here’s to happiness {by tiffany}

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10 things that make tiffany terribly happy:
  1. singing my messages on friends voice mails
  2. the satisfaction of reading the last page in a really good book
  3. apple cider through a straw
  4. sharing a smile with a stranger
  5. laying on my thinking rug
  6. love sessions with my dog when i get home from work
  7. my galoshes – my bike – giant puddles
  8. finishing a crossword puzzle – without cheating
  9. anything by david sedaris
  10. postcards
thank you for sharing, tiffany!
polaroid by me.
  1. This post has inspired me to commit to singing my voicemails from now on.

    Everyone needs a little melody in their life! Thanks Tiffany!:)

  2. Jacob

    that is awesome! This is an awesome list!

  3. Gina

    i LOVE the feeling of when you finish the last page in a good book! :)

  4. I love splashing around in big puddles, especially with my new super cute rain boots!

    Great list! :)

  5. Linda

    Haha! Im gonna try the singing-messages thing right now! How fun!!

  6. David Sedaris makes me happy too.

  7. 2 & 6 are totally on my list too!

  8. i love finishing a book but when its a really good one i'm disappointed that its over!

  9. Ash Att

    Naomi, I have been reading your blogs for a while and i love them! I loved the first one on the list. It made me laugh because i do that exact same thing. Love it!

  10. Daivd Sedaris makes me so happy! great list

  11. There is nothing better than listening to David sedaris on a long road trip!

  12. I LOVE singing on my friends voice mails hahaha and they love it too of course :)

  13. Julie

    Ahhh, David Sedaris, what a great writer!!

  14. whimsy

    i love the rain and i love this picture!

  15. yeah – the happy lists are back! and what a good one :-)

  16. this is so cute. :)

  17. amanda

    giant puddles are totally fun!

  18. Hello, Did you ever attend UVU (but back when it was Uvsc)?
    I was looking over your blog and thought you looked kind of familiar. Then my girlfriend told me you had gone to Julliard for dance.
    I attended Uvsc for a a couple semesters a few years ago, and I remember a girl from one of my classes saying she had been accepted into Julliard for dance. If I remember correctly it was an english class.(not positive about this though.)
    So my question is, was this you?

  19. hi chris, i took a bunch of dance classes (through the modern dance department) at uvsc my senior year of high school before juilliard. maybe we met?

    thanks for reading!

  20. Hmmm, I guess it was probably someone else, as I never took any dance classes.

  21. Krystle

    I love David Sedaris!

  22. Yay happy lists. I love singing voicemails! (getting them at least. haha)

  23. Kylie

    I have secretly well now not so secretly become obsessed with your blog. It bring much happiness and many stress free moments to my day. I love you little dog Kingsley he is adorable and I am always left admiring your pretty head bands! Keep up the good posts as they inspire people (well at least they inspire me)


  24. What incredibly beautiful blog you have! My compliments!

    A footprint from Agneta & Sweden

  25. Hello! You really do have a beautiful blog and I have enjoyed reading it this morning. However, that's my photo you've posted without my permission and I would appreciate your removal of it from your blog. It's not legal to take a photo from flickr without the permission of it's photographer, and it is clearly stated that all rights are reserved on this particular photo. Thank you.

  26. Imkemper, i am terribly sorry for not seeking your permission to post this photo. i loved this photo when i came across it and thought linking the photo credit to you and your site would be sufficient but i realize now that sometimes that is not ok. i'll switch the photo right now. again, i am terribly sorry. i did not mean to offend!


  27. naomi,
    i really love these happy lists and your blog. my honey is a sailor and he just left this morning to spend two months in bahrain, which is not a long time but, like you, i cannot stand to be away for him much longer than a work day. we just moved back down south (we're texans) to new orleans from philadelphia and we're missing the northeast a ton (i was there for 5 years – 4 in upstate in ny)! i loved DC when we went to visit, but i'm loving seeing it through your eyes even more. thanks for posting all these beautiful pictures (esp of kingsley!) and giving us a glimpse of your lives!


  28. Naomi – no offense taken and I truly appreciate your quick action! I'm typically ok with granting permission to bloggers. Some photographers would be far more aggressive and I would hate to see an innocent act result in legal action. Again, thank you.

  29. tiffany

    i'm honored you used my happy list.
    happiness and joy need to spread, migrate and ooze into everyone's lives, hearts, actions.

    "That is happiness – to be dissolved into something complete
    and great." ~Willa Cather

    i hope heaps upon heaps of happiness are in and continue to be in you and your families (dog included) lives.