capitol city diner.

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we tried out capitol city diner last week and loved it. it just opened up in february after the owners bought the vintage 1940’s diner car off ebay last year and moved it to DC. how cool is that?

we like that they’re open 24 hours on the weekend so we can get our burger or pancake fix at any hour.
and i like any place that makes good waffle fries. so we were sold.

  1. oh my, cheerwine, a personal NC favorite!

  2. love this! such a fun idea. we have an
    old train with 4 cars sitting still with
    shops and a diner inside here in ohio
    too and we love it. i can remember walking
    up and down when i was young.

    and waffle fries. mmmm mmmm.

  3. Meghan

    AND, they have cheerwine!! so cool!

  4. That looks soooo good! I love those waffle fries, gosh we just dont have food places like that in Orem, utah! Oh well!

  5. Kari


    Eating good food is one of my favorite hobbies :)

  6. Looks so delicious. I can't wait to take a trip to D.C. and try out all these places you recommend.

  7. Rhianne

    is it bad I saw the fries first? probably… that place sounds amazing, what a find on ebay!

  8. Emily

    That looks SO good. And 24 hour goodness? Lucky!

  9. any place with waffle fries is a winner! they are so much better than regular ones :)

  10. Julia

    looks delicious!

  11. Shann

    Looks delish! I love the way your pictures come out!!

  12. this has been at the top of our list for about a month. i didn't know it was open 24 hours on the weekends – yay dc!

  13. waffle fries! oh goodness, yum. (:

  14. YUM! I think I might have to drop you an email to get a list of your favorite places to eat in the city. So when I bring home the boyfriend to hang in July and want to take him around DC again – I won't look so lost ;)

  15. Lauren

    mhmmm i wish i wasn't trying to be healthy! that burger looks delicious!!!!

  16. Woah, waffle fries? NEAT! I love vintage restaurants!

  17. amanda

    yummm! love some tasty diner food.

  18. yummy! that looks like a great place…and your hair looks fab in that picture!

  19. gotta comment on the cheerwine. im fro NC orginally… home of cheerwine. did you love it?? i cant get enough when im back at home.

  20. what a neat idea!

  21. this made me SO hungry… there is nothing like a good cheeseburger and waffle fries… especially late at night! my best friend and i always get cravings in the middle of night. ;)

  22. Riley

    Those waffle fries are making me hungry. :)

  23. those waffle fries do look delish! yummy!

  24. sarah

    waffle fries AND cheerwine? you. are. so. lucky!!!

  25. we also had capitol city diner here in harrisburg area…anything with waffle fries..I'm sold…:D


  27. Astrid

    He looks sort of upset … but now I want food.

  28. Meghan

    Have you been to the Road Island Diner in Oakley, UT yet?
    From the New York World's Fair and recently restored. We love it!

  29. rachel!

    sounds like a solid find!

  30. Katelyn

    Oh how I miss Cheerwine!