rockstar giveaway!

This week we have a giveaway for you by our sponsor, Nicole’s Classes!
Nicole’s Classes is offering one very lucky reader a spot in the
Photoshop 101 Online Course for whatever month the winner chooses!

“The 4 week long Photoshop 101 Online Course is for beginners with little or no experience working in Photoshop. The class offers weekly video tutorials and assignments where students have their own online galleries to upload homework and receive comments from their instructors. The class focuses on the most important methods of fixing and enhancing your images including cropping, contrast, and retouching. Students will also learn how to work with layers, and how to create actions to perform repetitive tasks.
Nicole’s Classes also offers textbooks that are a great companion to the live and online courses.”
To enter, please leave a comment below before Friday April 30th!
Good luck!

  1. kristen

    i bought photoshop not to long ago…and i'm in desperate need of some help!

  2. Bri

    this would be so awesome!

  3. katie

    oh i'd love to win the classes – could always use to learn a few new photoshop tips, as there are always are…

  4. I have been wanting to get in to photography! This would be perfect! Please pick me! ;)

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  6. Emily

    I would love to win! :)

  7. Parker

    OH, my goodness…I hope I win.

    hugs to you from Seattle,
    Fritzi Marie

  8. Mara

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to win Photoshop classes — a great way to beef up my style skills and share my ideas!

  9. Brook S

    This sounds nice. Enter me.

  10. Maggie

    I want to be a photoshop wiz!!!

  11. these classes look amazing! this is one of the best rockstar giveaways yet! love the new blog format by the way :)

  12. oOoo .. This is an exciting giveaway!

  13. would love to win! I have photoshop but have no IDEA how to use it!!

  14. la MER

    Oh yes please! I could certainly use this for recreation and professionally!

  15. Kelly

    I really could use some major photoshop help!!

  16. Would love this!

  17. take a photography class- on my list of things to do this year!

  18. Lara

    Super neato giveaway! I've always wanted to get particularly good at photo shop instead of just playing on

  19. Amanda

    This would be awesome. Pick me please!!

  20. This is such a great giveaway. Nicole's work is the best!

  21. Yes! I took her Photo 101 class in SF and it was great!

  22. I would LOVE to win this! Pick me! Pick me!!


  23. can't wait to take the class!!

  24. oh my oh my! this is the class for meee!!!

  25. Sharon

    This would be TOO awesome to win!

  26. Ah I need this!!

  27. Ah I need this!!

  28. Zoe

    This would be so lovely!

  29. Amy

    It would be wonderful to have a more structured class – because my attempts to learn Photoshop on my own have failed more times than I can count.

  30. I could definetely use the refresher course!

  31. I'm new to photography and learning a bit about photoshop would be awesome!

  32. Katie

    oooo… i desperately need photoshop help. please pick me!

  33. Man oh man would I love to win this! This would be a definite positive step towards my love for photography. Yay!

  34. pick me… i love photoshop…i would love to do the online lessons…xixi

  35. M.Ruby

    This is great!! I would love to win this. I miss taking classes since I graduated in December. :)

  36. dej

    I could really use some photoshop skilllz :)

  37. christy

    i could use this!

  38. christy

    i could use this!

  39. Thinking of getting an xsi for my birthday. This would be awesome to have with it!

  40. This is awesome! Such a great giveaway! xo

  41. Alison

    with all these entries, i guess it's a long shot, but boy would i love to win!

  42. SM

    i would love to win this one, not only would it be great for personal use but it would really help me in my career! i am always getting frustrated with my lack of photoshop skills! thanks!

  43. JenCoen

    I'm totally photoshop-dumb… I know just about nothing. lol. Please oh please pick me!

  44. B


  45. laur

    i've always wanted to learn more about photoshop!!

  46. Kristie

    Fantastic giveaway. More fantastic (for me) if I won. :) love the happy blog.

  47. Briel79

    Wow, awesome prize! I have been wanting to take one of her classes! :)

  48. Rachel

    a photoshop class would be a dream come true!

  49. Ohhh! I would love this one! I have been taking a photoshop class, but would love to learn more. Great giveaway!

  50. AMAZING!!!!!!! I would LOVE to take this class!

  51. Bethany

    Could definitely use this. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  52. this is a neat giveaway!!! thanks!

