craving a road trip.

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we took this photo in arizona last spring on our cross country road trip.
this is just hours before we ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere
in flagstaff arizona around midnight. yes, midnight.
i don’t want to talk about.
but i do desperately want to pack up the beetle
with a picnic and some sleeping bags and just drive off for the weekend
with my husband and bulldog (and a watchful eye on our gas tank)…
maybe we’ll be adventurous this summer and do just that.
where is your favorite place to go on a road trip?
  1. I loove road trips! Me and my soon-to-be-husband are going on a road trip for our honeymoon.

    My favorite road trip destination is British Columbia!

    or from Texas to California.

    SO FUN!

    Talia Christine

  2. This photo is beautiful.

  3. I once took a great road trip through the South. We left from D.C. and then hit Virginia, NC, SC, Georgia and Alabama. I had never been further South than NC before that (well, Miami, but that doesn't really count as the South), and we had an amazing time. The food was delicious and the people were so friendly. It shattered all of the stereotypes. Well… most of them.

  4. this picture is beautiful. isn't so amazing to travel with someone you love so much? :)

  5. Caty

    Texas! I live in Missouri and all of my mom's family lives in Texas. We love to go on road trips and visit their ranches and farms. Real cowboys do still exist! :)

  6. Oooh, I think a road trip through the south sounds dreamy! Since I grew up on the West, I've always loved a good road trip to the California coast. You can drive along the coastal highways the entire time and it's just beautiful.

  7. Flora

    I wrote a long response and it disappeared. Anyway, I suggested carrying around the "1001 Places to See in the US & Canada Before You Die." I keep it in my car and if we're near any of the places in the book we try to check them out.

    And as a Californian, I must recommend driving down the Pacific Coast Highway. It is beautiful all year and there's tons to see and do!


  8. Aura

    My husband and I take a lot of little roadtrips. We live in the middle of Oklahoma, so they're always to watering holes, and out in the country for a day. This Summer we're road-tripping to Colorado for a hiking/camping trip. It will be our third Summer in a row to do it, and it's become one of our favorite spots.

  9. Arizona/TX is actually our favorite place too! It's where my husband and I fell in love (the entirety of I-10) :)

  10. Starting in LA and going along the Pacific Coast. So lovely!

  11. DC to Disney World! Can't beat the South of the Border billboards :)

  12. Greta

    We had our engagement celebration as a cross country road trip. My then-fiance got me from NYC and we drove to his home town – Santa Monica, CA. The biggest impression was arriving to Mexican Hat, UT at the sunset hour. It was breathtaking, like landing on another planet, so next (last) summer we took a road trip to Salt Lake City to see more of that beautiful state.
    Also, Kansas City was (surprisingly) very interesting!

  13. you and josh always have time to do everything you want.
    it's amazing.

  14. we lived in ohio so we would road trip to nyc or washington dc, but that is where you are! how about driving to Maine!? that would be a gorgeous trip

  15. emily

    road trips are fantastic. ben and i have been talking about going to charleston, sc or to tennessee. both seem far but fun. i hope you get to go on a good road trip this summer though. they seem to cure woes and wiggles :)

  16. Cas

    Great Smoky Mountain National Park Roadtrip:
    Hit up Memphis.
    (Graceland of course.)
    Stop in Nashville.
    (Pancake Pantry a must.)
    Then camping at Cades Cove.
    (3 mile hike to a waterfall, where you can picnic and swim. Lovely.)

  17. Driggs Idaho. Hike the Tetons. Amazing.

  18. Corrie

    My friends and I took a spring break roadtrip from Philadelphia to Austin, Texas stopping in Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Dallas and finally Austin. It was amazing!

  19. midway in utah is our little retreat. my friends and i have traveled and cabined there so many times. we looove it.

    also, your last post was so sweet. you look gorgeous too!

  20. Lyndee

    I lived in Flagstaff for a year! I wish you would have known about this stellar underground market they had. They have this burger joint with the best BBQ you've ever tasted.

