blue ridge parkway picnic with the family.

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since my dad had to be in nyc for work this week, he made a quick stop to d.c. over the weekend for a visit! we picked him up at the airport on saturday and then drove down to southern virginia to grab the twins and went on a little picnic up the beautiful blue ridge parkway. we missed mom, hannah and isaac, a lot. family picnics aren’t the same without them (mom, we miss the way you make grinders. we were lost without you.) but we certainly had fun with half the family and kingsley loved running free in the mountain. i wish we all lived in the same zip code like the olden days. families are the best.

  1. These pictures are wonderful, it looks like a lot of fun, that picture of you and kingsley is amazing!

  2. oh my gosh those subs are hugeeeee!!!
    such fun partial-family time!

  3. aww! kingsley`s smiling ! so sweet:3

  4. Chaucee

    This is just too cute :D

  5. OMG! Kingsley looks so happy! And so big!

  6. Meg

    All of this looks so yummy!!!

  7. Aura

    You ladies all have the same, beautiful smile. It's very genuine.

  8. That sandwich is so huge t almost looks fake!

  9. this might be my favorite post yet. your hat is beyond cute. i've been wanting one just like it for a while, but they all make me look like a man. also, my obsession with Kingsley is getting a bit dangerous. we have no room for a dog, but that picture of him smiling is making me think that we could make it work.

  10. You girls are absolutely gorgeous and belong in a movie. You all look so much alike. I love it. Looks like the a lovely picnic. your dad is adorable!

  11. heheh!! The picture with the fat puppy is the cuuuuuuuuuuuutest!!


  12. stop it with the smiley kingsley pictures already! holy moly he is too cute.

  13. Colleen

    Kingsely is smiling in the picture with your sis! Too cute.

  14. haha I love the picture of Kingsley with your beautiful sister. hahah hilarious!

  15. Niki

    Looks like a fantastic picnic!
    That sandwich looks delicious!

  16. Sera

    these pictures are so beautiful! looks like so much fun – i want to go on a picnic now!

  17. Kingsley is SO cute, he looks like he's smiling so big. He must be a very happy dog!

    And those subs look AWESOME! Mmm, send one my way!

  18. Jill

    Love that your smile in the picture in the car is the same as in the last post in the picture with your mom!

  19. You girls all look so much alike! Such a pretty family!

  20. Your photos always make me so jealous! x

  21. Family really is the best. and it looks like your's is so much fun!

  22. the picture of your sister holding kingsley is adorable! he is getting so big! i know what you mean, it's hard having family scattered all around! that sandwhich is huge! where did that come from?! and cute outfit, again!

  23. Emma

    Naomi, please do tell where you got that lovely striped top. I would be immensely approeciative!

    That pup of yours is too cute.

  24. A sub sandwich picnic may possibly be the most amazing thing in life… Especially in the form of a family reunion! They look so delicious, I want to go make one right now.

  25. OMG the picture of Kingsley and your sister is TO DIE FOR! Look at how happy he is!!!!

  26. Bridget

    the bread on that hoagie (or grinder or sub) looks so good. i want it now.

  27. omg, that pic of kingsley GRINNING is the best! so so cute! and his little pot belly kills me.

  28. Ali

    Oh my gosh, Kinsley literally looks like he's smiling in that last picture! Come to think of it, he probably is. :)

  29. such fun pics!! i was born and raised in VA…live in Williamsburg now with the parkway right up the road. LOVE seeing familiar territory in your blog :) You are dead on about family though…they are the best!!!

  30. Barbara

    Looks like big fun!!!!! Kingsley smiling is so cute

  31. this is making me want to plan for a picnic of my own, stat! too cute.

  32. Um… Your picnics are oh so much prettier than mine!! I'm jealous! I'm a fan of pb&honey; on nasty white bread, but I may have to go fancy grinder style like you one day soon!!

  33. Alisha

    I LOVE the picture of your sister and Kingsley! They both look so happy!

  34. i lovee your posts. they are always soo incredibly inspiring. and kingsley completely makes me want a bulldog right nowww. soo cute. and your family is remarkably beautiful! =]

  35. Angela

    Yay for family time!! I love my family… I wish I could spend more time with them. Hopefully after everyone is out of school for the summer, we'll get to hang out more <3

  36. Emily

    So fun! Gorgeous pics- especially the one w/ your sister and Kingsley!

