1. i love that they're in black and white. gorgeous.

  2. I wish I could find swimwear like this too :(

  3. Wow, I never see modesty at the beach like this anymore.
    These pics remind me of the old Gidget movies with Sandra Dee.

  4. Adorable!

  5. I want these swimsuits.

  6. On modcloth.com there are often bathing suits in this style! You MUST check it out, I bet you'll love them! Happy Monday!

  7. Brit

    Me too… Those swimming suits look gorgeous on women with hips… I have no luck finding fitting/flattering swimwear!

  8. I Know!
    Those are just lovely !

  9. Besides the suits, the hats are incredible too!

  10. iiii know exactly what you mean! it is so hard to find a good stylish vintage swimsuit these days, at least that is how i feel!

    these photographs are simply perfection.

  11. I have a handful of vintage suits like this, and am SO excited to wear them this summer. The one-pieces will look darling under skirts too!
    xo chelsea

  12. Love the middle left one.

  13. i'm in love too! thanks for sharing. :)

  14. Those bathing suits are incredible! If only our grandmas had kept all their glamorous one pieces from the 50s . . .

  15. Beth B

    I found a super cute one that's very 50's style at TARGET (believe it or not!) Here's the link:

    I wear mine with the strap around the neck (it looks more 50's that way). :) Here is another awesome site that I absolutely love:


    They have some fantastic pin-up swimsuits as well!

  16. lizzy

    please tell me if you find any.
    it's almost that season and i'm not comfortable in the offerings of most swimware lines.

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  18. beth b,

    so funny! i have that suit in yellow (see in header pic) but i bought it from macy's a few years ago. (what a steal of a price at target. kind of tempted to snag one in the red!)

    thanks for all the swim suit links everyone. excited to check them out!


  19. i adore 50s bathing suits.its definitely on my summer wishlist. =]

  20. R.

    I love all of these! After looking at Anthropologie's and Urban's websites it seems that some of these styles are making somewhat of a comeback. Thank goodness. It's hard enough out there already. Swimsuits don't make it much easier. xo

  21. i look Everywhere for swimwear like this and never have luck. So adorable!!

  22. G

    So fun and playful. Those bathing suits are to die for.

  23. jantzen.com

    I love their swimwear. It's all retro. Cutest 50s style one peices everr :)

  24. Oh yes, these photos are perfection, aren't they?

    Thank you so much for linking back to my blog. I have to say I'm HONOURED. I can't believe that Naomi from the rockstar diaries reads my blog!! Eeek!! You are awesome ^_^


  25. so gorgeous! I love these!

  26. yes, so modest + ladylike!!

  27. Reyna

    Oh my gosh if I could find a swimsuit like that, I would kill! Time to get out the sewing machine! Maybe I'll open an Etsy shop…

  28. Jacob

    this is lovely! I love vintage fashion!

  29. seriously, why can't all bathing suits look like this today?! the whole skimpy bikini thing is so not for me!

  30. Lauren

    Malia Mills makes retro inspired suits for all body types and bra sizes. I think you would love them!


  31. siiiiighh. my absolute favorite types of bathing suits. i think we were meant for a different era!

  32. I love these suits too! I have to brag real quick, my great grandma is Rose Marie Reid…(google her) and she actually "sparked the very idea of beauty in swimwear." That's just my claim to fame. She is a world famous legend. Just FYI! :) She also came up with the idea for two piece garments. Pretty neat!

  33. Brie

    Oh i love that style!

  34. whimsy

    amazing. what style they had.

  35. Birdie

    Thats exactly what ive been trying to find for months now! I rlly want to fing a place that sells good, old, vintage swimsuits!

  36. Eve

    me too.. :)

  37. ahlin

    oh i wish swimsuits were more like this now, like art instead of covering.

  38. carina

    Lovely ladies:-)

  39. {jane}

    my idea…

    YOU should create this swimwear line. i can see it now:

    'rockstar swimwear'

    and really, naomi, how difficult would it be for YOU to market such a thing?!? YOU are adorable, i KNOW there is a designer out there you could work with.

    so, project May 2010, take your BFA, and your cute self and start a swimwear line!

    i will make the first purchase!


  40. wonderful, i want everyone of these swimsuits! and the class this women exude

  41. wow amazing! i'd love a swimsuit like that.

  42. Hello, I've been looking for something similar recently and came across this lovely website: http://www.ForLuna.co.uk They are UK based but their website says they offer international delivery. Lx

  43. b.a.

    sigh…when did it become fashionable to wear less than nothing on the beach? the look so glam. i wish full coverage was the trend of today.

  44. It's so interesting how these swimsuits were considered scandalous compared to the full coverage "bloomer suits" of the previous decades, and now, these are considered "modest" compared to the thong/string bikinis of today :) It's always good to keep a long perspective on cultural judgments of women's bodies and what constitutes "modest". It has changed so much, and so drastically, over time.

  45. Lanie

    I love these swimsuits. I want one so badly! They're elegant AND sexy.

  46. Beny

    The swimwear suits shown in the pics are really beautiful and the pics remind of old movies.I really like these swimsuits.

  47. My Sister Pat ( a designer label of 1950's swimsuits) You need to see! They are adorable