  21. AmyK

    I've been craving a road trip, too. I'm trying to convince hubby to take me on a road trip for my graduation present next month. I want to go on a road trip to Yellowstone.

    Orrrr I'd REALLY like to make a trip down the Pacific coast, starting in Washington and ending in California, and look at all the lighthouses along the way!

  22. I lived in Flagstaff for six years. It's a great place to run out of gas. :) My favorite place to road trip is back home to visit my MOM! That is what I am doing tonight. California here I come.

  23. I'd love to do a cross country roadtrip someday. I just realized we have the same car! Except mine's bright yellow. :]

    You take amazing pics!

  24. my favorite roadtrip was from dallas to san fran, going through flagstaff. so fun and so pretty! but austin is probably my favorite roadtrip destination because there is so much greatness awaiting you when you get there.

  25. $mith

    Susanville, California.

  26. MamaQ

    we loved our road trip up to gettysburg and hershey pa. amish country!

  27. We are taking our first long va ca this summer to Las vegas, lake tahoe, redwoods then up to oregon for a week then back to az…. sooooooo pumped~

  28. assateauge! its a national park/island on the eastern shore with wild horses! you'd have to bring a tent though and be ready to hike!

  29. EVA

    ran out of gas there at night? that's a horror movie waiting to happen.

  30. That photo DOES make me want to road-trip it all over the USA!

  31. Jacob

    i have never been on a road trip. I go to several states and i have been to other countries. But, I have a set destination (like a cabin in the mountains) or I fly to the abroad country. I bet that it would be fun though, as long as you could find nice hotels :) (with air conditioning)

  32. the northwest has the prettiest beaches in the U.S.

    thats where we like to go.

    But I would like to go yellowstone. It's only 3 hours away from me and I havent been there in years. Decades, even.

  33. Liz V.

    the best roadtrip i have ever been on was to prince edward island in canada!! i love roadtrips. so incredibly much.

  34. I love a good road trip! Since I have a long distance boyfriend I practically live in my car. I've always wanted to go cross country but haven't found the travel buddy yet. In time I'm hoping to live out my Kerouac dreams!

  35. ellen

    all over new england.

  36. i'm taking a road trip to utah this summer for a dear friend's wedding and i'm STOKED! :) i can't wait, it's going to be a blast!

    that photo is fantastic.

  37. definitely san francisco to seattle, so many beautiful west coast places, actually bryce canyon to yellowstone may tie for first :)

    non-us trips: Berlin to Munich was amazing and I've always dreamed of driving from Paris to the south of France

  38. san diegoooooo!

  39. THE SOUTH!!!! It is so beautiful in the summer, so lush. Be prepared to keep the AC on High though bc of the humidity :)

  40. I hate that long stretch outside of Flagstaff.. I was terrified I was going to run out of gas. Very cool picture.

  41. Shauna

    ooo i just love roadtrips.
    my family and i did a roadtrip across canada which was awesome. it was so beautiful!
    but i really loved roadtripping it down to arizona and utah and many states around. i also loved new england and the south.
    to say my favourite! it would have to be new england. that is just beautiful country!

  42. Maddy

    I love going on road trips to my boyfriend's hometown of Clearwater, Fl. Although it's only 4 hours away we get to drive through the neatest little towns! I haven't been on a road trip outside of Florida in years… we might take one up to DC soon though :D

  43. The South and North West, for sure. My partner and I took 3 weeks to go from Dallas to LA, with Salt Lake in the middle- my cousin works at a piercing/tattoo parlor there. We visited Mesa Verde and Grand Canyon national park, the hot springs in Utah, Santa Fe, and Vegas before ending up in Hollywood. He then took the train home to Dallas so I could work on my thesis, and we met up in Seattle three weeks later. I took Amtrak from LA to Seattle- it's on the ground, so it counts under "road trips" I think :) Best train ride I've ever had. Then, once we were back in LA, we went LA to Dallas with a stop in Phoenix to see a friend. It was epic, and it was awesome. I hope you get to sneak away for one!

