1. Melinda

    Love the pictures! Isn't Instax by Fuji and not Polaroid?

  2. looks like you had such a marvelous time. love the first picture of you and your husband. so colorful and radiant.

  3. Girl, you have got "beach chic" down to a science. And if you ever felt the need to divulge where you got that full, a-line yellow skirt, I would be all ears.
    Thanks for sharing your pics!

  4. Chloé

    awww! how fun! glad you guys had a good vacation!

  5. melinda- it is by fugi. and i love it.

    brooke, you are sweet! that yellow skirt is from Target. It's sold as a halter top dress, but the dress part was ugly (in my opinion) so i made it into a skirt.


  6. lindsay

    Okay, I love your style (duh) so I imagine you have rockin' bathing suits. Where do you purchase them from? I need swimsuit inspiration…

  7. what fun! love the photos, so cute

  8. you look gorgeous in these photos! what a beautiful trip. xo!

  9. I really like the Fuji mini film, and I also love the tiny size. I bought the Diana Instant Back that you can get from Lomography — it takes the mini film, too, and you just stick it on your Diana camera. It's a bit hit-or-miss but the results are so interesting and fun.

  10. Melanie

    Polaroid film looks so, so, so unbelievably cool. Mine takes 600 film as well… I've been waiting 5 years for it to come down in price. Unfortunately the polariod is so out of date and something tells me it's not going to happen.

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  11. How cute are those polaroids!? I love the Coca Cola one!

    (Moon Face)

  12. Nicole

    Wow, I'm impressed by the quality of the images the Fugi is taking.

    I am glad the impossible project happened and I'll be able to get Polaroid film cheaper soon.


  13. ah insanely jealous of that camera! i've had my eye on it for quite sometime!

    sweet photos with it! glad you got to use while you were!

  14. emily

    ha. funny story…

  15. R.

    These are lovely! I really love the Coca-Cola one! xox

  16. You look gorgeous! What beautiful pictures :)

  17. I love the way these pics turned out, is an the camera expensive?? Looks like a lovely vaca and I love your bright yellow suit!

  18. these pictures are so fun & colorful!!! they are definitely making me want a mexico vacation!! :)

    i might have to try a camera like this too! i have a polaroid, but the film is just too much for me as well… :(

  19. Natalie

    May I ask where you got that yellow swimsuit (that is a swimsuit..isn't it?) in the top picture? =]

  20. jenny

    i love my instax mini! i secretly like the photos better than polaroids because of how wonderful the colors turn out : )

  21. ~L~

    These are great!

  22. you have such cute stye. :) glad you had fun on your trip.

  23. Carrie

    what happened to your banner at the top!
    i like the other one MUCH better.
    just my thoughts.

    wonderful blog.
    always very happy and inspiring.

  24. Flore

    beautiful pictures and very nice blog !

  25. okay the colors of walls and stairsteps and signs in mexico RULE….maybe i should just say mexico itself rules and is the perfect backdrop for imaginative and vivid photos. i am trying to plan a getaway for my whole family there. the liveliness, the animals, the boistrous vendors, the sparkling sky and sea, the fresh fruits and veggies, baskets of color and peppers and tamales, paper flags in rainbow hues, art and guitars and terraces and flowers. agh, i love it so. i want to go. thank you for transporting me momentarily!

  26. Nothing BUT amazing!!! looks like one heck of a "rockstar" time!!!!
    Have a good week!

  27. please, do share where you buy your darling attire!?! i don't want to copy you, but i'll have to keep my eyes more wide open when i shop!

    i love the picture with josh and his parents at the tennis courts! classic!

  28. I've been debating getting this camera & you just sold it to me! The photos look amazing!

  29. bk

    These phots are great!
    I have the same camera and my husband orders the film for me straight from Japan i believe and it waaayyy cheaper than what you find in the states!

  30. Cortney

    I heartily agree with the comments on the yellow bathing suit and the yellow skirt- they look awesome on you!

    I do have a question on the Polaroid film though.. I know you supported that project to save Polaroid. It's hard to understand why now you're *not* buying Polaroid film because it's too expensive. Because it was my understanding that cost was precisely why Polaroid was going to stop making the film? I'm just confused as to why you would be so upset at the though of it going away, and fight to get it to still be available, but then not support the product in the end. I might be completely screwing up the details, please correct me if so!

  31. Cortney,

    The reason polaroid film ever got so expensive in the first place the past few years was because polaroid discontinued their film and everyone was scrambling to get the last few packages before it all ran out. That is why you can find expired film for over $30 per 10pack on Amazon or Ebay today. Back in the day, I don't remember polaroid film ever being as expensive as it is today, perhaps the production side of it was, but the prices were always reasonable in my opinion.

