the cone of shame.

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we had kingsley neutered this past week,
which means he has to wear a cone over his head
so he doesn’t pull out his stitches for the next 2 weeks.
we refer to it as “the cone of shame” (UP reference)
or his “alien hat”, or “sun bathing hat”,
or we just call him “kingsley the cone head.”
i don’t think it bothers him as much as it does us.
we are counting down the days until he’s just “kingsley” again.
  1. yay for responsible dog ownership! He kind of looks like he's laughing in the first pic – so he can't hate it that much :)

  2. Bree

    aww haha poor thing. at least he still looks happy!

  3. is that first picture for real? i nearly spit out my coffee i was laughing so hard. my poor kitty walked backwards when she had to wear a cone and it was the saddest thing ever. i took off her cone before i was supposed to (tsk tsk) and she went right for her stitches and got an infection. patience really pays off, but i understand how tough it is! x

  4. Seyma

    holy cow!! he looks soooooooooo adorabble!!


  5. Miriam

    Ohhh poor doggie =((( I remember when my dog had to wear one of those. It hurts myself…

  6. Kingsley is handling that cone like a champ! My cats freaked when they had to wear cones. I hope it goes by fast for you :)

  7. we just had to do this with our golden retriever! it's sad :(

  8. we just had to do this with our golden retriever! it's sad :(

  9. Annie

    oh my gosh that 1st picture of kingsley made me laugh out loud. too cute!

  10. This is a tough phase to get through! But it will pass … good luck!!! :)

  11. hahaha awww poor puppy

  12. D&D

    that is seriously the ca-uuuuuuu-test thing ever.

    sorry kings.

  13. hmmm…we're thinking the neutering might bother him more than the conehead :)

  14. He's so cute – that first picture looks like he has NO shame. Almost like he's saying "HEY LADIES CHECK ME OUT!"

    We had the hardest time keeping our cat to be calm when he was neutered – he wasn't supposed to run around or climb stairs. We lived in a 3 level, apartment downtown it was nothing BUT stairs and places for him to climb and jump – not to mention the office was in a little loft that over looked the living room – his favorite place to launch off from.

    Get well soon Kingsley! ox

  15. Liz

    haha! This made me laugh out loud. He is cute even if he is Kingsley the Cone Head :)

  16. emily

    ooh but he looks so cute :)

  17. bk

    When we had our puppy neutered he actually really enjoyed his cone!
    I always felt bad for him so when I could watch him carefully in the house I would take it off of him for awhile but he would cry for us to put it back on him! I think he felt special!

  18. Anna

    I think I'm laughing at this way too much.

  19. Krysta

    That first picture with him and that silly grin is just great!

  20. I love the last pic. So funny! He still looks adorable. I'm glad you two are responsible dog parents. =)

  21. Ash

    Kingsley is just about the cutest dog I have ever seen, especially in the "cone of shame"

  22. leahrae

    I totally got the UP reference. Awesome.
    My poor bunny had to have a cone of shame last December. It was a soft one and he figured out how to get it off no problem. Hopefully Kingsley will be a good boy with no nibbling!

  23. LOL – love the photos! Gosh, he has an amazing personality!

  24. Maddy

    that first picture is to die for cute! oh my god!

    has he been running into things? that was always the worst part about cones..

  25. leigh

    He looks so adorably happy about it! What a brave little man!
    Sadly we can't neuter our giant fluff ball – he has a blood disorder and can't have unnecessary surgery.

  26. cde

    That first photo is soo cute! Oh gosh, he looks like he's enjoying his cone. :) You guys are great puppy parents.

  27. D*mac

    My adopted mutt had to have eye surgery shortly after I got her from a previous injury. Her first day home alone with the cone I came back and she was happily wagging her tail–there were about a million little plastic bits all over the house and no cone in sight! PS that first picture is to die for!

  28. carolyn

    My bulldog had to have eye surgery.. twice.. and I hated seeing the cone on his head.. and he was miserable in it… So I found this right before his second surgery

    Its an inflatable cone… And soooo much better than those plastic ones. First of all.. he looked like a an adorable little sailor or that he was going to the beach.. and he loved it cause he used it as a pillow when he slept.

  29. Bridget

    this is seriously cute. its funny how they call it the 'elizabethan collar' because that sounds far more glamourous then it really is.

    our gracie needed to wear one but we took it off when we were watching and she actually never went for her stitches at all. so hopefully you'll have the same experience and can have plain old 'kingsley' back in no time.

  30. almalu

    poor little thing!he looks so sweeet!!!


    There are not many things funnier than a dog wearing a cone. It's so embarrassing!

  32. Oh poor Kingsley! we just had my puppy Ace Neutered last Wednesday. It was heartbreaking watching him go into the vets office shaking and nervous. I felt bad about the "cone of shame" so I just kept him in with me all week without it to watch him. He didn't even bother his stitches at all.

    Hope to see Kingsley back to his old, cone-less self soon!

  33. "i do not like the cone of shame." haha love it :)

  34. poor poor kingsley.

  35. Aw, poor guy!

  36. Dogs probably don't even care that much, but why is it SO heartbreaking to see them in cones?

  37. Aw, he looks so cute, even the cone of shame.

    When my dog was neutered and wore the cone, he was so sad / hilarious because he kept bumping into furniture with it, and couldn't understand why he could see the ball, but not chew the ball when it was underneath cone!

  38. Rhianne

    Naomi, I just came back from a weekend away and this post has made my day!! I just made my boyfriend an adventure book so I am loving all UP references :)

    Poor kingsley though, bless him.

    p.s. your burger photos below are just precious and I love the yellow in the interiors as well!

