1. *sigh* beautiful.

  2. Brie

    love this. that blue is so calming and beautiful. defiantly one of my fav colors!

  3. Lovely!

    That home-office photo appeared in Real Simple, I think. It's actually a closet that got a creative makeover. So cute!

  4. *amber*

    Just so you know, the closet office is from Country Living Magazine. I loved it too.

  5. Missy

    That office in the closet is so great!

  6. I want that office! I could be SO productive sitting there! :)

  7. pretttty. love that bedding!

  8. that is a beautiful baby blue! i'm pretty sure i REALLY NEED that closet/desk duo!

  9. I love that particular shade of blue, especially when it's paired with brown. :)

  10. Lainey

    All of these pictures are so lovely! I love baby blue too!

  11. Krishna


  12. Krishna


  13. Rachel

    I affirm your new color choice. It's lovely & sings (instead of screams) of spring.

  14. Amber

    I believe I do have a new favorite color as well :)

  15. This has been my favourite colour for a long time and it goes great with almost every colour – yellow, grey, red, white…..

    p.s. you've got great taste!

  16. that "office in a closet" is the stuff.

  17. le sigh

  18. Ooh I love that color. The bridesmaids dresses are amazing.

  19. i've wanted a VW bus like that for sooo long (but in yellow)… people always laugh at me but it's kind of my dream vehicle. ;) haha! and i've been drooling over that "closet office" all week!

  20. these are lovely. i've been super into soft floaty springy colors lately myself.

  21. Riley

    great pictures!

  22. love that wedding one

  23. That's such a pretty shade. I believe it's robins egg blue? I am assuming my Crayola days are accurate..

  24. I love this color TOO!
    I think its called SPRING FEVER:]

  25. Jacob

    Oh my gosh! These photos are simply amazing!

  26. LUUURRRVE the third one :)

  27. Cheryn

    So retro!
    I love the wedding photo..

    I Can't Sew

  28. Thanks for the inspirational photos :)