date night.

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dear husband,

on monday night, you took me out for burgers at five guys even though you don’t like that place very much. you were the one who even suggested five guys. i thought that was very thoughtful, since you know i have loved that place for years and crave it often. then we went to see date night (the movie) and you tried to tickle me as i cried from laughter. we drove home with the top down and repeated funny movie lines until we were crying again from laughing so hard. we got home and walked kingsley around the neighborhood while no one was out. it was dark and quiet and all we could hear was kingsley’s heavy breathing and snorts as he jogged ahead of us chasing leaves and rocks and who knows what. i started to complain about how nervous and stressed i felt about my big tuesday morning meeting which would be happening in just a few short hours, but you held my hand and whispered in my ear. i loved everything about this night and hope to remember it forever.
i love you.

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