1. Sher

    Absolutely gorgeous! I adore your lil family!!


  2. TeriLyn

    I want your wardrobe AND Kingsley. Can that be arranged? ;)

  3. tvmom

    seriously, such cute photos…sad I didn't get any photos with the cherry blossoms while they were in bloom.

    thanks for sharing!

  4. Awh, these portraits are amazing.
    So Special.

    I have a quick question – How did you decide what to wear??

  5. I love the up close one of you and Josh! So adorable! And the one under the tree. You guys are so lucky to have such great pictures to document your life!

  6. Flore

    Beautiful pictures and wonderful wardrobe !!!

  7. Those photos are ridiculously cute! I love them. Especially the one where Kingsley is looking up at you. Too cute for words.

  8. Oh my gosh! I LOVE Leo Patrone! You are so lucky to be photographed by him! The photos are gorgeous.

  9. D*mac

    Great photos, you are a cute family. PS I love how strained your hubby's hands are in the last photo…looks like Kingsly is getting heavy!

  10. The one where Josh is holding up kingsley is my favorite! Its like the lion king!

  11. carina

    You are such a beautiful and lovely family:-)

  12. I just want to smoosh your little guys face hes so freaking cute! Gorgeous pics.

  13. these are all so lovely!

  14. Alison

    i'm loving all these family portraits! it's gotten me thinking about taking some for our anniversary in june!

  15. These shots are perfect. You have the best style! And I love the ones of kingsley!

  16. Beautiful pink blossems

  17. awesome pictures, I love them, man are your children lucky to be able to see these pictures when they're your age, I know I'd be delighted!

    If you ever decide to clean your closet out, you are more than welcome to donate to my closet, just saying, ya know…

  18. you guys are simply the cutest!

  19. Kara

    such a lovely little family! the pictures couldn't be any more beautiful!

  20. i'm in love with your black and white skirt. the picture of you and josh is darling–his bowtie rocks. did you make your necklace or buy that cute thing? and my most favorite picture is the black and white one. happy wednesday!

  21. E.F.G.

    your tights are fabulous. you and josh are fabulous. and kingsley is most fabulous.

    stella snortles in her sleep and when i'm close enough to hear it, i often imagine kingsley making similar sounds.

  22. awww i love those last ones of mr. kingsley! what a cutie!

  23. Wow! Where oh where is that yellow skirt from?

  24. What a precious family! :) You are so lucky!

  25. Leni

    the 3rd and 6th photos down are my favorites! such a cute family!

  26. Put some kisses on those bulldog lips for the Bumpkin. So adorable, I could just squeeze him.
    Love the yellow skirt on you Naomi, you are just a fashion diva!

  27. Awww….that 3rd pic down of the two of you is the sweetest!

  28. Angela

    These pictures are beautiful!! The first one of Kingsly being held up, totally made me smile! You three make a perfect little family <3

  29. well i sure doesn't get much better then that now does it?!

  30. how awesome is kingsley in these?

  31. B

    You have inspired me to save and splurge on professional portraits. You look so lovely, and your whole family seems to glow (even your little Kingsley). Beautiful!!

  32. this has nothing to do with your post.. (even though i love the pictures) but do you have a button? I'd like to add one to my blog?

  33. i adore them! oh, they're so lovely. is that your home from the outside? it's so cute & charming (not that i'd expect anything else)!

  34. Maddy

    Oh that third photo…. so adorable. & of course I love all the photos with little King! He's so cute!!

  35. what beautiful pictures! king is adorable- the true star of the family ;)

  36. Riley

    You family is so cute! Kingsley has gotten so big. :)

  37. Rhianne

    these are all so beautiful, I love the third one down of you two, its nice to see you both look happy :)

  38. These photos are GORGEOUS. Love the tights and the bright yellow skirt.

  39. so so so so cute!

  40. You're my kind of perfect! But I'd have my tomcat, Bubu, on the leash instead of cute Kingsley. :P

  41. the black and white one is still my favorite!

  42. brilliant.

    all of them.

    you're a natural beaut! :)

  43. ALL of these photos are just beautiful! How will you ever decide which ones to put into a frame? :)

  44. first of all, those are some seriously STUNNING shots.

    YOu guys are one gorgeous fam-JUST WAIT til you have a baby, that dog will feel so neglected. Just seeing how much you guys love him lets me know how much a baby will be adored!


  45. I adore your little family. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing. I find it strange that I feel so much love for Kingsley without even knowing him. He's one special little bulldog boy. You are so blessed to have him :) As he is to have you xx

  46. You guys could not be any cuter!! It will be so great to look back on these photos some day! :)

  47. amanda


  48. Perfection in every possible way.

  49. These are so adorable! Love love love!

  50. Luna

    love the pics. Kingsley is so cute.

  51. Jacob

    great snapshots!

  52. kendra

    so cute.

  53. Sini

    wow, amazing photos!

  54. really, really gorgeous, gorgeous family and pictures. how lovely. hope you continue enjoying your spring. xo.

  55. Helen

    ahhh what a photogenic family!

  56. You are, definetly, the most beautiful womane I've seen. And I'm dying to have a yellow dress like that one! Where did you buy it from?

  57. aproapealb, you are so kind! thank you!! the yellow skirt is from Target!

  58. Theresa

    These photos are spectacular, what a fun little family you have, glad Kingsley got to join the shoot :)

  59. whimsy

    ok so your necklace is unreal. where did you get it?