1. Cute!

  2. ren

    totally love those cupcakes! they look divine! aren't girlfriends the best?!

  3. I love that cupcake wall art! So were they as delicious as they look? :)

  4. Adorable! I think cupcakes have become even more fun as an adult. I love that cupcake print in the background…would look amazing in my kitchen, hhmmm….

  5. So sweet! I'm definitely going to spend some more time in Georgetown when I move back to Baltimore!

  6. Emily

    You two are so pretty! Those cupcakes look amazing!

  7. love cupcake shops! You both are so pretty!!

  8. Rasha

    So cute love it!

  9. all of your pictures make me wish beyond belief that i could pull of bangs. *sigh*

  10. you are both so beautiful (i hope you read this too meg!!)
    Meg has such a deeply moving, searching soul

  11. you guys are adorable!!!! and the cupcakes look yummy :)

  12. jones

    looks like a fantastic visit. spring seems to be treating you well!!! to date, have not sampled georgetown cupcake – remained loyal to the B&W; strawberry. yum.

  13. Meg Fee

    ahhhhhh!! this made me laugh so hard!! thanks lady.

  14. Y'all are so pretty and those cupcakes look AMAZING. How on earth do you choose which one to get?!

  15. Jessica

    I just discovered your blog and I must say, it's wonderful! I have spent countless hours browsing through your archives. I also live in the DC area and today I discovered Curbside Cupcakes. Have you seen this?? It's a hot pink van that cruises through Capitol Hill and sells cupcakes street-side. It was very delicious! A co-worker and I got a free cupcake from them today… it's their "nation appreciation week." http://twitter.com/CurbsideCupcake

  16. yay for meg fee! what a great gal to enjoy cupcakes with! ;0

  17. i love her pretty sparkly eyes. you two are adorable. cupcakes always make the best setting for cute pics of friends.

  18. you both are gorgeous!

    and i hate long lines when getting cupcakes. i get way too impatient!

  19. What beautiful photos!! :)

  20. amanda

    such simple cupcakes, yet so very cute.

    and no line? that is just crazy talk. there is ALWAYS a line. pshhh.

  21. what kind of make-up do you use? I know it's probably a completely random and maybe even a little creepy.. however, I have a million freckles myself and so I am intrigued! please do share!

  22. whimsy

    ahhh i love!! yummy cupcakes wit a lovely friend. and no line? jackpot.

  23. Peabody

    Nothing like no wait for cupcakes!

  24. Becca

    Cupcakes have to be the.cutest.thing. So fun!
    I'm glad you guys had instant gratification :)

  25. Cupcakes = Love. And the two of you are so too gorgeous! Dentists must love you both. :-)

  26. I LOVE your freckles!!!

  27. Yay for no lines! The cupcakes look yummy.

  28. Those look like little palm-fuls of perfection! What a fun date.

  29. Davina

    i love cupcakes!! i tried georgetown cupcakes during my visit to DC last nov and i'm still drooling over them!! it beats Sprinkles in CA ANY DAY.

  30. Nikki

    My best friend lives in DC and is constantly torturing me with the yummy new flavors of georgetown cupcake! These look delicious!
    My favorite description thus far has been coconut keylime pie.

    Great Post



  31. I just made my first trip to D.C. and we hit that cupcake spot just last week!

  32. Lanie

    mmm… cupcakes!!

  33. Jacob

    those look wonderful. I've always wanted to go to just a cupcake shop. They are probably the best. :)

  34. ~KS

    Cupcakes are my favorite thing in the whole world… I wish there was a cupcake shop near me…
    Fabulous pictures!

  35. Oh cupcakes… I won't be having one for a looong time. What was I thinking when I decided to give up sugar?? (That will change when I get to France of course)