weekend love. (and giveaway winner!)

how was your weekend?
we took a walk around georgetown campus friday evening
(it is so beautiful over there. what a lovely campus)
and then had dinner with friends at founding farmers.
we also made homemade strawberry cupcakes
(with strawberry cream cheese frosting!)
for a dinner party with friends on saturday night.
and we spent some time in the park with kingsley after church
on sunday since it was probably the most beautiful day of spring so far.
i am loving this weather. hope it stays forever!
and we can’t forget about last weeks giveaway winner!
congrats chelsea! please email me your shipping info!
  1. those cupcakes look delicious! love strawberries this time of year <3

  2. Riley

    I'm happy to that the weather is so nice and those cupcakes look very delicious. :)

  3. glad you're family had a good weekend:) the weather was incredible here yesterday too. long bike rides just make them all the more perfect too:)

  4. those cupcakes look so fresh!!! It was a great weekend, glad spring is here;)

  5. Shannon

    Those cupcakes look delicious!!! It is perfect strawberry weather right now!

  6. carly

    ohh strawberry cupcakes are one of my favorite!
    they look delicious

  7. I have a hankering for a cupcake and those look delish! They weather this weekend was great here in England too, but its got cold again now :( boo hoo mondays!

  8. Yummo! Those cupcakes look divine. Glad you enjoyed your weekend – it was warm in London as well. It makes all the difference!

  9. Morgan

    those cupcakes look divine!!

  10. Wow, do those look yummy yummy! Sounds like a great weekend. Wish it was Spring weather here in Utah LUCKY!

  11. ali

    yum, those cupcakes look delicious!
    Congrats Chelsea!

  12. Your cupcakes look great! I love me some strawberry cream cheese icing. I use Paula Deen's strawberry cake recipe, and it is to die for!

    Sounds like a fun weekend.

  13. oh my i need to make some cucpakes with cream cheese frosting! yum!

  14. OK, so I do not know you at all. I actually follow your blog through my sis-in-laws blog. This is totally random but I know you and your man like to try new places to eat. I have a suggestion for a more upscale place in Georgetown. It's a bit pricey so it's more of a "special event" place, but it's AMAZING. Atmosphere, food, decor, etc. AMAZING. It's called Mie N Yu. Ya'll should give it a try sometime. And thanks for sharing your creativity through your blog!

  15. mmmm, they look so good!

  16. mmmm, they look so good!

  17. loving your blazer. those cupcakes look to delicious. you are looking taaaan girl! :) happy spring!

  18. what a cute look! and those cupcakes look delicious!
    can i ask, where did you get your t-shirt from. I am looking for a v-neck top that doesn't go down too low, and they are hard to find!

  19. Natalie

    i love georgetown. i am hoping that either g.town or columbia will be my home come law school next fall :) can't decide..both so wonderful.

  20. Lanie

    My weakness is cupcakes, and those look delish!! Have you been to The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe in UT? Next time you stop by you should try their cupcakes… so good. :D

  21. Those cupcakes look obscenely delicious! I had a vanilla one just now at Starbucks, which was actually not bad at all. Have a great Monday! :)

  22. R.

    Don't cupcakes just make you want to skip? It's like they're smiling at you or something. So blissful. xo

  23. oh my gosh. i NEED to make those cupcakes now…. they look so good!!!

  24. Jacob

    congrats to her! Those cupcakes look absolutely to die for!

  25. mmm those cupcakes look delicious, Naomi!
    yes the weather here in vancouver is finally starting to play nice. spring is the best!

  26. I love the Georgetown area and campus too! I second everyone else's thoughts on the cupcakes…they look so delicious. :)

  27. you look beautiful!!

  28. Yum! :)

    You look super pretty here x

  29. what in the world do you use for your hair? it always looks purrfect!!! my fringe does not cooperate at all with any product available.

  30. radio darkness,

    that is so nice of you to say! thanks! i blow dry my bangs every morning which i think is the biggest help (even when i don't blow dry my hair, i always do my bangs). i don't use any product on them, it just makes them greasy and then they get annoying.

    hope that helps.

  31. haha, I was just going to ask if you could delight us with a hair tutorial? Either my head is weirdly shaped, or I'm not doing something right that makes my head look weird when I put headbands on..

    but that is a little beside the point, how do you get your hair into that bun/chignon 'do in your headband photos? They're gorgeous!