1. Kingsley looks so jolly in this picture. :)

  2. I love photos of Kingsley! He has got to be the most adorable dog on the Internet!

    Thank you for sharing photos of him!

  3. Amanda

    I agree with shopgirl, above.

    I can't wait until my future bulldog looks up at me with that bully-grin.

    [My boyfriend makes a sound that goes with this bulldog face, and it's so spot on. Maybe I'll video him doing it, and post it soon.]

    Happy Frideee!! :)

  4. Adorable! I just discovered your blog recently and have lost the last couple of days reading it in its entirety. You are indeed a rock star and so inspirational! Thanks for sharing! Stephanie x

  5. Bree

    bet he's pretty darn happy to have his parents back!

  6. Luna

    kingsley is so cute. he looks like he has a big smile on his face. congrats to the winner.

  7. whimsy

    what a little cutie.

  8. Jacob

    yay for no more cone of shame :D

  9. amanda

    yay to the winner and yay for kingsley. he's the man.

  10. basho

    Look at that happy man!

  11. Beth

    Goodbye cone of shame. Hello Kingsley!

  12. I misread this as "Kingsley and giveaway winner". That is to say, I interpreted that Kingsley was the giveaway prize. I was so confused as to why you were giving him away…. And via a blog giveaway nonetheless. How depressing!

  13. yay Kingsley – we have missed you this week :) welcome back to the blog!

  14. yay Kingsley – we have missed you this week :) welcome back to the blog!

  15. he has to be one of the cutest things. ever!

  16. Renée

    Ooooh happy dog!!