1. JenRem

    So. Very. Cute! Especially that last one. I swoon!

  2. Larissa

    so cute! I love your kingsley!

  3. Rebecca

    This is the sweetest thing I've seen for ages! :)

  4. Rebecca

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  5. Any entry with Kingsley in it makes me happy.

  6. So, so cute! My favorite is the last one, with Kingsley resting his chin on the wheel. *dies*

  7. I love these… how cute! haha It is like when the little kid sits on the lap of the parent in the car and holds the wheel.

  8. My dog likes to sit in my lap while I drive too, hehe.

  9. Riley

    My dog does the same thing and except she has never put her chin on the wheel. Kingsley is just so adorable!

  10. Julia

    it seems like that puppy gets cuter and cuter with every picture!! i don't think i'll ever tire of kingsley related posts!

  11. he's getting so big so fast!

  12. Helen

    i get so scared when my dogs try to sit on my knee while i'm driving!

  13. That last one especially! Such a sweet face your doggie has!

  14. Every bulldog I have ever owned has done this complete with the chin rest. It's the oddest thing, I guess I mean,
    It's a bulldog thing!

  15. Estee

    This is the funniest thing ever!
    This dog is just too cute…

  16. Camille

    Oh my cute! Love it!

  17. Jessica

    Um, i don't think that's safe. Kingsley could be crushed if the car had to stop quickly!

  18. Kingsley is getting driving lessons, I hope he has his permit?? :)

  19. oh the chin on the steering wheel – toooooo cute.

  20. Jen

    Kingsley is so adorable!!

    On a cautionary note though… You could get a very nasty traffic ticket if you are ever caught, as well as the little guy could get seriously hurt if you were to get into an accident and the airbag went off.

  21. Mandi

    I was just taking pictures of Archie doing the very same thing with Phil yesterday! haha I was going to post them on my blog, but then I though… surely somebody will say how unsafe this is… blah, blah, blah. Sure enough, it has already been said. ;)

  22. amy

    you guys should invest in a doggy seatbelt for kingsley. my brother bought one for his little guy and it does wonders to keep your adorable puppy safe!

  23. Angela

    Aww, gotta love a man and his dog :) So adorable!

  24. Oh my goodness, that looks like the most dangerous thing ever :(

  25. His face in that first pic is amazing! What a cute lil pup :)

  26. thanks for all the safety advice everyone. kingsley is (for the most part) kept in the backseat when the car is in motion, but he hopped over to josh's lap from leo's and it was just too good of a photo opt to miss out on.

    we promise we're not trying to kill our dog or disobey the law intentionally. he is our most precious cargo!


  27. Omigoodness. Kingsley is TOO cute!

  28. He's just simply adorable! These are cute photos!

  29. Jacob

    awwwh! This has to be the cutest photo ever!

  30. CAPow!

    I almost can't stand how cute kingsley is!

  31. so cute your little baby!

    so beautiful his mommy!

  32. leo, is the best for sure! i am such a huge fan of his work!!

  33. Seems pretty responsible and if he ever got pulled over…how could a cop EVER give that face a ticket?

  34. Truly adorable!

  35. Awww adorable! x

  36. Lynn

    The "King" is such a ROCKSTAR!!! especially love the hula-hoop like roll on his lower half, too cute Naomi & can't wait to see more from this amazing shooter Leo Patrone (um, greatest name by the way).

  37. The last picture is gold. Kingsley is not a dog, that's for sure. He's been here before… That face is full of love for you and Josh. I swoon too xx

  38. that last one is the sweetest thing! he is just so precious.

  39. Beth

    He completely knows what he is doing. He is ready for his own car now…. :)
    Very smart little doggie!

    I love when you post Kingsley stories btw!!


  40. Too adorable! Puppies that keep climbing in laps in the car are so so so sweet.

  41. I'm going to steal Kingsley one of these days.

  42. Amanda

    I love your BULLY…and your BLOGGY. :)

  43. Sadie

    Oh my goodness, my little girls would die!

  44. ♥Lola

    So cute! We have a 3kg silky terrier who insists on sitting on my partners lap every time we drive. It looks hilarious because he drives this bright green workers ute with this little dog snuggled on his lap :)

  45. so cute!! sometimes he look sooo BiG and then sometimes he still looks so little!

  46. Your pictures of Kingsley make my day <3

  47. I read your tweet about boarding Kingsley. Don't you have a friend who would gladly take him in while you are gone? We started having my grandma watch our dog and it makes a world of difference.

  48. I read your tweet about boarding Kingsley. Don't you have a friend who would gladly take him in while you are gone? We started having my grandma watch our dog and it makes a world of difference.

  49. seriously hes to die for. especially the one of his chin on the wheel. just chillin.

  50. so precious! our pup does that too! kinglsey looks like he has the sweetest little temperament.

  51. Olivia

    Aww, Kingsley is adorable! I love the picture where his head is resting on steering wheel. :)

  52. I have a dog named Kingsley!!
    He's named after Ned (Kingsley) Plimpton (Zissou) from Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic.
    Love your pictures! And that yellow skirt in your latest entry. So feminine and retro and great.

  53. tRiSh

    aaah this is too cute! love them!