1. beautiful! i think i've fallen with you on this one… you'd think white was boring wouldn't you.. all the furniture being white aswell really works

  2. totally. I so love it too. white is wonderful but white-with-style is so gorgeous. very inpirational. merci so much.

  3. Chloé

    soo pretty! i love white walls… especially with different dimensions and textures…so pretty!

  4. Claire

    Nice, but I like your colorful ones better!

  5. I think I would go crazy!!

  6. white is so pretty and serene and peaceful! but a lot of cleaning, im sure. [naturally, from the mind of a girl who lives with a boy & two little fluffballs.]

  7. I LOVE white cabinetry and furniture – my favorite!

  8. Seyma

    they totally and perfectly fit my taste!! omg, how beautiful that color is……….


  9. If Heaven is this sterile…I don't know that I'm interested.

  10. em

    wow, this is just stunning.

  11. I never thought a white room would be interesting but there are so many dimensions of white in this room, it's stunning!

  12. R.

    I could bake in that kitchen all day! xox

  13. i have three children ages 4 and under. that much white in a home makes me hyperventilate a little! (although i'm thinkin' a little empty nest syndrome would be eased a long a little if i had an awesome white kitchen like that!)

  14. i just reread my comment and realized how many times i said, "a little". ugh. that sort of thing makes me "a little" nuts!

  15. Julia

    i have white walls in my apartment that I'm not allowed to pain. I actually really hate them, but I think in these pictures they look gorgeous! I think if I was able to afford such gorgeous furniture it wouldn't be so awful! I think the floor in these photos is gorgeous too. I wouldn't hate that!

  16. You have good taste! Here in Britain the model Sophie Dahl (Roald Dahl's grand-daughter) has a cookery programme on the BBC called The Delicious Miss Dahl. This is the house used for her set. Here's a link to one of her recipies on You Tube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ak-FbXRAJ8 – I think you'll love it!! I adore Sophie, and the house is stunning. They've dressed it for the TV a bit different, with some green wallpaper, but the kitchen is still beautiful!

  17. bethani

    that would drive me totally.
    like 4 padded walls nuts.

  18. Birdie

    I think white is beautiful. espcially in rooms. but its easy to fall into the white phase and end up making your house look like an insane asylum. trust me, ive been there!
    but with the right furniture white rooms are amazingly beautiful

  19. whimsy

    oooh i love. looks so fresh and wonderful. i want to live there. ive always hated white walls, but with all the other white it look stunning. i especially love the little dresser on the bottom left. divine.

  20. my idea of perfection. i would be so happy if this were my kitchen.

  21. emilee

    Can you imagine trying to keep that clean?

  22. I'm absolutely loving this!!

    Wishing you a great week!

  23. i think i'm in love too with that house.simply stunning! i'm a big fan of white indoors as well!

  24. Rudi

    Totally with you on the white fetish! I've been haunting the design blogs this past month so bad that my mom has started to "express concern". She clearly doesn't share my love of cabinetry and cleverly arranged bookshelves.

    Have fun in Mexico!!!

    love, rudi

  25. Lanie

    I've fallen for that white dresser. I want it BAD.

  26. Jacob

    I think that white walls can be very classy. I love colorful houses, but in my house, I do what some white.

  27. Gwen

    I adore white. Awwww…