  37. Alf

    That picture of Kingsley… He is just SO precious. Made me laugh.

  38. Alex

    Oh my gosh I said "AWWWW" outloud at that picture of your sister holding Kingsley. He is smiling and looks so happy!!

  39. Jacob

    awww! I love family too.
    Great write up!

  40. looks like you had fun! that picture of kingsley is amazing! you and your sisters are too cute

  41. the pic with your sis holding kingsley: to die for.

  42. Nicole*

    haha kingsley looks so happy! and i love the pic of you and the sandwich! we go on the blue ridge parkway as a family too for hiking and picnics, but we are in NC!

  43. Looks fun! I have been dying to have a picnic with my family or some friends. i absolutely love what I can see of your skirt! Where did you get it from?

  44. Love, LOVE the photo of Kingsley smiling! Too good.

  45. looks like a ball!! being with family is so wonderful esspc. when they aren't always close by.

  46. whimsy

    soo fun. families are the best. and living in the same zip code is such a dream of mine.

  47. The picture with Kingsley makes me so happy! I can't stop laughing! :) So glad you had such a nice picnic with your family!

  48. Lainey

    That first picture is absolutely adorable. I love your sailor top as well! Where did you get it?

  49. Lanie

    The second to last picture with Kingsley is adorable. He's smiling! :D

  50. kingsley's picture is amazing! love it! He always makes me chuckle ;)

  51. i went to school in buena vista and had a love affair with the blue ridge. jealous!

  52. this looks like such fun, and now i could totally go for a giant sandwich. ;)

  53. Rudi

    GeeeeeHAWWWW!!! That picture of your sis and Kingsley is the CUTEST THING I have ever SEEN!!

    I want a Chunk-Puppy!

    love, rudi

  54. ♥Lola

    Awww Kingsley is adorable, his smile is gorgeous :) That's one happy puppy!

  55. Luna

    lol kingsley is so cute. i love that pic of him being picked up. he looks so happy.

  56. Kate

    Love the pic of your sister and Kingsley…he looks so blissfully happy! :0)

  57. Love your family!!!
    Your pictures are so fun! Loved to see pics of you and your Mom when you were little :)

  58. What wonderful pictures and it looks like everyone was having so much FUN…you can't not smile looking at them! :)

    Liesl :)

  59. Now that looks like a great sandwich!

  60. vuvie

    Hi, I wanna know, how did you manage to scan your instax and still be able to preserve almost everything? I've scanned mine and they look horrid!

  61. Renée

    That picture with Kingsley is so funny haha! Smiling dog ;)

  62. Jay

    Fantastic picture of Kingsley and the twin with the long hair :)

  63. I just LOVE reading your blog, I went through a lot of your old posts yesterday and you reminded me of how great it is to be in love! Thankyou for your sweetness and for this lovley insight into your life! Tigerlilly xoxo

  64. jones

    looks like a perfect afternoon. I have always thought that the blue ridge parkway was one of our country's better ideas ;)

  65. Oh man, that pic of your sister and Kingsley is CUTE.

  66. Wow, your sisters look so much like you! What a fun day. And from that picture it looks like Kingsley was loving all the attention.

  67. L.

    those sandys look amazing! and look how happy Kingsley is!! so cute!

    Betty Noir

  68. cutest twins ever…srsly.

  69. Rhianne

    looks like you had a lovely time, kingsley looks so happy as well :)

  70. that picture of your sister and Kingsley is to TO cute! looks like you all had an amazing time!

  71. Mara

    aw this looks like SO much fun! I want that sandwich!

  72. OH my- Kingsley in that photo is the happiest living thing on the face of the planet! I love him (and your & your blog for sharing him with us!)

  73. aw such a fun thing! I need it to stop being cold in Utah so I can go on a little picnic of my own!

    Kingsley is the world's cutest/happiest dog!

    LOVE IT!

  74. Love the Blue Ridge! I'm so glad your daddy could come for a quick visit– and spend some quality time with his grandpuppy!

  75. you and your sisters all have the same smile! Lovely!

  76. that is the most amazing photo of mommy and doggie!

  77. Theresa

    That is the best picture of Kingsley with your sister! So cute