candi’s candies.

oh my. how did i not know about this place sooner?
salt water taffy lovers (or any candy lovers for that matter),
there is a place in oldtown where there are buckets of taffy.
BUCKETS i tell you.
we stopped by candi’s candies with my sisters
on saturday afternoon and stocked up on our salt water taffy supply.
it’s been a good past couple of days.
cause we’re on a sugar high.
oh yeah.
  1. candy haven! awesome! me want some. :P

  2. I love the idea of just picking the flavors you like (and not putting up with the grody ones!)

  3. yum! i love taffy and candy barns!

  4. molly

    Every year growing up we would go to the State Fair of Texas and come home with a big box of salt water taffy.

    I'm pregnant and am now officially craving taffy!! Want to send some in the mail? haha!

  5. I love salt water taffy! I had all different flavors of it on a candy table at my wedding. I think I could eat myself sick with it. Maybe I do everytime I have it…

  6. I'm totally obsessed with salt water taffy, especially since Trader Joe's just started selling it! It's dangerous . . . I've already eaten two bags this week. :(

  7. Cathi

    I love salt water taffy! The only place I know to buy it near us is Disneyland. I've got to get myself to Candi's!!

  8. Amber

    I love the picture quality! Mmmmm, I love this stuff.

  9. Cute pics!!!! Taffy = celestial. Good find

  10. jill

    I LOVE this place! The sweet gal who runs the register gave us so much free candy I had to leave it at the hotel because it made my bags to heavy for the airplane! SO much fun!

  11. that looks like so much fun….

    now i want candy!

  12. Oh yeah! Love taffy…don't have them in France….So American!

  13. Flora

    I just ate a bunch of salt water taffy at work today. My fave is the pink kind with the red stripes on the edge. Tastes like cherry I think? Yum.

  14. Angela

    Love it! We have a place in town that makes it fresh everyday, so yum!! Glad you two discovered a great place as well! <3

  15. Rasha

    Yum those look delicious.

  16. amanda

    not a huge salt water taffy lover, but you and josh look totally excited in that picture!

  17. JenRem

    There is this city in Michigan called Frankemuth and there they have lots and lots of sweet water taffy stores. There is one that is wall to wall, floor to ceiling taffy. I scream a little bit out of excitement every time I enter. Amazing. Hope you enjoy all your sweets :)

  18. Maybe you should be a candy photographer because I never crave taffies but I want some after seeing these pictures.

  19. What?! I live 2 miles from Old Town and didn't know about this place! Stopping by today sounds like a really fantastic idea…

  20. Melissa

    Aww, you guys are too cute. Love your blog!

    I also LOVE your jacket in the top photo. Where is it from?

  21. I never get tired of salt water taffy! Delicious

  22. Oh man! I love it…buckets of candy can NEVER be a bad thing.

  23. hanner

    whaaa? i didn't know about it either. looks delicious.

    btw we saw josh walking kingsley yesterday after we had an appt. to see an apartment. he took us on a little tour of the neighborhood. so nice of him!

  24. I love salt water taffy! Next time I'm in DC I have to go. xo

  25. I LoVe salt water taffy – what a fun find for you! And that picture of you guys – C'MON! How adorable is that?!?!?!

  26. we have one of those stores at the sponge docks in tarpon springs, FL. its an awesome place!

  27. Aww we used to have a candy shop exactly like that in Santa Barbara! Barrels of candy…so awesome :)

  28. Mmm I love salt water taffy! We are headed to the beach for the weekend. I will definitely have to grab some.

  29. Katie

    my husband and I are moving to DC soon… can't wait to visit oldtown and give that SW taffy a try!

  30. Yum! This looks great!

  31. Lemon


  32. Mallory

    ah! next time i go visit my friend in dc we'll definitely have to go there. i LOVE taffy & just… candy of all kinds. yum.

  33. Liz V.

    mmm! salt water taffy is the greatest. especially quality salt water taffy.

  34. omg looks amazing!

  35. Spencer

    My friend just bought that sweater at H&M;!!

  36. sonja, that link isn't working for me. not sure which button you are talking about!

    annie, this was my sister's camera. mine was dead. i am not sure which kind it is. sorry :(

    melissa, the jacket is from h&m.;

    thanks everyone!

  37. yum! if you're ever in massachusetts, you should take a trip to the north shore to rockport. they have the most unbelievable salt water taffy!

  38. I might have gotten right on-line and ordered salt water taffy to be delivered to my apartment after reading this post.

    xo, ash

  39. Melissa

    Thanks for letting me know! :)

  40. Jacob

    oh my gosh.
    that place would be heaven for me :)

  41. Barbara

    OMG!!! wish we had something like that nearby!

  42. I love your striped cardigan.

  43. new follower… just had to say i too LURVE candy. just 2 weeks ago we had our wedding recpetion where we had 50lbs of salt water taffy for our candy bar, yummmmmmm. PLUS just picked up a bag of taffy this afternoon on our memorial day stop into town. cheers! or shall i say wrappers! ;) a @

  44. I love that place!!! WHen I first moved to ALexandria I found that place and my son was in candy heaven!!!! Old Town is such a great area too! We were there yesterday, you must try Lavender Moon Cupcakery, Its so good!! Amazing cupcakes, I know the Georgetown cupcake place cant be beat, but we love this place too in old town!!!

  45. Abigail

    Love your style!!! Can we agree that pigtails after the age of 12 is a fashion no-no! Can't get enough!!!!