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we’re back from mexico!
such a beautiful place.
and the tacos! oh, those tacos!
more photos to come…
  1. janis

    ahhh – these are lovely! so glad you made it back safe. can't wait to see the rest of the photos + hear your stories!!


  2. Meg Fee

    oh so beautiful. darling girl, glad you had a good time, can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Maddy

    ahhhh it's so beautiful. I've been dreaming of a trip like this. Look at those buildings! so cute.

  4. Looks like a lot o' fun. I need a vacation.

  5. What great pictures! Such a fun little trip away from the city :)

  6. Erin

    So beautiful! Make me want to pack up and go on vacation. :)

  7. woah that last picture is ouutta controlll! can't wait to see more! hope you had a great vacation!

  8. Bridget

    i looove that last picture.

  9. ahhh… reminds me of la paz. so wonderful. we stopped for roadside chicken instead of tacos, but still amazing!

  10. Stunning pics. :) Love all the colorful houses, it makes me want to pick up all my colored pencils & start drawing!

  11. Stunning pics. :) Love all the colorful houses, it makes me want to pick up all my colored pencils & start drawing!

  12. floreal

    Naomi Naomi dear:
    Glad that you had a great vacation.
    Ots so good to hear that you are back now.
    Kingsley must be super happy.
    Looking forward to more photos from Mexica….

  13. Looks like the perfect beach vacation. I'm a little jealous, but mostly just glad to see all the pictures!

  14. Look at the beautiful colour of that sea!
    And you look lovely as ever :)
    PD x

  15. love these pictures!! I've been to Cabo, and it was the best vacation I've ever had. these pictures reminded me of my great vacation and the beauty there! Thanks for posting these. you are so gorgeous!!

  16. Chloé

    man i am jealous! looks like so much fun!! can't wait to see the rest!

  17. Oh your so lucky to go to Mexico!! I love the photos!! That water is so beautiful!! And the mountains!! Awesome!!

  18. Meghan

    We just got back too. Yes, the tacos. And we ate our weight in ceviche.

  19. Oh. It makes my heart hurt. it's all so beautiful.

    Glad you had a lovely time!!

  20. emily

    ah yes, true mexican tacos are to die for. just eat them breakfast lunch and dinner i say.
    can't wait to hear about it. date? :)

  21. Luna

    welcome back. love the pics. very pretty.

  22. jenn

    beautiful pictures!

  23. Leni

    so beautiful. i love the colorful houses!!! i cant wait to see more photos.

    i also have a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  24. kelsie

    great pictures! we've yet to find good mexican food here in dc, so i'm glad you got some authentic goodness

    : )

  25. Eden

    beautiful pictures :)

  26. JenRem

    :: sigh :: I wanna go to Mexico. These photos are fantastic!

  27. Amanda*

    Great pictures! I think I need a vaca now…

  28. Emily

    gorgeous! you guys take the best vacations!

  29. whimsy

    ahhh i love!!!
    looks divine.
    so glad you got some great pics!
    looks amazing, so glad you got to have such a nice trip!

  30. Angela

    Can't wait to see more pictures! Looks beautiful! I'd love to know what part of Mexico you stayed :)

  31. eeeeeeeek! you're so lucky. and it looks like you had a safe and wonderful time (i know i sound like such a mother, but you always hear about these horror story gun shootings and stuff). that water looks DIVINE! can't wait to see more pictures.

  32. :) erin

    so glad you had fun, and hope you enjoyed some homemade tortillas.

  33. Emma

    fabulous photos!! can't wait to see more!

  34. Jacob

    great pictures— looks like you had a wonderful time :D

  35. so beautiful! i bet it was such a dream the entire vacation!

  36. oh beautiful! i want these pictures to cover my walls. they just scream summer.

  37. okay 1. LOVE the picture of the rooftops and 2. your hat is amazing :)

  38. amanda

    tacos in mexico? holllla!

  39. beautiful! Cool that you didn't just stay in a resort the whole time! Looks MUCH nicer!

