hello weekend!

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josh and i are off to mexico for the week and i couldn’t be more excited. (if you are wanting a good laugh today, go read about what a typical day is like in los cabos. haha, who gets paid to write this kind of stuff? i have never laughed so hard.) these last many months have been so long and draining in many ways so we’re ready for some sunshine and sand between our toes. we maybe started singing “under the sea” from the little mermaid to each other last night as we started packing. we are that excited.
kingsley will be staying here in d.c., rocking the district with some of his favorite people (thanks friends!) he will surely have the time of his life. we haven’t even left yet, and i already miss him!
i have a bunch of fun goodies scheduled for you next week on the blog, so do come on over and say hello! have a lovely weekend! see you next friday!
  1. HAVE FUN in Mexico!!! Sounds like a much needed break!! =)

  2. Liz

    AH, SO jealous. Have SO much fun in the sun with your sweetie! Bring back lots of pictures :)

  3. I hope your weekend in Mexico is not at all "typical". Have fun!

  4. Anna

    HAHA that typical day is RIDICULOUS! On so many levels. Have fun in Cabo, where your mood will tirn to romance, your iron pumping man will always take the chek, and you can enjoy one slice of cheesecake. yum. Don't let a romantic quickie of golf take too much out of you.

  5. Maddy

    I love Mexico! Have sooo much fun!

  6. Emma

    i am so jealous! have a great trip!

  7. Have a fabulous trip! Enjoy every second!

  8. Ashley

    Have an awesome time! Cabo is perfect in April!

  9. Hahaha, Kingsley will be "rocking the district. . ." awesome. :) Have a wonderful time in Mexico . . . I went to Cabo a couple years ago and had the time of my life!

  10. Erin

    I stayed at Pueblo Bonito – Sunset Beach in April '08. The weather was perfect & it was such an escape! Enjoy!!

    PS I just realized you mentioned Nicole's French Photo Retreat a while back. I signed up a few weeks ago and couldn't be more excited (and slightly nervous)! Are you going to go?

  11. Alianna

    Have a great time!!!

  12. Amanda*

    I stayed at Pueblo Bonita a few years ago. If you haven't stay at one of their resorts, you are in for a treat! Absolutely beautiful!

  13. Have a wonderful time! Enjoy a fish taco and virgin pina colada for me! :)

  14. have a nice time in Mexico.
    bring me lots of fun story. :D

  15. Jay

    Have a wonderful weekend yourself and enjoy your Mexican getaway :)

  16. oh my! how fun for you and josh. mexico is beautiful! have fun!

  17. hanner

    i can't decide between "Dos cervezas? Gracias. Dos mas? Si!" and the "chek" signing as being my favorite parts of that typical day.

  18. Angela

    Enjoy Mexico!! I totally know what you mean about missing Kingsley already. When ever we travel and have to leave little Miss Twiggy, I feel like a horrible "parent"… The reunion when we come home is great though! haha


  19. hahaha I just literally laughed out loud at that "typical day"… seriously, who wrote that!? hope you have such a lovely trip – can't wait to see pictures next week! :)

  20. have a great trip! can't wait to see what great outfits you've packed!

  21. Ahahahahaha. That's awesome.

  22. almalu

    have a great time!!!

  23. whimsy

    ahhh divine! have a fabulous time! and get that sand between your toes. nothing is better for the soul…

  24. amanda

    so jealous! have an incredible time!

  25. i hope you guys have an amazing time! YAY! safe travels :)

  26. "He hit the gym, pumping iron."!!!!LOL. This is great! I'm sure the staff of SNL is behind this one.

  27. {jane}

    Cabo is our place! you'll have to tell me later where you stayed…we LOVE the pueblo bonito 'hollistic spa retreat' & sunset beach…

    make sure to have dinner at 'the office!' it's a party…

    have fun!

  28. {jane}

    yay. i just realized your article came from a 'pueblo bonito' site, so i'm really hoping you are staying at one. If you are NOT at the Pacifica, make sure you spend a day there!!!! a MUST! my husband & i sneak away there & love to rent the big beds down on the white sand beach, i mean, how amazing does that just sound?!? you can whale-watch, from the luxury of your own bed on the beach!

    lookie here – {this was 3 years ago… ;) )


  29. have a great trip! can't wait to see the photos when you get back – especially some diana/holga shots! enjoy and RELAX! xo.

  30. Is Josh in sales? How does he get so much time off?! I'm so jealous!

    Have tons-o-fun!

  31. Cassie

    Safe travels! And we'll miss you while you're gone! <3

    Take LOTS of pictures!

  32. What about us?

  33. Jacob

    have an awesome time!

  34. Have a great time! I've stayed at Pueblo Bonito and LOVED it!

  35. Oh fun!! We are planning a trip to Cancun in June :) Have fun!

  36. dbbg

    have funn!!! can't wait to see pictures!

  37. Consider the hour and a half drive up to Rancho Pescadero and Totos Santos – a total reset button. RP is run by two lovely people from Boulder, CO and their ranch/hotel/bar is one of my all-time favorite places.

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  39. Cabo sounds amazing!!! May you have safe travels and an incredibly relaxing vacation. Just think about all of the sweet puppy love you guys will get from Kingsley upon your return! :)

  40. Sini

    oh wow Mexico! Have a great holidays :)

  41. You lucky thing! Have a fantastic romantic week in paradise!
    PD xx

  42. Colleen

    I love Cabo! You'll have a great time.

  43. Enjoy Mexico and post lots of photos when you get back! ;)
    I'm sure Kingsley will miss his mama more than ever. Awww.. but he'll be fine. :D
    Take care!


  44. ~KS

    Have a great time… relax and refresh!

  45. I too have been on vacation and have been trying to catch up on blogging! Have fun in Mexico! Your friend Meg is beyond beautiful! Pace.

  46. Enjoy every little minute!

  47. jones


  48. Have a great time in Mexico!