1. so cute.. makes me want to have a family shoot. beautiful x

  2. Nikki

    Beautiful! Your dog is precious!

  3. amanda

    that burger looks yummy! yellow skirts are so happy and friendly looking. and photo shoots are uber fun.

  4. Gosh every time you post these I get SO jealous! You're so lucky to have such beautiful photos of your family. A family shoot has got to go on my to do list! The best thing about these photos is that you all look so genuinely happy.

  5. Riley

    I'm in love with your outfit! You look so pretty in it. :)

  6. Erica

    These pics are awesome!
    Btw, your hair is gorgeous! Do you think one of these days you could do a post on what you use? Just a though. : )


  7. Love the yellow skirt – and the shot of you guys on the steps is AMAZING. Love it. So cute.

  8. What a wonderful photo shoot! I love it. Annnnd I love your skirts, especially the first one (anthropologie?). :)

  9. Your photos are adorable! The last photo is just precious!

  10. The one with the burger in your hands is so cute.

  11. Bree

    aww he's looking at his mommy in the last one, how cute.

  12. Wow, how much blossom is there in DC! Really sweet snaps!

  13. Brie

    Ah I can't get over how much I love these pictures! You are gorgeous!!

  14. These are so fresh! You two look so happy. I love your striped skirt.

  15. So cute! Love your yellow skirt.

  16. you guys are adorable!

  17. I have to say that Kingsly melts my heart- especially that last picture! Oh, I just wanna kiss his face!

  18. Erin

    These pictures are so lovely and Kingsley is adorable! I smiled so big when I saw the photo at the Tidal Basin, that's where my husband proposed to me. :)

  19. you have beautiful clothes. and the places of these photos are gorgeous. beautiful family!

  20. Brittan

    haha i love that last one! so great! and that yellow skirt is fab. just fab.

  21. Precious. Simply precious.

  22. Ahh! These are so great. I love the last one when kingsley is looking up at you. Precious!

  23. I love all these pictures. and I really want your hair!

  24. Emily

    Kingsley looks especially adorable in the last pic!

  25. Gwen

    i saw one of your photos on someone blog and it wasnt credited back to you..

    i was like "where have i seen this before?"
    it was one just like these you posted a while back..

    i wish i got the link of it for you :/

    nonetheless, these are amazing and I am so jealous of Kingley!
    I want a dog so bad

  26. I love how Josh is standing with Kingsley between his legs in the third picture from the top. Beautiful family!

  27. you're the cutest little family :)

  28. LOVE these photos! I can so see that first one being the title page of a spread in Domino (or some other awesome mag) on your awesome lives!

  29. Beth B

    I love the little expressions your pup makes! They are seem to make every picture just that much more adorable. So cute.

  30. Lynn

    you two (3) are just a walking fashion shoot! adorable to estremes that i wasn't aware even existed… oh families!!!!!!!

  31. Little Kingsley, what a sweet face you have! I love these!

  32. I am in love with these photos!

  33. the last shot is adorable!! …though I'm a huge fan of any dog in the "bully" family.

  34. Jacob

    you have great style!

  35. I love the picture of you two sitting at the table with that GIANT hamburger.

  36. whimsy

    i love your necklace!!! did you make it? id love to know where you got it!