  53. Bethany

    Could definitely use this. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  54. Jen

    I need this in my life!

  55. gen

    i would love to win this giveaway!! :D

  56. Kimba

    my husband has tried to teach me a zillion times, to no avail. i need this class!

  57. Maren

    oh I would love this! please pick me!!

  58. Maren

    oh I would love this! please pick me!!

  59. Jaeve

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. Jaeve

    Oh! I would love this! I have Photoshop and I've learned a few tricks here and there on my own but I know there's so much more I could still do with my photos but haven't learned yet! This would be the perfect opportunity!

    [email protected]

  61. Lindsay

    Fun giveaway! Thanks!

  62. Alivia

    Me, pick me! *waves arms wildly about*

  63. oshngrl

    Taza,you have the best giveaways!!! Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I hope I win!

  64. Jess

    I so need some photoshop help!

  65. Katie

    Yeah, sure, why not? I'm not a photographer but that's not to say that I wouldn't love a little help with Photoshop! Thanks!

  66. Melissa

    what an awesome opportunity =) I hope i win!

  67. Sara

    This would be ideal, I would love to learn the actual stuff than myself making it up. :) I would love to win!!

  68. Stacey

    Photoshop is like a foreign language to me, BUT Nicole's Classes aren't! Neither is her cute blog! What talent she has!!! She would be an AMAZING teacher and I could greatly benefit from a 101 class so I can turn this confusion into confidence cause I am CRAZY for pretty pictures!!!

  69. mollie

    i need this in my toolbelt of talents!

  70. Oh my goodness yessss! I would love love LOVE to win this. Because I am in major need of photo-shopping help!!!

  71. bob

    oh my gosh yes please! i just started taking a beginning photography class at a community college this year, so to know more about photoshop? yes please! – because quite frankly, i don't know a thing! i'd love to know how to beautify my photos! such good give away!! (too many exclamation points?) ;)

  72. roysie

    Yes please! I just got a new camera and this class sound really helpful!

  73. What an amazing giveaway!! I got photoshop for my birthday in March and feel completely lost. Her class would be perfect!

    ps- I'm really loving the photos from Mexico! Wow! It's beautiful there.

  74. this would be so perfect! i would love to win. :)

  75. Carrie

    What a great giveaway! I would love to take a class to help improve my Photoshop skills. THANKS!

  76. Alie

    Yes please! I'd love editing help!

  77. i NEED this class! well, at least until i am better at actually taking good pictures…


  78. Vanessa

    i need photoshop lessons badly!!

  79. Whitney

    I heart Nicole's Classes!

  80. I need this class, because photography is my new love and I would love to learn the tricks of the trade. :)

  81. Celeste

    this sounds amazing! i need a lot of photoshop help…

  82. Angie

    Thanks for letting us play! Same as many others … have the program but not quite sure how to use it. 8]

  83. Emily

    This would be the perfect thing for me right now. I want to learn something new.

    Emily R.

  84. Just getting started in photography, has give me a huge advantage over well established photographers. I don't have to buy expensive editing software, learn all the tricks, and waste time on my computer. I started shooting weddings because I love photography and I love people, so that's what I spend my time doing!
    Edit elf

  85. This would be nice since I just click a bunch of stuff hoping that something cool will happen…It never does.

  86. This would be nice since I just click a bunch of stuff hoping that something cool will happen…It never does.

  87. oh my goodness this would be so awesome! I want to win!

  88. Wendy

    LOVe this giveaway! I have a millio pics that need help?

  89. If I win this, I can finally learn how to edit my pictures from Europe an make them look straight out of a Hans Christian Anderson tale!

  90. What a great idea!!

  91. Kelly

    I need a photoshop tutorial so bad! This would so ROCK!!

  92. Cassidy

    What a great giveaway!!

  93. Wow I would love this! Unfortunately, I don't want to be entered because I don't have time. I will let someone else have the chance that has the time to put into it. BUT this is an amazing giveaway. I can't wait to graduate so I can start some photography classes!

  94. alli

    um, yes please! I'd love to take Nicole's class!