rockstar giveaway!

This week we have a giveaway for you by our sponsor, Nicole’s Classes!
Nicole’s Classes is offering one very lucky reader a spot in the
Photoshop 101 Online Course for whatever month the winner chooses!

“The 4 week long Photoshop 101 Online Course is for beginners with little or no experience working in Photoshop. The class offers weekly video tutorials and assignments where students have their own online galleries to upload homework and receive comments from their instructors. The class focuses on the most important methods of fixing and enhancing your images including cropping, contrast, and retouching. Students will also learn how to work with layers, and how to create actions to perform repetitive tasks.
Nicole’s Classes also offers textbooks that are a great companion to the live and online courses.”
To enter, please leave a comment below before Friday April 30th!
Good luck!

  1. Kat

    so cool…I always love to learn some new photoshop skills

  2. Luna

    this is a great giveaway. i wanna win.

  3. Man oh my, I want to win this! BAD.

  4. We are just about to grab a Nikon and go crazy! I would love to learn from Nicole! She is so amazing!

  5. Cari

    WoW!!! just like everyone else…I would love, love, love to have on-line help for photoshop. I have played with some cheap versions, but have always envied anyone "in the Know" with photoshop. Keep on Posting! :)

  6. Zoe

    This would be so awesome to win! I would be able to progress with my photography a lot more!! :)

  7. KMB


  8. its only my life goal to learn photoshop! please pick me and i'll be forever grateful!!

  9. Kenz

    Oh my goodness this would be pure awesomeness. Just like this blog! :)

  10. wow! this would be so good for me! i can't even begin to tell you how much better my photos would look with a little retouching :)

  11. ooo i love this and would use it for all my wedding photos.

  12. my goodness!
    i would LOVE to win this!!!

    fingers are crossed :)

  13. Ohhh, I've been dying to take one of her classes!

  14. Becca

    ooh I would love to win!!


  15. shannon

    i think my last post deleted… pick me!!! p.s. it's my birthday today:) and you're awesome!

  16. Rachel

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  17. Rachel

    cheers to a "1000 words" * thanks!

  18. oh my. I've been dying to take one of her classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. brandy

    I would love to win this, I am a HUGE fan of Nicole!!

  20. Carrie

    i think i'm too late, but just in case- i would LOVE to win this.

  21. Oh, how I need this course. :) Thanks for the give away options!

  22. SDK

    I've had photoshop for two years and still am too intimidated to use it. Help!