d.c.’s southwest waterfront with meg.

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my dear friend meg, from new york city, spent the last few days with us in d.c.
on monday evening we all headed down to the waterfront for some seafood.
we bought a half dozen crabs and enjoyed them on the dock.
josh kindly cracked the crab shells for us and helped us find the meat.
he is such a good husband. i hate those stupid shells.
(he also took all these pictures. but refused his picture to be taken.)
thanks so much for stopping by d.c. meg!
you are most certainly one of our favorite people. we LOVE you.
  1. Waterfront, crab cracked my your hubs and spending time with a friend. I'd say that sounds pretty perfect!

  2. Julia

    I have a scar from trying to crack a lobster. It's nice to get a little help on those pesky things!

  3. Morgan

    love love LOVE these pictures! Ya'll are adorable.

  4. those pictures make me miss my good friend who lives 10 hours away. aren't weekends with your girls who you haven't seen in a while just the best? ill add that to my happy list;)

  5. Bree

    can't say i like crabs, or seafood, but i do like the boat pictures!

  6. oh my gosh that's so cool! i bet they're so fresh!!

  7. awww, it's the best when dear friends come for a visit!
    love your skirt too!!

  8. I married a Maryland native, and he's been crab picking (they call it?) since infancy. I, however, need a tutorial every time his parents host a crab feast, and I'm always the slowest one. It's supremely embarrassing. Good thing you had help!

  9. Nikki

    Your photos are beautiful! I love your bangs!

  10. looks like a fun trip, i love visiting the coast, it's so relaxing and beautiful

  11. oooh i love crabs its my favorite seafood :) or well the only seafood i like asides from fish…glad you guys had fun :)

  12. 7upkels

    you even look beautiful next to the most ugliest/creepiest creature ever!

  13. i absolutely love your outfit! i would love to know where you got everything at.

    very cute pictures!

  14. I love Megfee's blog. She writes beautifully.

    And crab sounds good… really good.

  15. Annie

    reminds me of the time I had THE MOST AMAZING chilli crab in Singapore. ah, memories. anyway, I LOVE SEAFRONTS. probably my favourite places in the world.

  16. Hahaha…I love that photo of her where she looks like she's terrified of something on/in the crab! So funny

  17. mmm yum yum I LOVE CRAB! &how; cool you can just go right on down there and buy some.

  18. R.

    That picture of all the crabs is so wonderful. xo

  19. Brittan

    cutest pictures ever! i want to hang out with you and meg! also your skirt is awesome.

  20. will you take me here when I come to D.C.? I'm OBSESSED with harbors. …and crab for that matter. Also, I love meg's blog. She's fantastic.

  21. Leni

    those crabs are creepy … but their blue legs are a pretty color!

  22. J.Dimps

    i'm a maryland native and i've been catching, cooking, and picking my own crabs since i was 3! :) ya gota learn to do all of the above… it's an experience. by the way, looks like you had female crabs… males are much fuller and tastier (for future reference)

  23. JP

    you are ridiculously cute.

    xx, J

  24. you look lovely–what an amazing lemony lime skirt!

  25. emily

    i do love me some crabs! i keep telling ben i want to get crabs for my i'm-finished-with-my-first-year-of-grad-school dinner. hehe.

  26. you two are really beautiful. huzzah for good friends.

  27. Sarah

    I had crabs this weekend in bmore! my first of the season but i'm a md native… it does look like you had females… and males are much better… personally i like to keep the females in the bay to reproduce :)

  28. Micaela

    girls i wish to be… in ONE setting? ;)

    adoooorable pictures.

    both of you are so beautiful!

  29. That looks like such a fun time! You are both total rock stars! Cool!

  30. whimsy

    so much fun! i love good friends, and especially when they come to visit! and i love seafood! what a good one josh is to crack all the shells for you!

  31. love these photos! you're darling.

  32. love your blog! found it through a friend and have to say it makes me miss DC! I have visited often in the past few years but just love my mountains here in Utah too much to move :)

  33. looks like you girls are having a blast! love that miss meg.

    i always have trouble with those crab shells too… so much work for such little reward!

  34. You know, I've never even tried crab in the whole form before. But just the pieces of it I've had kind of grossed me out with their consistency. Maybe I should try some fresh, east coast crab.

  35. Riley

    Oh that sounds delicious I haven't had crab in forever!

  36. So fun! You rockstars and your pals are too stinkin' cute.

  37. So fun! You rockstars and your pals are too stinkin' cute.

  38. Dot

    I really look forward to reading your blog (whenever I can find the time to check it). Thanks for being you (even though I really don't know you in person- you seem awesome).

  39. yummy! not much better than some fresh crab right on the waterfront :)

  40. mmmmm crab! when i lived in alaska we ate so much fresh crab!! yum!

  41. These pictures are wonderul! Where did you get your skirt? It's an absolutely beautiful color.

  42. thank you! the skirt is from Target.


  43. that looks so yummy