rockstar giveaway!

beyond excited for today’s giveaway for you
by our new sponsor, tyrant collection!
they are giving one lucky winner a stamped initial disk necklace
with an add on charm of their choice!
because tyrants pieces are all handmade and fully customizable,
their name plates and disks are perfect for a loved one’s name,
initials, cities, inspirational words… even pet names (hint hint josh)
beginning at a reasonable $30!

to enter, please visit tyrant collection
and leave a comment below before friday, april 23rd!
tyrant is also offering 10% off to rockstar diaries readers
by entering ilovetyrant at checkout!
good luck!
  1. B

    Me! Me! PICK ME!!

  2. B

    Me! Me! PICK ME!!

  3. oh love love love! now just deciding what to get….

  4. Audra

    With expecting a baby boy in June, I would LOVE to get his initials. So precious!

  5. Anny

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  6. Anny

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  7. Anny

    Please please pretty please pick me!

  8. jessa

    So adorable! I'd love to get one with the initial of our growing baby girl (assuming we can settle on a name for her!) :)

  9. Chrissy

    Beautiful! I would love one of these!

  10. joolee

    lovely! i'll love a monogrammed necklace…

  11. Diane

    SO cute! I know Just what'd put on it!

  12. Sarah

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  13. Sarah

    i also love tyrant's Nautical Charm Leather Wrap Bracelet (in navy)…it makes me think of summer at the beach! can't wait :)!

    [email protected]

    p.s. i can't get over how much tyrant's model looks like mandy moore.

  14. janie


  15. OOOh me me please!
    I love anything with initials!!
    I am thinking about getting one made with my initial and my boyfriends!

  16. Teri

    Loving these charms! And the initials are way cute.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. these are gorgeous! If I won I'd be one happy girl!! :)

  18. Omgosh they're so pretty. Me me me, choose me!!!!

  19. Love it! Soooo cute!



  20. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Sara

    holy sheesh yal, twas a necklace I want!

  22. ooh! loving that anchor.

  23. Kate

    I've gotta go with the anchor.

    Pick me!

  24. Channa

    These are gorgeous! I'd love to win one of these!! :)

  25. I love these necklaces and have been on their site a couple of times now. If I don't win this lovely…it might be time to buy one!

  26. I love these necklaces and have been on their site a couple of times now. If I don't win this lovely…it might be time to buy one!

  27. You find the most wonderful artists. I guess like attracts like. Lovely pieces!

  28. Paige

    Love your givaways and your blog!

  29. Alexia

    Yay! I'd love to have that "A" one!

  30. jmita

    eek! these are super cute! i'm crossing my fingers.


  31. Love the jewelry! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Oh how i enjoy these necklaces! choose me :)

  33. Oh how i enjoy these nacklaces! Pick me, please and thank you!

  34. ohh, yes please! how lovely!

  35. rachel

    too cute, yes please !

  36. Steph


  37. i would LOVE to have this necklace, perfect gift as i turn 21 soon and oh so very soon!

  38. Kate

    so pretty! <3
    i love the leather wrap bracelets and the simple, design your own discs!

  39. I love Tyrant! Such cute stuff!

  40. kelly

    what a lovely giveaway! thank you – this is so adorable…!

  41. I normally go for more elaborate and colorful jewelery (a la anthro), but I love the simplicity of these pieces for a change– I think it would allow you to create a story for them, something you could think about when you wore them.

  42. JKreids

    Reminds me of my grandma! :)

  43. Lory

    i really like these!

  44. How fabulous, what wonderful things!


  45. How fabulous, what wonderful things!


  46. Amy

    LOVELY!! :)

  47. how precious! simply lovely.

  48. Elle

    how pretty! and just in time for mother's day :)

  49. Hairica

    I just got my new kitty on Tuesday. His name is Atticus. Maybe I will win something for him. :]

  50. Chelsea

    My goodness, how charming (get it)! She's got some lovely pieces. Pick me!!

  51. Allison

    This is GORGEOUS! What a lovely giveaway! :)

  52. Megg

    so lovely and unique! i want, please!! xoxo

  53. Vanessa

    I've been looking for one of these types of necklaces for so long! I would love to win!

  54. Jenn Z.

    fingers crossed…..

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways!


  55. Cami

    LOVE me some Tyrant Collection! Every last piece of it!!

  56. yes, pretty please!

  57. becca

    i would love one for my mom!!

    what a great giveaway!

  58. Meaghan

    So perfect. Would go with everything!

  59. Meaghan

    So perfect. Would go with everything!

  60. :) crossing my fingers.

  61. laura

    just like my favorite character liz lemon wears! i would love an L!

  62. Cece

    These are beautiful. I would love to wear it. :)

  63. lucky 201.. please please please!

  64. lucky 201.. please please please!

  65. Mrs. H.

    this is just what i need. fingers crossed.

  66. abs

    such a fun necklace. love the letter with an anchor charm.

  67. lauren

    love it all!

  68. I'd love to win! xoxo.

  69. These are lovely. I love the starfish the most-est.

  70. Shannon

    I totally he♥rt these fine pieces!

  71. oh! i hope i'm not too late! these are so cute!