1. Melanie

    this room is AWESOME! I love everything about it.

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  2. oh that is just beautiful! I think I'd like my room like that now as an adult! But with a bigger bed of course!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Heather

    Such a great room! That one room is about the size of my entire house though…:)

  4. Katie

    SOOO cool! I love everything about it.

  5. heather, same size or BIGGER than our house too. hahaha.

  6. kodi_jo

    So whimsical and exactly the way a kid's room should be!

  7. JenRem

    Not only is this room awesome – but it is the size of my home. No joke. Lucky kid :)
    Plus those decals on the walls are amazing. Love it!

  8. I bet a child would have the most amazing dreams in that room. So so cool!

  9. children really do have the coolest rooms and they are ALWAYS sooo big! that room is definitely bigger than our little burrow the studio! so beautiful and creative! i hope when we have a home with a few rooms, each one is its own magical dream.

  10. Yep, definitely bigger than my entire home. Poor Elle has been jipped with her nursery/Alex's office. It's really no fun at all yet. I'm working on it though! In my defense, she arrived WAY earlier than expected. I thought I had more time to put it all together!

    Love the flooring in this pic too!

  11. I love that room! And I love your new header! So cute.

  12. So cool, makes me wanna re-do my room!
    Lizzie Allen here in the UK has such cool wallpaper, she has a NYC one too, as well as London ones!


  13. i know, right?
    kid's rooms are always the quirkiest and the cutest with the nicest fabrics..
    it's like – forget the monochrome and giant candlesticks ok?
    i want giant plaid cushions, massive floral blankets and a giant painting of a boat on my wall!
    i love you guys!
    PD x

  14. Holy Heck! I think that bedroom is bigger that our house lol. Such a cute room though.

  15. LOL! I wish I had a room that size when I was that young…sooommeone's spoiled ;)

  16. Nicole*

    polk-a-dots on the ceiling?? how cool!

  17. I want to move in, too! And speaking of cute, I'm digging the cute new banner. :)

  18. WOW! I want that room! :)

  19. carina

    Because they are the coolest people:-D! Love this room.

  20. i would live in that room in a heartbeat! it's gorgeous!

    p.s. i love your new header :)

  21. Love it! Even the ceiling is great!

  22. Jacob

    this room is amazing!

  23. that room is pretty incredible.

  24. that room is pretty incredible.

  25. Jeni

    Love your new blog look. Very cute.

    Fun roomy room too.

  26. G

    I love that room. It's bigger than my Master Bedroom. Kids!

  27. Renée

    Ooh the ceiling is great! Lovely room but also a little bit too big for me

  28. I couldn't agree with you more.

    Very cool and very pretty!

  29. seriously!

  30. i love this pic!!

    my kids are gonna be so spoiled…

  31. whimsy

    what a dream.

  32. Sadie

    What an awesome room!!

    Sadie at heyMamas

  33. oh my god! i want this room so bad. it needs a little fort as well and it would be perfect

  34. Sarah

    Where did they get that bed?! I love it!

  35. Teresa

    You are so right, kids get the coolest room. Too bad my bedroom is 1/4 that size… and I'm 30. Stupid NYC!

  36. most precious room ever..i having been looking everywhere for ideas for my one year olds room and i love this one to the max !! gotta get to redecorating..thank you for your inspiration


  37. Luna

    that is an awesome room. wait a min, its bigger than mine! oh the hell with it, even adults can have cool rooms too.