our evenings are spent like this…

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when we spend our evenings together like this,
everything feels perfect and i am in heaven.
  1. kingsley is so awesome! i feel the same way when i'm outside with my family. pretty great, huh?

  2. Gosh!!

    Cuteness !

  3. Wren

    That dog is so stinking cute! He and my Boston should play someday!


  4. Riley

    Oh my gosh he had gotten so big!

  5. Bree

    aww this is what I do with my dog too at the nearby park every night, except it's usually just me, and she's running circles around me at faster speeds than I can even run haha

  6. awww he's a real dog now.

  7. Wow, sorry, I just woke up. I mean like he's not a puppy anymore.

  8. How sweet! Our dog still loves to run around in the garden like a mad puppy (he's 6 in July!) Makes me smile SO much!

  9. He got the cone of shame off off, wooo. Your pup is beyond adorable. I can see why you are in heaven. Love the simplicity of this night, it really shows what is truly important in life

  10. SO LOVELY :) It is so pretty there. My husband just got offered a job in D.C. TOO bad I have on year left in school or I would be moving to this beautiful place. Lucky!

  11. Kamaia

    you guys are too cool! and i must say kingsley is the cutest pile of rolls i have ever seen.

  12. That's so cute! My fiance and our puppy run around together, too. :)

  13. I think Kingsley might possibly have the best parents on the planet!

  14. Lainey

    Goodness, this is absolutely adorable!

  15. LOVE this.

  16. whimsy

    what a wonderful evening!

  17. you guys are so precious. i love this.

  18. oh that is nice. what park are you at? the grass is so lush!

    so we spent our evening running after and ice cream truck with our piggy bank. it was a happy day for us.

  19. Maike.

    just … so cute… and little and just.. i dont know! :D
    think i'll also buy one like this laters.
    from http://mai-fashionista.blogspot.com

  20. This truly just make me want a puppy. Andy mentioned that all we need now… is a dog, the other night. I'm wanting to take this literally, however now is probably not the time.

    What a lovely little family you have! <3