more from mexico…

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a few more instax mini’s from mexico…

josh and i discovered the BEST little taco stand in cabo. (photo above).
pulled pork, cheese, lots of grease…. oh my gosh. so good.
we even went back for more the next day!
(and if we would have had our way, we’d have gone back the day after that, too.)
local food beats expensive americanized resort food, any day.
who cares if we got a little sick? it was unbelievable.
  1. Melanie

    Very cool! I definitely need to get out of the states and try local cuisine. Sounds delicious!

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  2. Juultje

    I love the new layout and the pics are amazing!! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  3. absolutely love the last 2 pics at the taco place!! so cute and vintage looking! adorable! =)

  4. Erin

    Looks like you guys had such a fun trip. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. hey! just wanted to tell you that your new blog look is fantastic! love the pics!

  6. love these! Would you recommend this camera?

  7. too too cute. loving the new look!

  8. Don't you just love your mini polas!?!?! I'm so glad I got mine last christmas!

  9. heather

    love these!! i just recently got an instax mini & still haven't played around with it enough.

    ps. in love with your new header. so cute! & mr. kingsley was definitely a necessary addition. :)

  10. 7upkels

    i am loving the new layout and i'm loving the pictures. never really had a desire to go to mexico, but you have changed my mind!!

  11. I love the second photo! It looks straight out of the past.

  12. Steffi

    As someone who loves photographing with polaroid film, I am really amazed how good fuji-roids are! I was afraid that one wouldn´t have polaroids dream-like quality to the pictures with fuji. But the lighter pictures are just as dreamy, in their own way! It seems the main difference appears when the background is darker, very nice images, but a more realistic feel than polaroid. So, one just needs to learn how to handle it differently (puh). Love your images, especially those with the sea and beach!!

  13. Cathi

    A little sick?
    You are too funny!

  14. I love these…do you mind me asking where you got both your red and navy blue striped tees? I have been looking for something just like these for a long time!

  15. megan and melissa, the striped tees are from H&M.;

    and steffi, i was worried fuji would be lack the dreamy quality of polaroids as well. both are still very different cameras, but i have been really impressed with what the fuji has to offer. still love my polaroid, too, though!


  16. Ashley

    Nothing better then getting of the beaten path in cabo for tacos. I love mexico. Having a little tummy issues is totally worth it!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures! I like the new layout as well!

  17. Alycia

    I hope you actually drank that super sweet real sugar Coca Cola with your tacos!

  18. I love the new layout! So cute.
    I brought my instax to Paris with me on vacation, I'm having so much fun with it. It's so much more affordable than the Polaroid.
    Love Lynne xx

  19. Lol..that towel swan is huge! And I must say, I love that photo of that little run down shop, with that brick wall and rack of hats! Super cool :)

    (Moon Face)

  20. JenRem

    You are so adorable. Love these photos. And I adore what you did with your header. Very different and cute. Great idea lil' lady :)

  21. Gah! I'm so jealous! I've been to Mexico a few times but never Cabo. Looks super fun and relaxing. Ahhh, just what I needed today!

  22. mina

    were those pork tacos called "al pastor"? those were my favorite thing about mexico city. cabo looks amazing – i got my instax a little while ago and haven't opened it yet. your pictures are making me excited to use it!

  23. I have the exact same striped blouse, Naomi! :D

  24. darling outfits, as always!

    the spouse and i really don't like expensive food either, it's always a let down, but for some reason the inlaws love it. haha

    by the way, i'm loving your heading!

  25. oh boy am I hungry. I grew up in San Diego so I had pretty good Mexican food for as the states is concerned but Cabo is where I had the best taco of my entire life…. UH-Mazing!

  26. Stonez

    Love Love LOVE the pics!! You peaked my interest in Polaroids, drug out my old camera and it's broken :( So now you've peaked my interest again in this Fuji…which camera do you have? Are these those little credit card sized photos…The 7's?
    Thanks in advance for the info…your little family is perfectly adorable!

  27. gah.

    you're ridiculously cute ALL the time. no fair.

    oh. and loooove the new header. it suits your blog! ;)

  28. wow! all of them are just AMAZING! and I also love the new header!


  29. Angela

    Oh how this takes me back to spending time in Mexico as a child <3 We'd go to all the local markets and the food was just incredible!! I still remember the tostadas to this day…

  30. Amanda

    Loved the moped!! :)

  31. love the one of you with the coca cola. living in new york again these days, listening to the news would married women rather talk to their husbands or their pets…;) Thought of you and your new dog, we just got one too!

  32. G

    I love your pictures. :) They remind me of my mission days, just much more stylish.

  33. Megan

    Where did you get your stripped shirts? Love 'em.

  34. whimsy

    so fun! and umm your swimsuits are darling, mind me asking where they are from?

  35. so so so pretty!!

  36. Your instax pics look great! I love your bathing suits.

  37. Rhianne

    gah, I just love your fuji's :) I can't wait to take mine out to play more!

    I can't wait to see some of kingsley either, I followed my parents dog around with my one lol.

  38. Helen

    ahh i want to go on holiday now!

  39. love that last one of you – you're adorable!

  40. Yikes! What great photos, thanks for sharing :)
    Cabo is now officially on my 'Must Travel To…' list!

  41. Meghan

    Yep. Always eat the food. And yes. You may get a little tummy ache, but has always been worth it!

  42. I am so getting an instax now – love your pics! Reminds me when I had the i-zone camera. Loved that thing!

  43. Nicole*

    your pictures are fantastic! I love them :)

  44. Alison

    love your aviators!

  45. Megan

    i really hope you read this comment because i believe i found something that will make you happy… i think i read a long time ago that you were devastated because you were running low on Polaroid film and didn't know where to get more… well i just found this place that sells it and thought i should pass it along to you, it's call The Impossible Project, check it out!

  46. Luna

    i love these pics, especially the one of you with the coke.

  47. megan! thanks so much for the comment and link to the impossible project's shop! i'm really excited they have successfully brought back polaroid film. now just crossing my fingers they lower the prices back to what they were a few years ago before it was discontinued so i can actually afford the film again!


  48. Jacob

    those tacos look so good :D

  49. Hey there!

    Really like this blog! I love all the artsy photos they make my day! However, where did you get those aviators? I have been looking for a pair like that! Let me know! Check out my blog too if you want..

    -Amy Bird