easter weekend.

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crepe party at our house with friends, general conference messages, walks around capitol hill with kingsley, sleeping in on sunday, easter egg dying, picnics in the park with friends, late night run to good stuff eatery for shakes and burgers, phone conversations with family and lots and lots of naps in between.
i want every weekend to be just like this past weekend.

hope your easter weekend was lovely.
happy monday!
  1. Looks like an absolutely LOVELY weekend, Naomi!

    Would you mind maybe posting your crepe recipe in the future? I've only had them in restaurants & I really would like to be able to make them at home… but I have no idea how! Pancakes & I barely get a long… they always stick to the pan or burn so tips & tricks on how to make perfect crepes would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for sharing bits of your weekend :)


  2. Naysel

    Your home is very lovely! And so is your family!!

  3. sbj

    your blog makes me really, really miss dc! good stuff, architecture, and lush foliage.
    it was the perfect weekend, wasn't it?! gc was wonderful!

  4. I've always wanted an Old English Bulldog, so I think I'm living through your little family!

    I didn't get to dye eggs this year, Easter just seemed to fly by.

  5. Wow, D.C. looks so pretty! Glad you had a great Easter weekend.

    We are dying eggs this week. Better late than never!

  6. Naomi,
    I was wearing a big coat of guilt today, because I took way too many naps this weekend, instead of spring cleaning.
    Then I read this post, and I took that coat off…….Life is good, a nap with my captain, life is good! That's why I come here, well mostly Kingsley, but alot of you too!

  7. OK, you had me at seriously cool artsy chick, but you just mentioned General Conference? This is GREAT!! There are seriously a shortage of AMAZING mormon artist girlies… I am HONORED to have met you!! (I'm a mormon artist/musician, too!!)

  8. bumpkin on a swing– i used to feel guilty too if we'd ever take a nap. but not anymore. sometimes i need one on a saturday or sunday afternoon and it is always AMAZING. they really help recharge, yes? so don't you dare feel guilty! i am with you on this one!!

  9. annie

    I loved this post– so full of simple, wonderful things– and now I'm dying to know: How do you get your crepes looking like that? I tried to make crepes last weekend for me and my husband, and honestly? They just turned out gross and kind of slimy. I'd love to hear how yours turned out so yummy!

  10. Alisha

    DC is beautiful this time of year! I love the blossoms. And that crepe party looks amazing!

  11. Dip-tea

    What beautiful pictures! You make me want to come over there to DC. Maybe I will. :)
    Looks like you had a great weekend.


  12. Helen

    hmmm crepe party sounds delicious!

  13. is that your little blue house?

  14. Larissa

    is your home blue?! I love it!

  15. Cortney

    Ah, the cherry blossom pics! All of my friends in Japan are posting their pictures on facebook, you're posting yours, and here I am in Texas without one. single. cherry blossom. I'm grateful I get to see them at all this year, even in other people's pictures, but it makes me miss them at the same time. Sounds like a good weekend was had by all.

  16. that cute blue home isn't ours. i wish. but it's not… i just love walking by it and seeing the "popcorn falling off the apricot tree…."

  17. gorgeous photos! what a lovely weekend indeed! ;)

  18. what a nice weekend! and what weather! for 10th year (or something like that) is has rained here on easter…but it was made up by lovely weather on monday-after-easter (and, the whole town and my Uni is on vacation today, so i could enjoy it!)
    love the blooming cherry trees- we have lots of blooms starting now too and the walk up to school is just that much better :)

  19. Cassie

    Happy Monday to you also! Now I want to have crepes…

    I'm glad I'm not the only adult coloring eggs in the world just to color them. :0)

  20. Beautiful pictures, and of course Kingsley is the star :)

  21. Bri

    i'm glad you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. those pictures are beautiful. =)

  22. Happy Late Easter! What lovely photos! I forgot about dying my Easter eggs, so i'm going to do it this week! Extend the festivity! :)

  23. JenRem

    Your life is so beautiful and these photos just go to prove it once more. Great captures lady!

  24. beautiful images! spring really suits D.C., doesn't it?

    i've been meaning to ask you for a while now — would you mind terribly sharing where your dinnerware set is from? i'm getting married this summer (yay!) and my fiance and i are registering for wedding gifts. i just love the clean, modern look of your serving bowls, plates, cups, etc. thanks so much! xo brigid

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  26. those are my favorite trees! i love them so much. your house is darling!

  27. Riley

    /those crepes look really delicious and I'm glad you had a great Easter!