  44. Last summer we took a little trip to Cooperstown, NY. It was a beautiful drive and it's such a darling little town. This summer we're road trippin' to Savannah, GA (:

  45. my favourite roadtrips are the ones where you don't take a single main highway or toll road, you don't plan a single tourist attaction stop, and you don't have any money (well, only enough to eat and fill up with gas;). DC, California, Utah, Montreal, NYC, upstate New York, North Carolina, Calgary to Toronto, Virginia, even Boise Idaho! my most loved memories and friends come from these trips, and they are worth way more than the touristy pictures and/or souvenirs…ps. beautiful picture!

  46. mina

    road trips are really the best. running out of gas at midnight does not sound fun though. my husband and i are planning on driving across the u.s and canada!

  47. We just drove 18 hours for our new summer jobs. I'm going to admit that I'm not a huge fan of driving, but I do love the chats with my mister+ snack food. :)

  48. I love driving up to the Monterey Bay area but I also really want to do a cross-country roadtrip.

  49. mmmmmm road trips. i love road trips, especially with my honey. right now i think our fave place to road trip to is home. there's about 8 hrs between new orleans (where we currently live) and san antonio (our hometown). i thoroughly enjoy those hours on the road w/my honey and my pup.

    for easter weekend we did a quick 4 hour road trip to a beach in alabama. that was a lot of fun! we drove through a gorgeous rural area to get to the beach from 90E. you really have to love road tripping through the south…

  50. I adore road trips. I'm fortunate enough to live in South Florida, which means my boyf and I get to take road trips up to Orlando all the time. I can't wait to take a road trip this summer when the Harry Potter section opens in Islands of Adventure!!! :-D

  51. CAPow!

    we went on a road trip to florida, new orleans, and memphis this past fall. I want to do it again!!

    (and we were THISCLOSE to running out of gass in the middle-of-nowhere louisiana bayou. No fun! Running out of gas is my WORST NIGHTMARE!)

  52. Micaela

    me & my fiance took a roadtrip from my texas to virginia last summer when he took me home to meet his parents. He surprised me with a stop at GRACELAND and it was the BEST surprises of my life! ha

    because he knows how much i love elvis, thanks to my sweet Mom who passed on the love of the KING to me. In fact, when i made my big move to VA to be with my brand new fiance, she gave me her VHS elvis collection ;)

    i know VHS are not the norm these days, but these set of VHS's i just know i'll always treasure…

    and perhaps someday pass it on to my little girl.


  53. I love road trips! I'm game for anywhere my car decides to take us! :).

  54. Krista

    my favorite roadtrip was up through seattle, then oregon, and ending up in Vancouver canada. so fun and so pretty

  55. Jamie

    Come to Montana and drive over the Beartooth Highway and Yellowstone Park! We'll give you a cowboy bonfire on the banks of the Yellowstone River at our ranch, and even give you directions (and maybe the use of our shower;))to the Billings Temple!

  56. Jamie

    PS: here's another: Columbia River Gorge!

  57. HANDS DOWN the California Coast. You get a little bit of everything.

  58. Texas or Cali OR Oregon Coast!

  59. Megan

    I would recommend driving up to Niagara Falls and enjoy the beauty of the falls from the Maid Of The Mist.

  60. Bri

    oh noo you ran out of gas?!

    my favorite road trip is the one I went on for my honeymoon last july. we drove from LA area through nevada, arizona, utah, idaho, and montana. It was amazing, very scenic and free.

    My crazy story is that on our way home we left late at night, driving through wyoming and ended up hitting a deer and flipping/totaling our car =/

    so night driving is a no no now… aha

  61. Renée

    I want to make an European road trip!

  62. My boyfriend and I are planning on taking a road trip this summer to the U.S. Open in NY! — from CA! Stops include: the Grand Canyon, Montana to visit friends, Boston to visit friends, Florida, and Las Vegas (and maybe DC! Heehee).