  39. Aww poor thing! I love the Up reference though.

  40. Cathi

    Before UP we called it a satellite dish. We always wanted to hook ours dogs up to the TV so we could get cable TV back in the day!
    Be well Kingsley!

  41. Carrie

    Lol. LOVE that first image. He doesn't look to bothered. ;)

  42. Naomi , oh my he is so cute!! little conehead!!!! Love the pics!! We get our pug spayed May 4th!!!!!! so she will be a cone head too!!!!! lol!!!

  43. Riley

    Awwwww poor Kingsley! The first picture is cracking me up. :D

  44. Nicole*

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  45. Nicole*

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  46. Lanie

    Awww… I do not like the cone of shame. I'm so glad you made that reference, cause I love that movie. :]

  47. Aw, poor baby! I especially love the first picture. :)

  48. Elz

    aww poor Kingsley! It looks like he's having fun with it though :)
    i love your blog, it always makes me smile

  49. Amanda

    I knew when I read your post's title, that's what I'd be seein'…For Kingsley, there's no shame with a face that cute & an even cuter tushy!!

  50. poor littlel nugget!

  51. ohhh no! i remember when my dogs had to wear these… i felt so bad… they ran into walls. a lot.

  52. Jessica

    That first picture is seriously THE most adorable thing ever.

  53. Shauna

    aww poor kingsley! those strawberry cupcakes look DELICIOUS!! recipe???

  54. Kim

    We call it the cone of shame too. Haha- I love it! And I love that Kingsley is still smiling from ear to ear regardless.

  55. Briel79

    That first picture is so funny! Love it. He looks perfectly happy. :)

  56. awww poor guy!
    and UP was the cutest movie ever!! cone of shame hahah

  57. ♥Lola

    So adorable! When we had our puppy desexed, she loved wearing her cone. She was only 1.5 kilos at the time, so she could barely move. She'd just sit in one spot looking down :( When she finally didn't need to wear it anymore she would walk over to it and cry and cry until we put it on her. I don't know why she loved it so much :)

  58. Lola, that's adorable!

    We had our little boys de-sexed last year. Thankfully our bigger dog wasn't interested in his stitches so he got to go cone-free! Our little one, Cupcake, needed the cone though. It was heartbreaking! He hated it so much, and he kept crashing into stuff (especially our legs! Ouch!) We used to give him breaks where, if we were watching TV, we'd take it off and watch him real close. Poor things, they must think it's the most ridiculous thing ever, having to wear that!

  59. basho

    Kingsley looks like he's doing just fine! What a good boy.

  60. Jacob

    awww. he is a cutie!

  61. kate.

    aww poor kingsley

    haha kingsley's life is like a tabloid column. we get to know everything that he goes through! (which is a good thing, btw – we love him!)


  62. Angie

    bahahahaha! the UP reference made me laugh. doug is my favorite character in that movie.

  63. Heheheee!!! The first photo I can hear him saying – "Hey Mum? Don't I look awwwwwesome!!!"

  64. That first picture is HILARIOUS!!! I love it! Poor Kingsley.

  65. We are having our puppy neutered in two months, and I am not looking forward to the "cone of shame" either (loooved UP). Harper (our puppy) will more than likely try to chew it off. He is quite feisty! :) Despite the cone, Kingsley look just as adorable as ever!

  66. kate

    what a little clown! you could also call him "conesley" until that ridiculous thing comes off! hilarious photos.

  67. Celeste

    it must be painful to see him have to wear it but he looks so happy!

  68. Helen

    awww! my two dogs didn't wear a cone when they both got neutered, the vet said they cause more bother than they prevent. although i did ask for one for my first dog that got neutered, just cos he looked so cute in it. he only wore it for a few hours and then i felt so bad i took it off.

  69. kez

    Wahahahaha! The cone of shame! We watched Up this weekend and so I knew immediately what was coming when I read the post title! He seems fine being a cone-face. Sweet thing!

  70. the bf and I call them party hats! ;)


  71. Poor Kingsley! I called my bulldog Coney when he had his. He did NOT like it one bit.

  72. Kara

    Hahahaha awwwww, poor puppy. Great reference though!

  73. ha ha, It's kinda funny how happy he looks wearing the cone of shame.

    like he's saying " Duuuude, I get to be just like that dog in the movie! suh-weeeet…"

  74. Hahahaha poor puppy! My cat had to wear a cone after surgery a few years ago, she definitely did not seem as ok with it as Kingsley!

  75. Awwwww. Haha. He looks to really be enjoying it.

  76. Amy

    animals wearing "cones of shame" just kill me…i laugh at them and feel horrible for them at the same time. kingsley seems pretty ok with the cone, judging from his face in the pics!

  77. the first photo is priceless. and that last one is right up there with it.

  78. He is just too darling! Poor thing with that cone on his neck.

  79. Amanda*

    He looks so happy! :)

  80. Karen

    He definitely looks happy! :)

  81. love-v

    I just stumbled upon your blog because of your adorable bully. When my bulldog Odin was in his first ever cone of shame he used it as a shovel. We actually had to cut it down because his fat little neck was too big for the more reasonably sized cone. This makes me laugh.

  82. that first picture…it's just TOO MUCH. So so cute, thanks for sharing :)

  83. AJD ∞

    Oh my word, considering the time I should not be laughing out loud, but that photo of Kingsley cone down in the grass is TOO much!