rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a his-and-her giveaway for you
by our sponsor, princess lasertron!
she’s offering a handmade yellow and gray felt flower headband
and matching boutonniere to the lucky winner!
the headband is a smaller version of the hairpieces princess lasertron is making for her models to wear in the september runway show for her upcoming dress line (so exciting!)
the boutonniere is perfect for your dapper gentleman to wear on date night, too! (have a feeling josh might try to enter this giveaway for that boutonniere…haha)

to enter, please visit princess lasertron
and leave a comment below by sunday, april 11th!
the winner will be announced monday morning!
  1. Moriah

    absolutely love the headband and boutonniere. i have to say, my husband would look pretty cute wearing that. mmmm yes, he would. :)


  2. Jenn


  3. mommy k

    would it be rude to say, "mine, mine, mine, mine, mine"?

  4. shottttyyy!…please?
    :) too adorable!

  5. How fun these are, would be great to win!

  6. ultra cute!!

  7. ultra cute!!

  8. I think i just found another blog to follow!

  9. MSimone

    Lovely headband and boutonniere.

  10. wow. wish i could make something like that. what a talented woman!

  11. Dinah

    Yes please!!

  12. SOO CUTE!!! These would be so perfect for me and my hubby for our baby girl's baptism :)

  13. Ooh, I just love the color combinations!

  14. Ooh, I just love the color combinations!

  15. Emily

    So cute! I feel like I will never have enough headbands. :)

  16. Kiki

    Ah so beautiful! Thanks for hosting. x

  17. oooh, I love this, so cute!! they look similar to how my grandmother's flowers looked when she got married back in the day. They didn't have money for real flowers so she embroidered a bouquet like those for herself and her bridesmaid! so cute!

  18. Maluma

    i'm so in love with yellow and grey at the moment :)

  19. Kendra

    Beautiful! Love the yellow and gray!

  20. awmb

    Oh my goodness this is so amazing! And so is Princess Laser Tron!

  21. Sarah

    makes me wish i was more attentive in sewing class!

  22. Min


  23. Creative and fun! I LOVE THESE!

  24. Ana

    Can I enter? Even from the UK? Love the headband! xx

  25. I am a huge fan of Princess Lasertron's and I am glad I found your blog via hers!

  26. Em

    love love LOVE! Fingers crossed!

  27. I would love a new accessory, Pick Me!

  28. Shannon

    Oh I love!!! It would match my hair perfectly!!!

  29. Brooke

    First of all I would like to say that I have fallen in love with your blog and…I feel like we are kindred spirits haha. And I absolutely adore that headband and boutonniere! Yellow is one of my favorite colors and I love it paired with gray.

  30. Absolutely stunning! The colors are very versatile.. could wear any season! ;)

  31. livvy

    WAY CUTE!! :)

  32. livvy

    WAY CUTE!! :)

  33. So adorable. It would be nice to have matching pieces with my husband. Oh and I also love your blog. :)

  34. Kate

    way cool! glad i was still able to enter this giveaway!

    love your blog.

  35. elissa

    so cute!!! =D

  36. havovi

    Gorgeous colours + buttons = divine accessories! :)

  37. Love the headband craze! My roommate made a bunch them and I wear them everyday. Now my outfits aren't complete without one. :)

  38. Ohhhh, I love this set! I recently flipped through the April issue of Brides magazine while waiting in line at the grocery store and bought it just for the photo of the Princess Lasertron bouquet! I emailed Meg that night to place my order for our September 2011 wedding. I am SO excited to see the final pieces – I LOVE her work. When I emailed our florist to ask her to remove the bouquets from our order because we decided to go with the Princess Lasertron hand-made bouquets, even she was so excited about the idea after checking our the website. Everyone is so excited about them!

    If we were to win this set, we'd be so excited, as they'd make a perfect touch in our engagement photos this spring!!!

    After the long winter in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, these pretty, bright pieces would be a welcome touch of sunshine!!!

    Lots of love,


  39. Rae


  40. So so so pretty! Great springy colors too!

  41. Beautiful work! I would love to win one of these!

  42. I love Princess Lasertron's yellow+grey combos, and I love headbands! Crossing fingers.

    Also, I'm glad she linked to this blog. The entries are cute. :)

  43. Dani

    so adorable!

  44. Linda

    So pretty!! Would love to have it!

  45. Fabulous, as always, from the lovely Meg! Is it wrong that I'd keep both the headband and the bout for myself, as it would look lovely pinned to my spring jacket?? :)

  46. Oh my goodness, those are the sweetest things ever! I am swooning in love with them.

  47. marla

    i'm pretty sure my head needs that headband. thanks!

  48. you & me would love to sport this on the you & me show! :)

  49. Oooh my! That headband screams spicy lady in spring! I just love it! Your blog is quite lovely. Happy Sunday! :)

  50. andrea

    This headband is so beautiful!

  51. LOVE the headband! And I love her bouquets…I want to get married just to have one :)

  52. Mark

    That is perfect for spring! So cute!

  53. Allison

    They are BEAUTIFUL.

  54. I'm in LOVE with & Inspired by these.

    I also love Kingsley!

  55. Gina

    Loving the whole headband thing!

  56. ok ok this is possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen!
    love it!

  57. Ash

    but really, i REALLY want it. like, REALLY.

  58. Rachael

    The yellow is the perfect pick me up!

  59. statman

    Love!! Here's to wishing!

  60. Love this!!!

  61. umama

    alfie and I would totally rock this!!!

  62. jes

    she is amazing! i love her work!

  63. So, here I am, all the way from Oxford (England), saying how much I love the textures on the headband and boutonniere. I especially like the white flower on the headband with its little ruffles. I read Princess Lasertron AT LEAST once a week, and am LOVING the Rockstar design. Pick me!

  64. KIM

    wow these are so so beautiful! pick me! xoxoxox