happy easter weekend!

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leo sent over the photos from last weeks shoot and of course, they are absolutely stunning and then some. i can’t wait to share the rest with you! we love leo. he is a rockstar.
we hope you have a wonderful easter weekend! we are having some friends over for crepes in the morning to kick off general conference weekend. i’m sure we’ll be having a little easter egg hunt for josh sometime on sunday too and crossing our fingers we have enough time to make it to another bulldog party out in arlington with kingsley (he goes bonkers for his bulldog friends).
happy easter!
  1. your outfits are killing me!!!!
    so gorgeous.

  2. That first picture is so sweet and the 2nd one is really cute. I love your shoes and both pairs of tights!

    Happy Easter to you and yours! oxox

  3. yeah color!

    is Kingsley OK in the second picture?

  4. great photos! Love your colors, and K's tongue in the second pic!!!

  5. I love all the colors!

  6. beautiful photos! kingsley is adorable and josh's and your outfits are rocking!

  7. Holly

    amazing photos! i love your b&w; skirt.

  8. erin

    such sweet shots. i love your tights!

  9. Rasha

    LOVE the yellow.

  10. JenRem

    Wow these are superb! So in love with them. The color and the tights and the Kingsley – perfect in every way. Have a great weekend!

  11. those outfits are definitely for a happy girl. they say "no grumpiness aloud in my presence!" ;)


  12. i meant "allowed"


  13. mind sharing where ya got the shoes?

  14. Those white tights are magical! <3

  15. 7upkels

    i can't get over those pictures!! beautiful!!!

  16. That first outfit is fabulous!! I'm sure these pics are gonna turn out great!!! :)

  17. becca

    Where is that awesome yellow skirt from? Cutest photos ever.

  18. oh my goodness! we're having crepes sunday morning with my family who's all gathering for gc too! (the crepes are a sunday morning tradition for husband and me.) LOVE the pictures of your little family! happy easter to you!

  19. chavonne, the yellow shoes are from Macy's

    and becca, the skirt is from Target. it was actually a hideous looking dress (i didn't care for the top half) so i made into a skirt instead.

    thanks everyone!

  20. Awesome pictures. Well done, Leo. Well done.

    Happy Easter! Happy Conference! It's really cool that they're the same weekend.

  21. these are gorgeous. you are a great stylist! XO.

  22. these are gorgeous. you are a great stylist! XO.

  23. love the color combos in the second picture!

  24. Erin

    I just happened upon your blog and I love it…have been reading through all your posts and I think they are truly gorgeous…will be back!

    Love love love,



  25. eden

    my family always does crepes on general conference weekend – both days. (: one tradition i hope we never change.

    happy easter!

  26. cute cute pics, I can already tell they will be great! &yay; for conference weekend :) it is the best!

  27. Kelly

    very cute pics! I really love the first one especially. Hope you have a fabulous easter!

  28. Meghan

    Beautiful, as always:) Happy Easter!

  29. Kari

    I'm SO PUMPED for General Conference…spiritual enlightenment AND wearing pajamas…can it get any better?!


    Oh, and I love your first outfit. You should write a blog post on how-to dress so cute!

  30. these photos are soo cute…
    happy easter :o)

  31. Whitney

    goodness gracious.
    those are just…perfect.

  32. those flats are to die for! can't wait to see the other pics. happy easter!

  33. Naurnie

    you three are the cutest little family! xo.

  34. Kim

    How sweet! Is Leo located in Utah? I'll be needing a wedding photographer in the next year!

  35. awww cute pictures :) and happy easter weekend to you guys :)

  36. Emily

    Love the pictures! Happy Conference weekend!

  37. These are truly pretty Naomi! xo

  38. CM

    Love your outfits! Such cute photos. :)

  39. Oh wow! I love the first photo! I think your skirt is super adorable! :D

  40. Jacob

    aw! what a lovely family. have a happy easter! I'm excited for the rest of the pics as well :)

  41. Tae

    is general conference always on Easter weekend? i never knew that. do you celebrate Christ's resurrection as part of Sunday's conference?

    i also love leo's photography! so nice. the cherry blossom one is my favorite so far even though the color is wonderful too. Enjoy this very Good Friday :)

  42. where did you get that luscious polka dot cardi?? it's just perfect!

  43. Alison

    so inspirational! i just might have to ask for a family portrait for my birthday ;D

  44. Love these photos so much! There is nothing that beats film photography!

    I have the same dress/skirt and just recently cut off the top too to make into a skirt. first who can wear halters with garment? and two…who wants to?? but man the bottom half?? in LOVE!


    love you!

