them. So as we learn, we're posting.

    Here are a few so far:

    Butter –

    Sweet Potatoes –

    Dandelion Salad (I just LOVE that they are edible!) –

    Crab –

    Pecan Cake –

    Meatloaf –

    Lentil Soup –

    Brussels Sprouts –

  56. I use to live in DC and absolutely loved eating at 'Good Stuff'. I love burgers, they are my favourite food group, so i assume we have similar taste in food. Hence my recommendations….

    Whilst I'm not too familiar with good food blogs. I love cook books and 'Cook in Boots' by Ravinder Bhogal is amazing.

    She's this gorgeous young British girl who won a competition run by Gordon Ramsay.

    She is a self confessed 'greedy girl about town' and all her recipes are really easy and super tasty. I love her banana buttermilk pancakes and the ploughman's pasties. Plus she makes and Oreo Cheesecake that I have a cheeky feeling you may like?

    I also love 'Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights'. Sophie Dahl has this way with her recipes that make you feel as though you are being hugged from the inside when you consume them.

    I'm sorry they are not blogs. But I love them anyway and wanted to share them with you.

    Happy cooking, I hope that these books inspire you.

  57. Joy

    thanks naomi for the sweet shout out! ;)

  58. abs

    101 cookbooks for sure.

  59. Ebony

    Just wanted to comment and say thanks to everyone who suggested a site here. I have many more added to my favourites bar now and will have to get onto wittling them down :D

    Goodluck with your cooking adventures Taza!

  60. ariel

    I'm not sure if you've seen this but I think you'd really enjoy it:
    They take fast food and turn it into something a little more. Enjoy!

  61. I love and! Food blogs are so fun!