  63. I've never really been on a road-trip before, but this summer my two best friends are graduating Uni while I am left here for another semester, so this summer one of them and I are road-tripping from ny to Halifax where the other lives…I can't wait!!!
    (And now that you said that, I will keep an eye on the gas) :)

  64. I did route 1 once…it was amazing. But the trips ( I lived in Boston) up to Vermont through Massachutes to ski were excellent as well. Or going around Massachutes in fall…beautifull…

  65. Luna

    i have been craving for a road trip too. i would like to go camping. thats what i want for a road trip.

  66. i'm craving one like mad. that is an amazing picture!

  67. JenRem

    What an amazing and perfect photot. Great capture Naomi! :)
    I desperately want to go on a road trip as well. I need a vacation and nothing is better than a road trip :)
    Have a great weekend my friend!

  68. I'm going on a road trip with my family this summer. We're heading to Wisconsin then Wymoing, Arizona, Tennessee, and then back to PA! We're going to see things like the Yellowstone Park and the Grand Canyon.

  69. we LOVE roadtrips! my favorite we ever did was on our honeymoon, we drove up the west coast from ventura to san francisco and stopped everywhere we wanted along the way. i think the number one thing in knowing when someone is right for you, is being able to travel together…especially in a car ;)

  70. Oh…so fun.

    From Texas to Oregon. One day, I'll stay there forever and never return to the south. Except to visit, of course.

    I LOVE your blog! The pics and your sweet love story are my favorite. It makes me look forward to being married and all of the sweet (and hard times) that come with it.


  71. as a native californian, i'm a bit biased, and maybe even a bit cliche, but a pacific coast highway road trip, from san diego to the redwood forest, (complete with a stop in SF, of course!) is absolutely magical. couldn't ask for a prettier drive. (chanting do it, do it! :) )

  72. i just moved to Mason, OH, near Cincinnati, and LOVE it! It's so old town and very green and beautiful!

  73. koko

    Hi Taza! San Francisco…= ) & if you all do my 2 girls (4 legged babies) would love to meet Kingsley for a play date.

    [email protected]

  74. Cathi

    We drove from Palm Beach Florida to Southern California. Two and a half months. It was fabulous! We drove up the east coast to DC and into upper NY. We zig zagged across the upper states visiting Church historical sites to Nebraska. We had plans of heading north into Canada from Montana and coming down the pacific coast. Instead we drove to Carlsbad Caverns NM to meet our DIL and grandchildren. Besides Nauvoo our favorite part of the road trip was the outer banks. Have fun!!

  75. You and I drive the same exact car :)
    I have been wanting to do a roadtrip up the California coast. I hear the scenery is breathtaking!

  76. heather

    ahhh that is a GORGEOUS picture! (and that story sounds crazy/scary?) i'm dying to do a road trip up (or down) the pacific highway, along the california coast. & now that i live in davis (northern california) & my home is in southern california, i really have no excuse!

  77. I've done quite a lot of cross-country driving, and it's my biggest fear to run out of gas somewhere. When the gas light turns on, I freak out and have to go get some. My friends have learned not to tell me if it goes on while they're driving because they know I'll panic.

    That photograph is beautiful, though.

  78. Mara

    this is such a great picture. I love the lighting. I think you two should do an east coast road trip..see New England Sea Board and then go down visiting your sisters in Florida!

  79. Cape Cod! And then up to Bar Harbor, Maine! So much to see (and so much good food on the way!)

  80. I've always wanted to do a roadtrip and I think me and my husband are soon in that point where we just want to take off and leave. Of course we got our kittens that would also need to come with us, but that's a whole another story…

  81. What a wonderful picture and fun blog!!!

    I will be road tripping from LA to NYC and leave at the end of May…so prepping time is just around the corner! :)

    Liesl :)

  82. G

    i'm sorry that you ran out of gas. that's a bummer. however, you have this wonderful photo to make you happy. beautiful sunflare. absolutely gorgeous.