  45. Lanie

    I'm going to the Sunday morning session, which also happens to be my birthday! :D It's gonna be a great Easter weekend!

  46. okay, seriously… cutest. little. family. EVER. i SWOON.

    happy easter, davis family <3

  47. i'm speechless.

    you two are beyond the most beautiful couple around. happy easter!

  48. Jilleun

    couldn't be more adorable.

  49. you guys are too darling, Happy Easter!

  50. Thanks for sharing leo's work! He is GREAT! And ofcourse Kingsley is so cute :)

    Happy easter to you as well <3

  51. Dee

    Love the black and white skirt with the pink socks,

  52. Vanessa

    gorgeous pictures!!! and LOVE those flats! where are they from!?

  53. Kara

    Can't get over how cute these photos are!! Love your blog for sure.

  54. Amazing photos. You guys are setting an all-time cute standard. Especially Kingsley. A happy, happy Easter to you!

  55. Bridget

    hot pink tights, yes please! leo is a genius photog.

  56. Jessica

    This photos are incredibly adorable! It's so fun watching little Kingsley grow up. He is precious.

  57. kwistin

    aaaaggghhh! leo IS amazing, and you are such an adorable model family :)

    general conference…huzzah!!! and i'm having a waffles/pancakes/crepes party in between sessions with some friends. i guess a wancreps..? party? …i hope your weekend is wonderful. :]

  58. fabulous!!! i love them. how wonderful. happy easter and conference weekend!

  59. Cortney

    I really like pink and yellow together- it's a happy combo.

    Also, I know you had linked it awhile back, but I have to say I find seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com hilarious, thanks for giving a heads up on it. I've shown it to all of my Mormon friends and they love the satire of it. Have a good GC weekend!

  60. Shirin

    josh has great style! you too of course, but… josh too!

  61. happy spring/easter! love the yellow!!! kudos to the photographer! and the styling of course!

  62. Amelia

    OMG how did he get kingsley with his tongue sticking out? i need to hire leo to take pictures of my pup!!

  63. so so so so pretty!!!!! happy easter!!

  64. Becca

    Umm, are you choking out Kingsley?
    ha ha ha Maybe he is just pretending, because he wants more comments.
    Either way, you guys look adorable as usual. LOVE these pictures!

  65. Naysel

    So cute, I love your outfit!

  66. these are incredible! love them.

  67. Aron

    Your husbands shoes are slick. Where are they from?

  68. Riley

    Your outfits are amazing! <3

  69. katie z

    i love your outfit (:
    you all look adorable!

  70. do people just ask you if you want to be in a photoshoot? i'm not sure but i AM sure that i'm jealous &want; TEH cutest photoshoots ever of me &my; hubby taken often.

    mmmm! :]]

    cute, cute, cute… everything.

    love, love, love:

    his shoes &jeans.;

    your black &white; striped skirt!

    his almost choked, but precious, expression:]. {kingsley}

  71. I can wait to see the rest of the photos!

  72. CAPow!

    these photos are GORGEOUS!

  73. The photos look beautiful, and the outfits are adorable. <3

  74. B

    Good grief…if you all were any cuter!! Lovin' those sasay shoes too!

  75. Natalie

    I have that skirt. Bottom picture – Anthropologie. I swear, we are textile-twins. Only because the alliteration makes it sound all-the-more neat.

  76. These pictures are so incredible! Love the color!

  77. you are a doll! really, so dang adorable.

  78. hope you had a great weekend! such sweet photos of you two. josh's shoes remind me of my husband's favorite allen edmonds.

  79. Aron, josh's shoes are Allen Edmonds (all he wears, "best shoes ever" he says)

    and Shirin, I have to agree with you. He DOES have such great style and it's all him. He needs more credit. I didn't dress him for this shoot (I don't dress him ever), he does it all himself and then we try to coordinate our looks together a little afterwards. So glad I married a man with good taste. It comes in handy when I don't know what to wear and need advice. Haha…

    and Tae, our church holds general conference twice a year (every six months) the first weekend in Oct and April. It's a time of year where we gather together to listen to our church leaders for guidance, inspiration and encouragement. This year general conference just happened to fall on Easter weekend, which I think is extra special. We do celebrate Christ's resurrection, and it was extra sweet getting to celebrate this past weekend while hearing our Prophet and other church leaders speak to us. It was exactly what I needed. I'll be posting more on conference later this week. xo

    Tan Tan & Meg, the polka dot cardigan is from JCrew (got it last fall…)

    hope that was all the q's. xo

    love it…SO MUCH.
    love LOVE

  81. Erin

    I love the pic with Kingsley's tongue! and, I want your yellow flats. :-)