  40. Yay!! am glad you loved Mexico!
    My Grandfather was from Mexico! And he told me so many stories and he had so many different traditions so amazing!
    I haven’t visited Mexico in around 4 years I don’t really have family living in mexico but it looks like a fa place…..soooooo Mexico here I come!! (catch me if you can!!)

    Look beautiful Maomi ♥
    (Me Encantan Los Tacos!! Veggie Tacos Tambien!!)

  41. Cassie

    Seriously?! I am so envious right now. That place. Those chairs on the beach. Some sun. Tacos. pure envy.

    Hope you guys had an awesome time!

  42. Moocy

    Beautiful photos! So much color… makes me want to travel. :)

  43. isn't Mexico beautiful? Glad to hear and see you like it. Tacos is the best food!

  44. I am feeling slightly jealous right now! Beach and tacos – what more could you want?

  45. p.s. what kind of camera did you use for these? they're so pretty i just keep coming back to peek haha

  46. That water looks amazing. I'm sure Kingsley is happy to have you back!

  47. LOVE the photos!
    SO beautiful! ♥

  48. I hope you had a great time! It looks amazing!!!

  49. we are taking a cruise on the Mexican Riviera this summer – your pictures make me so excited for August! Thanks for sharing

  50. che bella! look at that water!!!
    i love your sunglasses :)
    i'm jealous of the tacos- i can only imagine how delicious they must have been :)

  51. It looks lovely.. and I love your hat! x

  52. Cortney

    @ Leighana- Whoa, you're right, that post is eerily similar!

    I'm curious how you keep up with cameras on the beach. I usually leave my camera at home about 50% of the time because I'm always so afraid it will break/get stolen/get in my way/get wet/etc. It's so hard to *deal* with, just to have around, but you guys have clearly found a way to make it work because you're usually able to get pics everywhere you go. How do you carry it around? I really despise the necklace thingy, so I'm hoping that's not the answer, haha.

  53. Stunning.

  54. Cassie

    Oh my! Those colors are amazing. I wish I could see that in person, but I can't wait to see more photos!

  55. Makes me want to go to the beach! If you ever come to Salt Lake City, Utah in the summer we have all kinds of Mexican Taco Stands all over the city. The best one is on the east side of the downtown Sears :). I have a sister in law from Mexico and she has even said they are very authentic Mexico and very good!

  56. Melanie

    wow looks amazing. i'd love to visit mexico one day.

  57. kristen

    Sooooo I'm sure you have answered this before, but your fuschia lipstick? It's beautiful! What color and brand is it?!

  58. Amanda

    What a gorgeous little post!

  59. id like to be there right now please! BEAUTIFUL photos!

  60. Ahh, the explosion of colors on those houses!! I loveee! What a lovely trip! :)

  61. Sum

    you two are the cutest ever!

  62. Leah

    Hey-You probably don't remember me, but we chatted a couple times via blog. I think if I remember correctly that you and your husband took a trip to the Dominican Republic. My husband will be assisting at a private high school there for a bit this summer and I will be joining him for a week. I was wondering if you had any suggestions of things to do/see? If it's too much of a hassle, no worries. It's just always nice to hear from others who have been there before. If you have a chance, email me at leah{at}

    Thank you!

  63. Stacey

    You are gorgeous! What color is the pink lipstick ur wearing in the top photo!???? It is just the color I am looking for!??!

  64. that looks so restful and fun. and i'm now craving tacos. always love your photos!!

  65. Allison

    You have just caused me to add Mexico to the places I need to go! Thank you!

  66. oh my gosh i'm absolutely in love with that last photo… beautiful! and your pictures have definitely given me a HUGE case of wanderlust! :)

  67. love the place. love the photos! keep 'em coming!

  68. thank you!

    stacey, the lipstick in the top photo is by sephora. i believe the color is R11.

  69. Stacey

    Thank you Naomi! Looks like ya'll had a blast! Thanks for making life so positive!

  70. Renée

    Looks like the two of you had a great time!

  71. you are out of this world adorable !!

  72. Sini

    so beatiful photos!!

  73. I think we may have been in Cabo at the same time! It looks like you loved it as much as we did. And love the new blog header :)