1. Heather

    I love that green coat!

  2. fall has always been my favourite season!

  3. lindsey

    couldn't agree more!

  4. Emma

    i would kill to be able to dress like this all the time!

  5. Maya

    LOVE! (please skip to September! :]


  6. oh the fall has some great fashion this year!! I can't wait – I think it might be the first time ever that I have looked forward to the fall. have a great warm weather weekend!

  7. Jacob

    oh. my. gosh. this is fabulous!

  8. breathtaking.

  9. i've been absolutely dying over this collection. it's so gorgeous… i'm all the color, too, but i LOVE these looks! i want them all! ;)

  10. Ah, I'm in love! I'm all about layering, and jcrew has made an art of combining their pieces into such exquisite outfits, don't you think?

  11. oh oh oh LOVE.

  12. Riley

    Wow that's gorgeous!

  13. Lynn

    tempted to push the ff button myself when I see these lovlies!

    omgosh, think of all the embellishments you could add to your cute tweedy blazer with this incentive & all your craftiness!


  14. fall is my favorite time to dress up with all the lovely fall colors!

  15. It's super cute clothes.
    I am dreaming of flow y dresses now…Not fall :)

  16. fall/winter clothes are my favorite. Summer clothes can be cute, but they always seem to be missing something.