    The reason I supported the Impossible Project was partly because bringing back polaroid film production meant people wouldn't be fighting for a limited stock pile of film, which meant lower prices, or I had hoped. I STILL support the project and am so glad they have brought back the production of film (just because I bought a Fuji camera doesn't mean I don't still love my polaroid), but I am disappointed that The Impossible Project's price tag for film is just as expensive as the last few packages of expired film online. I, personally, cannot afford the Impossible Project's new price tag, and hope that in the future with the project's success will come the original (or close to) prices for polaroid film.

    I hope that made sense. I'm writing on my iphone.


  32. Angela

    Beautiful photos! I might have to look into one of these little cameras :)

    Your trip looks truly magical! <3 <3

  33. Becca

    So cool!
    I love these pictures :)

  34. Barbara

    those pictures are awesome!! :)

  35. Barbara

    those pictures are awesome!! :)

  36. s a m

    Naomi, I have been resisting the Fuji too. But these pictures have totally turned me around. Looks like my flea market poli will have to enjoy sometime as a still life center piece until we get some cheaper film. {and your right about the price! Polaroid film used to cost about a dollar an exposure at it's most expensive!}

  37. i looks like you had an amazing trip! sand, sun and your family. it doesn't get much better than that. i love cabo… my aunt and uncle lived there for many years. it was such a great place to visit!

    p.s. i am obsessed with my fuji instax! kiwi made fun of me for taking on our honeymoon to paris… that is until he realized how awesome it is!

  38. I bought this camera for our trip to Hawaii. I love the little guy!

  39. love the red stripes with your yellow dress/skirt! so clever that you took the dress part off.

    these are such rad pictures! i've been wanting an instax so bad, this just makes me want one even more. ;)

  40. Cortney


    That makes total sense. I would be frustrated too if I supported something expecting X to happen and Y happened instead..

    and as a hardcore frugal chick, I can totally understand not wanting to shuck out that kind of money when this film looks just as good as the Polaroid :)

  41. p+e

    love the new layout + your vacation pics!
    you two are a constant inspiration of cuteness!

  42. Jalene

    i love the photos. i kind of want that camera now!

  43. Mara

    oh I love the pictures! And your new layout looks awesome. Did you do it yourself?

  44. So gorgeous! Now I totally want the same camera!

  45. Jacob

    great pics! looks like a lovely time!

  46. Maddy

    as always you two are adorable!! I love the Coke photo & the one of you on the beach, the colors are divine!

  47. these are great cheki travel photos!!!
    i love your header too! so cute

  48. Sum

    You look gorgeous! Um, do I ever need to say more? Mustard always looks good on you. I heart the new banner! You're just full of creativity!

  49. thanks everyone! yes mara, i did make the header. i am still deciding if i like it, but i was in the mood for a change and wanted to try somethings. we will see if it stays.


  50. I love the picture you took from my home country :D
    I hope you come Mexico sooner :DD.

  51. by the way you are really talented in taking pics n.n

  52. Emily

    I love your new header! It was a good change! I totally want one of these cameras now! But which is better: the Instax or a Diana?

  53. Rhianne

    I'm so glad you got one, your photos are fantastic. I love mine and I've really been struggling with the new polaroid film, I'm gutted as it was so expensive. love love love your new header :)

  54. Britti

    These pictures are amazing! And I really love your new header!
    xo Britti

  55. Cathi

    Lovely photos! You all look to be having a wonderful memory making holiday. Love the new header too!

  56. jones


  57. Oh these pictures make me want a fuji instax!

  58. I have been eying that camera up and these pics are making me want it even more! Looks like you had a fabulous time. Like the new header btw.

  59. Are these the credit card sized photos? They are gorgeous! Which version of the camera did you get? mini 55i? mini 7? instax 210? thanks!!

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  61. Absolutely l-o-v-e your photos! Now, I'm considering purchasing the instax mini camera by fuji!

    Glad to see you had a blast!

  62. Amazing! I love the color of the polaroids, the tint they impress is really lovely.

    Hey that's mmy country, México looks beautiful. You three look pretty great too!

  63. carina

    Great pictures. I love the tennis shot!:-)

  64. Amy

    I love that yellow skirt – I keep meaning to leave a comment about it!

  65. Ruth

    Looks amazing!

  66. monkey girl, it's the mini 7. i love it.


  67. whimsy

    the new header is stunning, i love it! how did you get the pictures to be posted like that? or did you just scan the polariods in and thats how they looked? i love them! nice work, you are gorgeous. as always.

  68. Jamie

    beautiful pictures :) such a fan of your blog… that's why i just passed on an award to you.
    check it out when you have a second.


  69. Luna

    nice pics.

  70. I very much love these photos. I very much love YOU guys. You're absolutely perfect :)

  71. Great pictures! I long for the beach now!

  72. Robyn

    Any chance you get spill the beans on where you bought the yellow swimsuit? It's DARLING!