  28. R.

    The crepe party spread looks absolutely incredible! xo

  29. Morgan

    incredible photos as usual! definitely a lovely weekend!

  30. Here is the crepe recipe everyone. Josh is the master of making these things so tasty and perfect. They are never as yummy or pretty when I make them:


    1 cup flour
    1 egg
    1 cup milk
    ¼ cup sugar
    pinch of salt
    2 tablespoons oil
    ½ teaspoon vanilla

    Combine dry ingredients and add milk slowly while stirring to avoid lumps. Add egg, oil, and vanilla. (Or put all ingredients in blender and blend.) Cook about 1 minute each side in hot crepe pan or skillet. Use Pam or other food release spray often.

    Thanks to our friend Jeri for sharing. This is the best crepe recipe ever.


  31. Estee

    I adore your pictures, really. The food looks so yummy!

  32. Your Easter weekend looked like a blast!

    Thanks for sharing such lovely photos of your weekend!


  33. Emmy

    Wow! what beautiful perfect Easter pictures. Love that blue house!

  34. Carol

    Josh without ties! nice!
    Sooo cute photos!
    happy easter!

  35. Lainey

    This post was beyond amazing. Every single picture made me more and more excited. You and Josh are truly the perfect couple and I love that first picture of the crepe making party!

  36. Great pics!!! Crepes are my favorite!! yum!!!


  37. Jacob

    happy easter!
    hope you had a great one! I did: sunrise church service, sunday school, normal church service (normal time I mean), nap, golfing with sister, family meal/egg hunt, gift exchanging. it was very eventful! I love crepes— had great ones in France. These are lovely pictures!

  38. First photo is divinely beautiful, Naomi!
    Girl, I like to see more pictures from you. miss you! xo

  39. amanda

    you have a blue house?

    i am so jealous!

  40. colorful weekend! mine too (: like the photos.

  41. Wonderful photos! And the spread for crepes is making my mouth water! Nutella = LOVE :)

  42. your photos are lovely, as usual!

  43. I want to live in that house.. is it yours? Your photos are beautiful x

  44. Lynn

    your clix are always stunners Naomi! and thanks for posting the crepe recipe, I just saved it in a file for next weekends self attempt – wish me lucks…I'm sure it's incredz : )

  45. Lanie

    I had a great easter weekend! General conference was lovely… and it was my birthday on Easter! YEAH!

  46. you two = cutest couple alive. it's the truth.

  47. kathryn

    Who's the little girl? So cute.

  48. mmm nutella! what a perfect sunday.

  49. Sadie

    these photos are awesome!

    Sadie at heyMamas

  50. Kara

    These photos are amazing and you are adorable. That is all!

  51. Stacey

    What is that pretty shade of pink lipstick you wear? I LOVE it!!

  52. The crepes look amazing…with the fruit and the Nutella… I'm allergic to Nutella, yet I find a way to sneak a Nutella crepe every month or so….then my tongue swells up for the day, no big deal.

  53. Natalie

    Let me just say, general conference is my favorite thing ever. Elder Anderson and I had a long chitchat while I was up there last year. It was splendid.

  54. Britti

    Gorgeous pictures!
    Hope your week will be as nice as your weekend! :)

  55. Oh my girly!
    Your Easter looks like it was SO lovely.
    & I must say your table set up looks very Yummy, and quite refreshing!

  56. I cant express how happy your photos make me. Im glad to see your weekend was great!

  57. Spotted: an over abundance of costco muffins! Hope you found a better solution than freezing them…

    (from @kthornhill)

  58. Sal

    oh your home is so pretty! love it!

  59. Cole

    love this last picture. What a gorgeous tree. Especially with the red building in the background. You guys are lucky to live in such a beautiful place.


  60. Maddy

    I want to make crepes so badly! A crepe party sounds divine :)

    P.S. I love you guys' table. a lot.

  61. your house looks so storybook…love it! we don't even have row houses in KY :(

  62. Cathi

    Now I'm hungry!!

  63. what a gorgeous tree! the buds are so beautiful! :)

  64. that fruit is perfection! and i am melting over all the cherry blossoms. how beautiful

  65. whimsy

    i have that same shirt…if it is from anthro! and i love it.
    loves to you!

  66. again, that blue house isn't ours.

    and my shirt is from forever21, whimsy. it is one of my favorite shirts!!


  67. This makes me miss DC so much! I hope you're enjoying it – even in the heat. I remember walking home from work and being soaked up to the thighs during a 4:00pm thunder storm!